Your Supreme Court Circa 1950

Here is a spreadsheet of Supreme Court Justices circa 1950. Make your own conclusions. As you can see there was a healthy representation of regular people coming from regular schools on the Supreme Court. That representation does not exist today because Harvard University and its puppets in the New Ivy League have hijacked our nation. Our Supreme Court is now populated by Harvard-Yale -Ivy league cocksuckers who can’t punch their way out of a paper bag, who can’t sell hot chocolate to an Eskimo. They can’t because they won’t. And they won’t because they have been indoctrinated into the power structure known as the Harvard Cartel. They are corporate puppets – signed, sealed and delivered.

Is there a cause and effect between the composition of the Supreme Court and the disintegration of our country in the past seventy years. You bet your ass there is.

Fuck you, Harvard.

Now, this is the way it works. The people who now get on the Supreme Court are blackmailed if they can be. There’s a reason for bringing up all these sexual peccadillos and other misdeeds during the hearings: to get the candidate to lie under oath. That way, when the power structure needs a critical vote in the future, the justice can be blackmailed into voting the approved way.

When it comes to the Kavanaugh hearings, my guess is that the power structure already has the photographic evidence to show that he was engaging in the kinds of activities he was accused of engaging in. The power structure can bring that forward anytime they wish should Kavanaugh not comply.

Now, does such evidence disqualify Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court? Absolutely not. People do stupid things when they’re young. Does lying under oath disqualify Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court? Absolutely.

So then if anyone can be blackmailed, why select only Harvard-Yale and other New Ivy League jerk-offs? Because you want people who are throughly indoctrinated into the corporate-elitist culture that you are imposing upon society. You don’t want to blackmail people unless you absolutely need to. Having people from a similar elitist mindset makes your job easier.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson

Hey, boys and girls, LULAC supports Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Whew, we dodged a bullet there! We are finally getting someone who cares about us!


It’s okay to have minorities on the Supreme Court, but don’t think for a second that she’s going to do anything for minorities at all.

When you go to schools like Harvard, you become assimilated into the ruling class. That’s why schools like Harvard decided to accept minorities, not because they cared about them, but because they desired to control the minority populations from which they came.

My belief is that she won’t do a damn thing for minorities.

For five years she worked at powerful corporate law firms like Goodwin and Procter, Morrison and Foerster. These are big international corporate law firms.

Her husband comes from a family which is considered Boston Brahmin. That’s bad news for us. Those people exist to consolidate their power. Most of the bad ideas that have been foisted upon us have come from these people.

They talk the noble game, but they control Corporate America, and Corporate America loves war and the creation of the serf state with themselves not surprisingly at the top. They ally themselves with the Oxford/Eton trained criminals who ran the British Empire.

Malcolm X warned black people about people like Ketanji Jackson well over 60 years ago. He would call her a black woman appointed by the white man to represent the white man, or in this case the corrupt power establishment.


Archer Crosley

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The Circus Comes to Town

Once again the circus comes to town.

We are now searching for a new Supreme Court justice.

Joe Biden has promised to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court.

Democrats are all already demonizing conservatives as being opposed to a black female Supreme Court justice.

I’m sure there are some conservatives who are opposed to a black female Supreme Court justice, but I’m not one of them.

I have no problem at all with a black female being appointed to the Supreme Court as long as she holds values that are consistent with what I believe in.

Will this nominee stick up for the little guy?

Will this nominee understand that corporations are too big?

Will this nominee not be a shameless corporatist?

Will this nominee not be a toady to the corporations?

Will this nominee have the guts to take a baseball bat to the large corporations?

Will this nominee understand that corporations are not people and do not enjoy personhood?

Will this nominee fear corporations as did the Founding Fathers?

Will this nominee believe that corporations should have a specific scope and a specific term of operation as they did centuries ago?

Will this nominee hold the belief that corporations, not being persons, not enjoying personhood, do not enjoy the right to lobby Congress or support Congress financially in any form?

These are the important questions for me.

I don’t care if the nominee is a polkadot transsexual, if that individual opposes corporate power and has the guts to take on corporations, unlike the other Supreme Court justices, who are shameless cowards, then that individual can be on the Supreme Court as far as I’m concerned.

Well, as I said, the circus has come to town.

Here are the potential nominees that have been bandied about in the first couple of days. I will list their names and where they went to school.

Leondra Kruger: Harvard, Yale

Candace Jackson: Princeton, Yale

Eunice Lee: Ohio State University, Yale

If any of these three potential candidates becomes the nominee, don’t hold your breath in thinking that she will do anything different than the other cowards on the Supreme Court.

I don’t care what bullshit comes out of her mouth.

I don’t care what her background is.

I don’t care if she grew up in the projects and dodged bullets in Compton, California.

At the end of the day, if the nominee comes from one of the Empire’s top schools, you can bet your ass she’ll do what the Empire wants.

