Amy Coney Barrett

Should Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court?

Well, she seems to have all the right tools in her toolbox.

She attended the right schools; she has the lofty work experience; she’s a family oriented person; she speaks the right buzz words.

She seems like the perfect choice.

Yet is she too perfect?

There exists something unsettling about her perfection.

Do we want a perfect person sitting on the Supreme Court?


Perfect people, incorruptible people, like Robespierre of France, because of their perfection, possess an innate inability to empathize with regular people.

If perfection is your strength, it is also your weakness.

The ability to empathize with imperfect people in an imperfect world gives justices the extra edge they require to craft realistic, not idealistic, solutions.

Amy Coney Barrett is too perfect.

She is an academic to boot.

Her decisions will prove to be unworkable and too perfect for imperfect people.

Time and again she will side with purists who will do great damage to the United States of America and its citizenry.

Years ago the people of the United States of America chose to elect another purist, another academic, as President of the United States.

This man was cocksure, arrogant and wrong.

His name was Woodrow Wilson, and we are still paying the price for the damage he inflicted upon the nation.

Woodrow Wilson was a bigoted do-gooder who turned Christianity inside out and in so doing bequeathed to us a labyrinthine tax code, a runaway federal reserve, and an interventionist international policy.

The overall goal of these measures was to impose our self-perceived superiority upon the so-called barbarian beasts of the world.

These measures have in turn trapped us within a dysphoric nightmare from which we cannot wake up.

Amy Coney Barrett will continue that tradition.

I suspect that deep within herself she sees herself as the most perfect Christian of all Christians.

This hidden smugness and sense of perfection about herself will not benefit the people anywhere, here or abroad.

She’s the wrong choice.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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