Polish and Puff

Well, I don’t trust people who have hyphenated names; I doubly don’t trust them when they come from the Ivy League; and I triply don’t trust then they write for the New Yorker magazine, one of the phoniest, most pretentious magazines around, a magazine that prizes polish over substance.

The cartoons are good; the rest is not. It’s a magazine best suited for lovers of fiction, wannabes, and those striving to attain a feeling of intellectual accomplishment their brains will sadly not permit.

Along comes David Wallace-Wells to tell us the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna.

His article is entitled: We Had the Vaccine the Whole Time.

He states in so many words that the vaccine has been with us all along throughout the pandemic and that it was only our over-cautiousness that prevented us from administering the vaccine earlier.

Thank God for over-cautiousness. That’s what usually saves us – not with COVID-19, of course, not with overeducated, hubris-laden Harvard types leading the way.

In his lengthy epistle to the Americans, Mr. Wallace-Wells makes many false statements along the way. Let me get the use of the face mask out of the way for grins. The face mask was eschewed early on not because, as our dear author suggests, it would engender a false sense of security that would lead to irresponsible behavior. The face mask was eschewed because it was felt to be ineffective. Studies in the past suggested this; studies in the present suggest this; experience has proven this. We’re in a pandemic, right? People have been using face masks extensively.

Okay, fuhgedaboutit, let’s move on.

The most glaring error of the author’s piece is that the Phase 1 study of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine established the safety of the vaccine.


It most certainly did not. There were only 45 patients in that study. Any good researcher will tell you that you need at least 400 people in a study to be statistically relevant. In the same article Mr. Wallace-Wells states that the gold standard of safety for a vaccine is one adverse effect in one million.

There was a Phase 2 and Phase 3 study of the Moderna vaccine, although I have not been able to find any results that have been published.

Similarly I cannot find any results for the Pfizer vaccine that is being implemented in Great Britain this week.

This has not prevented either Moderna or Pfizer from bragging about their results.

We should all be worried about that.

The author doesn’t seem to be worried, nor are the bevy of scientists that he quotes in his article.

In fact, the scientists that he quotes seem to be advocating getting rid of trials completely, or at least diminishing the length of time required to perform them.

The argument seems to be that by the time the vaccine is ready, the epidemic is almost over. The author then goes on to mention Dr. Nicholas Christakis who states that by the time the vaccine comes out herd immunity has been attained.

What? Weren’t we told that herd immunity was impossible? I’m pretty damn sure Lord Fauci told us so.

Well, if herd immunity is possible by now, according to Dr. Nicholas Christakis, wouldn’t herd immunity have been achieved even more rapidly had we not locked down, had we not used the face mask?

While seemingly recommending that we abandon caution with regard to the institution of the vaccine, the author recommends more caution when it comes to the various treatments, including hydroxychloroquine, that were used by many doctors.

Predictably the author sticks to the establishment script when it comes to trashing hydroxychloroquine. He makes the point that there was no value to using it. Well, that might be news to people around the globe who are using it.

India is using the drug prophylactically to prevent COVID-19.

But never mind the experience of other people in other countries.

Abandoning caution is a good thing when it’s the treatment you want.

In fact, it seems as if this vaccine is exactly what our leaders have been angling for all along, and our leaders will do seemingly anything to get this “shit” in your body. They will trash other modalities; they will keep the fear going; they will turn a blind eye to the lack of published studies of their panacea.

They will even publish articles such as this.

Ah, yes, but George Church and Preston Estep, according to the author, have already given themselves an untested designer version of the vaccine to themselves. I suppose this legitimizes the vaccine, does it not?

George Church and Preston Estep are a pair of Harvard researchers who have done extensive work in genetic research.

Well, good luck to them; let’s hope they don’t join the legion of researchers who have died by giving themselves untested versions of their own invention. The doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.

These controlled studies were instituted for a reason. They exist to slow us down, to give us time to ask questions.

My experience has taught me that the more high-quality questions I can ask, the better chance I have of success.

Success is what I desire, not a puff piece for the Moderna vaccine.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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