And that will mean more corporate power.

Where someone comes from means little in the modern age.

What counts more is the school of propaganda and indoctrination that he or she attended.

Years ago, I wrote a column entitled: A Bucket of Green Paint.

I will refer to that column, and you can search it on this blog.

I was trying to repaint my house a few years ago. I had a bucket of green paint.

I liked orange, so I went down to the store and bought an orange brush and dipped it into the bucket. To my surprise, all I got was green paint.

I figured it was the brush.

So I went down to the store again and couldn’t find another orange brush. So I picked another paint color for the house and bought a blue brush and used that. Again, all I got was green paint.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking: Are you fucking stupid? It’s not the color of the brush, moron; it’s the fucking paint!

You’re right.

You’re exactly right.

The color of the brush has nothing to do with the paint that comes out.

Since you understand that, why would you think differently when it comes to a Supreme Court justice.

I don’t give a fuck where that nominee comes from; if they go to Harvard or Yale, they are going to come out as a Harvard burger or a Yale burger.

And that’s why we have a circus.

The potential nominees come from the same old tired schools of thought.

Yale and Harvard are the Empire’s corporate schools.

The Ivy League exists to train the officers of Corporate America. That’s why they’re there. That’s why these schools exist.

You don’t go to Harvard to learn how to flip burgers.

You don’t go to Harvard to learn how to lay brick.

You go to Harvard in order to fill the executive positions of Corporate America.

As long as we keep putting on the Supreme Court people who were trained at the Empire’s corporate schools, we are going to get decisions that favor big corporations.

That’s bad for us.

That means more fascism, more political correctness, more war, and more death.

Nevertheless, the media will focus on what humble beginnings the future nominee possesses.

A wonderful heartwarming story will be told to the American people.

And the American people will be entranced and enthralled.

As I say, the circus is in town.


Archer Crosley

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Dark Forces

I think that there are dark forces that run our country.

These are the dark forces that no one likes to talk or think about.

I think these dark forces control our Supreme Court.

I think they have blackmailed justices.

I think they have killed justices.

I believe they killed Antonin Scalia.

I believe they blackmailed Brett Kavanaugh.

And John Roberts. (How else would you explain that Affordable Care Act decision? My gosh, even John Roberts isn’t that dumb.)

I think these dark forces know damn well that Brett Kavanaugh was doing all those things that Christine Blasey Ford said he was doing.

Brett Kavanaugh was possibly so drunk he doesn’t remember the incident.

I think these dark forces have photographs and possibly videos of Brett Kavanaugh engaging in all sorts of raucous behavior.

I think that Brett Kavanaugh had a drinking problem, a cocaine problem, and an impetuous youth problem.

Let’s face it, he was preppy, party boy brat.

Callow youth would best describe him.

I don’t think he was in debt because of baseball tickets. I think he owed drug dealers a lot of money.

I think the dark forces through their lackey Senators brought the Blasey Ford incident up so that they could have him lie under oath, so that they could get rid of him if he stepped out of line.

With that stated, provided he didn’t kill, maim, rape or violate anyone, it doesn’t make a difference to me that Brett Kavanaugh engaged in youthful indiscretions.

We all have skeletons in our closet.

We have all done stupid things in our youth.

We all have flaws.

So does Brett Kavanaugh.

Paradoxically, having those flaws in his character makes him even more qualified to be a Supreme Court justice.

Flawed people tend to have empathy with flawed people – us.

Incorruptible people like Robespierre are the people we have the worry about.

But that’s not the way the CIA-controlled media thinks. And that’s not the way the media’s faithful puppets will think after they are told what to think.

The media knows damn well that the couch potatoes, the cheering crowds for Barabbas, will roast Brett Kavanaugh if they say he must be roasted.

And they will roast him if the powers that be say he must be roasted.

And they will roast him if he steps out of line, if he doesn’t toe the corporate line that Corporate America desires in order to cement its death grip upon the nation.

That’s the reality that we are dealing with in 2021 in our nation.

Was it always this way?


Supreme Court justices are people, and people are flawed.

They make mistakes.

Perhaps if we accepted that reality, and returned to a tolerant Christian base, and didn’t get rid of Supreme Court candidates or even Senators because they were human beings, then it might not be possible for evil organizations like the CIA to blackmail them.

What would the CIA do then?

Kill them all?

Maybe we need to take that risk in order to expose this anti-democratic organization.

It’s either us or them.

What do you think?


Archer Crosley

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Life and Hockey

Life is a big hockey game.

If the referee does not call the game fairly and impartially, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

Recently the Supreme Court ruled against the state of Texas (by not taking up the case) who filed a lawsuit against various states, including Pennsylvania, because of the way that these states conducted their voting for the recent Presidential election. The basis for this lawsuit was that these states had violated the Constitutional rights of Texans.

The Supreme Court is thus prosecuting the notion that avoiding an issue as important as election fraud will make the problem go away.

