Anyone who has taken the most rudimentary course in biology understands the delicate relationship between all forms of life on earth.

Messing with one element of the ecosystem affects all elements of the ecosystem.

This is basic biology.

The people who don’t seem to understand this are the people who you would think would understand this the most.

I am speaking of course of the Harvard biologist.

I’ve told you before how dangerous a Harvard man is, and now I’m going to give you an example.

Let’s look at George Church and Preston Estep.

Both are geneticists affiliated with Harvard University.

Both are celebrated geneticists.

In fact George Church is known as a celebrity geneticist whatever that is. Is that a geneticist who hangs with the Kardashians?

George Church is an intelligent man, and yet he isn’t. The best way to demonstrate this is by citing Wikipedia:

Woolly Mammoth Cloning

In March 2015, Church and his genetics research team at Harvard successfully copied some woolly mammoth genes into the genome of an Asian elephant. Using the CRISPR DNA editing technique, his group spliced genetic segments from frozen mammoth specimens, including genes from the ears, subcutaneous fat, and hair attributes, into the DNA of skin cells from a modern elephant. This marked the first time that woolly mammoth genes had been functionally active since the species became extinct.[83] Their work has not been subject to peer review, however. Church stated that “Just making a DNA change isn’t that meaningful. We want to read out the phenotypes.” To do that, the team plans to perform further tests to get the hybrid cells into becoming specialized tissues, and from there attempting to turn the hybrid elephant/mammoth skin cells into hybrid embryos that can be grown in artificial wombs.

Preston Estep is one of his protégés.

Like George Church, Preston Estep is an intelligent man, and yet he isn’t.

Estep is involved in many ventures with Church and thinks along similar lines.

Both these men cooked up their own COVID-19 nasal vaccine many months ago and administered it to themselves and their friends.

There were no controls, and no approval was sought.

I mentioned this to demonstrate the recklessness of these men.

They don’t know it, but they are imbued with Harvard arrogance, and it will be just their type of arrogance that will be the end of us.

I’m sure they weren’t born that way. They were evolved that way.

Just as they attempt to manipulate the genetic code, so have they been the victim of manipulation.

They were conditioned to believe that they were above humanity, that they were the best and the brightest, that they can alter the course of humanity, for the better, of course.

This conditioning began when they first attended or worked at Ivy League institutions, particularly Harvard.

They were inculcated into the cult of Harvard.

And it is a cult.

It has all the hallmarks of a cult.

It’s leader is not a person but Harvard University, the invincible being itself.

The cult employs a self-reinforcing delusion. Much effort is spent by Harvard and Harvard alumni in spreading the grandeur of its leader’s accomplishments.

No one can ever hope to be as smart as a Harvard man.

It’s graduates believe themselves to be better than other people.

It is a cult of personality.

Harvard’s image is stamped everywhere in the halls of power.

How could any human being not be swept up into the cult?

Indeed, many are.

In fact the majority of the people of United States have been swept up into this cult.

This is one of the principal reasons why our leaders at all levels willingly went along with the official narrative of COVID-19.

They really believe in the invincibility of Harvard.

This invincibility is a dangerous thing. It leads to hubris, lazy thinking and carelessness.

When you are invincible, you can conquer anything.

You are a living god.

You stand arms akimbo, legs apart, chest back, chin jutting upward, above humanity, why, biology itself.

This is the heady dream of the godless secularist.

But we do not live in a world devoid of God.

God exists, and God will have a say.

Woe be to the man who thinks himself a god.

Woe be to the man who thinks he can rise above millions of years of evolution and get away with it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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