California Lockdown

Have you looked at the number of deaths in California lately.

The seven day moving average for daily deaths as of 11/28/20 was 61.


That’s only 61 deaths per 40 million population.

There is absolutely no justification for shutting down Los Angeles, none whatsoever.

One has to wonder what’s going on with our leaders.

Are they really on our side?

Sometimes I think that our leaders have been contacted by aliens and that the aliens have told them to enslave their own people or else.

I struggle to think of any other legitimate reason why our leaders would do this to us.

On the other hand sometimes I think that our leaders are just frightened people.

Maybe our leaders have grown too wealthy and are too afraid of dying.

You know, when you have a lot to lose, you want to live forever. Maybe that’s what’s going on.

The daily death rate per million in California is not even two.

As I’ve stated before there’s no justification for this recent lockdown

Are our leaders this stupid?

Can they not understand that people have to mingle in order to develop herd immunity?

If over 99% of the people will not die from COVID-19, shouldn’t we allow healthy young people to infect themselves, recover and become immune as soon as we possibly can?

Isn’t this the time honored approach that has worked for the species for hundreds of thousands of years?

We aren’t talking about the Ebola virus that has a mortality rate that is outrageous.

What is stopping our leaders? Is it fear, misinformation, or a touch of greed and evil nature?

Do our leaders honestly believe that this vaccine is the panacea it is being made out to be?

Can they not see the pitfalls in the vaccine?

You see, this new vaccine is a messenger RNA vaccine. It is a self replicating messenger RNA vaccine. That means that the messenger RNA will be replicated by an RNA polymerase inside our cells.

It works like this. Laboratories like Moderna have artificially developed a messenger RNA molecule which is custom fit to the spike protein on the COVID-19 virus which permits it to attach to our cells and cause damage.

Messenger RNAs are coding molecules (nucleotides) for all the proteins in your body.

The manufactured messenger RNA molecule, after being injected, enters our cells, goes to the ribosomes and then spits out a protein just like the protein that was on the virus.

This protein then presents itself to our white blood cells which then produce an antibody against that protein. So, if we get infected by the virus naturally, we will already have antibodies against that virus.

It sounds beautiful, and I have confidence that it will work. The problem with the vaccine is that the messenger RNA can self-replicate using the body’s RNA polymerase.

Think of RNA polymerase as a copy-paste function for genetic material. The problem with the RNA polymerase is that it doesn’t have a proof checker to correct for mistakes. So it is possible for translational defects to occur.

If a translational defect occurs, the body will produce a protein that is different from the spike protein on the virus. This abnormal protein will still present itself to the immune system. The immune system will automatically manufacture antibodies against that protein. The problem can arise if those antibodies attack a protein on the normal human cell structure that is very similar to the abnormal protein that was generated.

In that event autoimmune diseases can occur.

This is a potential problem, and it is something that should be considered. This is why I feel we should take a measured response before implementing this vaccine.

As I’ve stated before I have full confidence that the vaccine will work on some level. I’m not worried about that. I am worried about adverse effects. I do not feel that the vaccine has been vetted properly.

Can our leaders not see that the vaccine has not been vetted properly?

Are there no medical advisers in the state of California who can urge caution in rushing forward with this vaccine?

Currently we are skating on thin ice with regard to the vaccine.

The phase 3 studies have not been published to the medical community at large.

Why not?

Do we really trust an FDA advisory committee to make an impartial, unbiased assessment of the vaccine?

Many of the members of this elite advisory committee are connected to the government or to private corporations.

Are these elite doctors really unbiased?

Shouldn’t medical professionals with nothing to gain or lose see these results?

Plus, these elite advisors are accustomed to going along to getting along; being the fly in the ointment is not their strong suit.

I enjoy being the fly in the ointment.

Currently, our politicians are being stampeded into a hasty decision based upon fear and irrational hope.

This will be a big mistake.

My feeling is that we are heading into a potential iceberg.

It was overconfidence and zeal to reach New York in record time that sunk the Titanic.

The owner of the White Star Line thought his ship was unsinkable.

Apparently it was not.

So too our leaders think that this vaccine is unsinkable

I certainly hope that the vaccine is everything that it is meant to be.

I hope that I end up with egg on my face.

My fear is that I will not.

Currently, they are choosing to give this vaccine to healthcare providers first.

Can you imagine what would happen if this vaccine produced autoimmune antibodies that attacked the heart or the liver and killed tens of thousands of physicians and nurses in the United States?

We would only be compounding the calamity in which we find ourselves with COVID-19.

I cannot think of a worse scenario.

For this reason, I think we should use caution and prudence before approving this vaccine.

We’ve waited this long; what’s the harm in waiting another 3 to 6 months?

It seems to me that our leaders are being manipulated by fear.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are not in on an evil scam to reset society.

Sometimes I wonder though. A part of me believes that some of our elites know that the vaccine will produce problems; in fact they may want the vaccine to cause problems because if the vaccine worked there wouldn’t be any need for remote learning. There wouldn’t be any need for a lockdown, which is what some of the evil people at the top desire.

If only our politicians would allow people to mingle, if only they would allow children to interact, we could develop herd immunity and defeat this coronavirus within a few months.

If we could get young adults and children to aggressively connect, to take a counterintuitive approach, to engage in sports leagues and other activities, we could have half the population infected and immune within a very short period of time.

It is the young people who will protect the elderly people.

But our leaders are going in the opposite direction.

They are doing everything in their power to not develop herd immunity. And they are doing this out of fear and irrational trust in the vaccine.

This is a big mistake.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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