It will not.

The problem is that nearly 70,000,000 Americans believe that the election was fraudulent.

Let’s not tackle the issue now as to whether it was; suffice it to say that people believe it was.

Citizens have filed afadavits testifying to this fraud.

If fraud was committed that is the damage to the country. If that damage exists, it needs to be addressed.

What the Supreme Court is doing is akin to a doctor turning off a heart alarm in the ICU in order to solve a problem.

If the doctor doesn’t hear it, it’s not there.


The problem is not the alarm; the problem is what the alarm represents.

The main stream media of course can be counted on to backup the Supreme Court’s decision to not take up this case.

Life is a big hockey game.

If the referee does not call the game fairly and impartially, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

If the supporters of Trump who believe the election was rigged cannot get a fair hearing in the courts, they will take matters into their own hands.

Perhaps not this year, but the battle is inevitable if this problem is not equitably addressed, especially if the consequences of this election prove dire to the Trump supporters.

In other words Civil War is inevitable.

In many respects John Roberts is the reincarnation of Roger Taney.

Like Taney he is tone deaf.

In the Dred Scott decision, Taney’s Supreme Court felt that they could erase centuries of unfairness and discrimination against black people by turning a blind eye.

They thought they could sweep the problem under the rug.

They thought they could turn the alarm off on the patient whose heart rate was flatlining.

They tried and they lost.

The problem did not go away.

Similarly John Roberts and his court believe that they can make alleged election fraud go away simply by not hearing the case that the state of Texas filed against those states where election fraud was believed to have occurred.

Like Roger Taney, Roberts turns the alarm off on the patient whose heart rate is flatlining.

The cowards and corporate shills of the Supreme Court hide behind technicalities and obscure language.

The consensus interpretation of the Supreme Court opinion is that the state of Texas lacked standing to pursue this case against the other states.

Lacked standing?

So the state of Texas has no privilege to stand up for its own citizens being disenfranchised when another state changes their election laws which leads to fraudulent balloting?

Fraudulent balloting in another state which leads to a false electoral win for Joe Biden most certainly does effectively disenfranchise the voters in Texas; it negates their vote.

A state does have the moral right to pursue remediation if criminal activity is suspected in another state.

The logic of the Roberts Court here Is equivalent to the same poor logic, which is no logic, that was displayed in the Obamacare decision.

What Roberts, et al, are saying is that it’s okay for fraudulent balloting to occur in another state; in other words, that’s the law.

Since all good law must by necessity have a moral base, this law would be suspect as no one could possibly justify such a law on moral grounds.

But, as mentioned previously, the Roberts Court hides behind technicalities. They are ruling that the state of Texas has no right to infringe upon how Pennsylvania or any other state conducts its elections. Technically this is correct but only within the context of an honest election. If the state of Pennsylvania constructs a methodology which directly leads to fraudulent balloting, then the state of Texas does have a vested interest in pursuing a case against the state of Pennsylvania.

A simpleton can see this.

By not taking up this case John Roberts and his court have moved us one step closer to Civil War.

As mentioned previously, life is a big hockey game. If the referee does not call the game fairly and impartially, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

This is a law no less true than that of gravity.

Amy Coney Barrett

Should Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court?

Well, she seems to have all the right tools in her toolbox.

She attended the right schools; she has the lofty work experience; she’s a family oriented person; she speaks the right buzz words.

She seems like the perfect choice.

Yet is she too perfect?

There exists something unsettling about her perfection.

Do we want a perfect person sitting on the Supreme Court?


Perfect people, incorruptible people, like Robespierre of France, because of their perfection, possess an innate inability to empathize with regular people.

If perfection is your strength, it is also your weakness.

The ability to empathize with imperfect people in an imperfect world gives justices the extra edge they require to craft realistic, not idealistic, solutions.

Amy Coney Barrett is too perfect.

She is an academic to boot.

Her decisions will prove to be unworkable and too perfect for imperfect people.

Time and again she will side with purists who will do great damage to the United States of America and its citizenry.

Years ago the people of the United States of America chose to elect another purist, another academic, as President of the United States.

This man was cocksure, arrogant and wrong.

His name was Woodrow Wilson, and we are still paying the price for the damage he inflicted upon the nation.

Woodrow Wilson was a bigoted do-gooder who turned Christianity inside out and in so doing bequeathed to us a labyrinthine tax code, a runaway federal reserve, and an interventionist international policy.

The overall goal of these measures was to impose our self-perceived superiority upon the so-called barbarian beasts of the world.

These measures have in turn trapped us within a dysphoric nightmare from which we cannot wake up.

Amy Coney Barrett will continue that tradition.

I suspect that deep within herself she sees herself as the most perfect Christian of all Christians.

This hidden smugness and sense of perfection about herself will not benefit the people anywhere, here or abroad.

She’s the wrong choice.


Archer Crosley

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