Fact Checking Liars

I love the fact checkers

I love the fact checkers on the Internet especially when they spread misinformation.

You know, just because you say fact check, that doesn’t mean that what you are saying is truth.

I’d feel better if fact checkers merely stated that they were opining.

Anyway, here comes the Washington Post to deliver us the truth.

Fact: Masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Big surprise! Of course, the doctors at the CIA, uh, Post, will favor the mask.

The author quotes studies and so-called qualified doctors to tell us that face masks work.

My response: Well, the so-called qualified doctors are relying on studies which are probably poorly controlled or of insufficient sample size. Plus so-called qualified doctors are usually social climbers who got to where they got by going with the flow. They are likely to dime their people out for a candy bar.

Masks do contribute to the general fear in a society. In themselves, they probably don’t do anything, but they do cause people to stay away from each other. The problem with that is that we want people to congregate. You heard me right. We want people to congregate so that they will share the coronavirus so that we can develop herd immunity as quickly as we possibly can.

Fact: there are no known cures for COVID-19.

The author goes on to describe many obvious false cures, such as bleach and cocaine, that no sane person would consider. Interestingly enough, the author doesn’t mention hydroxychloroquine or steroids at all.

Of course, hydroxychloroquine and steroids are not a cure, but many doctors have felt them to be helpful alongside remdesivir and convalescent plasma.

There is one certain cure though that the author does not mention: Our immune systems.

Mankind survived hundreds of thousands of years without the benefit of a vaccine. How did we do it? Our immune systems.

Our immune systems are the soldiers against infectious disease. Of course, our immune systems cannot fight if they are locked up inside a house.

Fact: hospitals have no reason to purposely diagnose COVID-19 inaccurately.

Sure they do. They are incentivized, and they were incentivized. Everyone who seriously works in healthcare knows this to be so.

I know a hospital uppity-up who specifically told me they were getting more money for COVID-19 diagnoses.

Hospitals are run by human beings, and human beings want to survive. Every healthcare provider in the state of Texas is aware what happens when the federal government gives more money for a certain procedure.

Fact: the coronavirus is more deadly than influenza.

The author goes on to claim that this is so, and that doctors are not jacking up the death rate by attributing other deaths to the coronavirus.

I don’t know if the coronavirus is more deadly than influenza or not, but I have heard credible stories of doctors being urged to attribute a death to coronavirus. To think that a hospital team would never encourage a doctor to list coronavirus on the death certificate is laughable.

I’ve also heard stories of substandard care being given to coronavirus patients. Substandard care will increase the number of deaths.

Fact: the coronavirus vaccine candidates do not affect people’s DNA.

This is probably so, but this fact misses the point. The messenger RNA does self-replicate and can therefore be prone to translational defects which can produce proteins which when presented to the individual’s immune system may produce auto-antibodies which can affect the patient adversely.

Fact: Staying at home, using hand sanitizer and washing our hands more often are healthy.

The author then veers off into a discussion of the hygiene hypothesis. The hygiene hypothesis states that people need to be communicating with each other in order to spread the good bacteria which can protect us. According to this hypothesis, limiting contact with each other will increase our susceptibility to coronavirus.

My response: Handwashing is the most important thing that you can do to prevent COVID-19. Whether the hygiene hypothesis is correct, I do not know; but to dismiss it at large would be irresponsible. There are beneficial bacteria that may not be transmitted due to social distancing. Perhaps we will see the consequences of this lack of transmission 1 to 2 years down the road.

Fact: Scientists believe the coronavirus originated in animals.

The author then goes on to claim that the virus was not engineered by man; the virus occurred naturally.

My response: Okay, somebody ran a lab like a biosphere in which they intentionally commingled bats and whatever species needed to be infected until they got what they wanted. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Additionally, the notion that viruses can jump species with such ease does not seem credible. If this were the case, we wouldn’t be here, nor would life itself.

Say, what about all those pandemics in the times of Jesus? Surely those fisherman got the virus from handling fish. Doesn’t it seem suspicious that we have had three SARS-type pandemics since the children at Harvard got their new Christmas chemistry set courtesy of Watson and Crick?

Fact: Urging high risk people to stay home and letting everyone else live normal lives will not “solve “the crisis.

The author goes on to raise the specter of overwhelming the system. Yeah, we heard that one eight months ago.

Herd immunity does work. That’s why humanity is here. That’s why dogs are here. That’s why cats are here. There was no Louis Pasteur 1000 years ago. Cockroaches don’t have a Louis Pasteur.

Had we aggressively commingled young adults and children, we would have cut the death rate drastically. Right now, we are right back where we started from.

Thank you, Washington Post for enlightening us on the facts. Now, do us a favor and get lost.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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