A Simple Question

I have a simple question.

How can the incidence of coronavirus infections and deaths be escalating in the state of Texas when we are not seeing all that many infections in our pediatric offices?

I am, simply put, not seeing a lot of infected patients.

I’m not even seeing an extraordinary number of coronavirus cases.

It’s true there are some, and we’ve been doing drive through coronavirus testing, but it’s nothing to shake a stick at.

It certainly nothing like what we’ve experienced with influenza in the past.

As for influenza, forget it. I’ve had two to threes positive cases that I can recall so far.

Did the influenza virus go on vacation?

Did it go over the rainbow with Dorothy?

Is it drinking a beer in my local bar?

Well, of course, it can’t; the bar is closed.

Maybe the influenza virus took a trip to Paris?

Well, that seems unlikely, because our American brand of the virus probably can’t get into France.

So where, oh where, did the influenza virus go?

And what about all the other viruses that we would normally see?

Well, naturally we would conclude that because people are socially distancing, staying at home and wearing a mask that the incidence of infection would be going down?

OK, I can go to the dance with you on that one.

If that’s the case then, then why would the incidence of coronavirus be skyrocketing?

Well, maybe it isn’t.

As I stated before, I’m not seeing an extraordinary number of coronavirus cases where I live.

And we’ve had more than a few cold days.

Not that it would matter, because we had a surge in June, remember?

Plus we are at least three weeks after Thanksgiving, which was supposed to be a super-spreader event.

So what’s going on here?

What’s going on here is another one of the many contradictions of this coronavirus disease.

And it should lead one to suspect very strongly that something is not on the up and up here.

Theoretically, if coronavirus is being spread by respiratory droplets and fomites it is because people are congregating.

This congregating of people should lead to a similar increase in all viral respiratory infections.

And yet it is not.

Something is rotten in Denmark.

What’s rotten, I suspect, is what many of us have been suspecting all along: that the government is playing games with the numbers.

I suppose that if you can rig votes in ballot boxes, you can rig anything.

I wrote in an earlier piece that I would be a chump no more, that I would not cut the government any more slack.

And so I will not.

Is the government, their lackeys, and their secret controllers jacking up the number of coronavirus cases in order to sell the administration of the vaccine?

And if so, why would they do that?

The vaccine companies have already been paid for the vaccine. They don’t make any more money if we take it.

The only thing they would stand to gain would be if the vaccine worked and the incidence of coronavirus dropped.

Is this what they are after?

Awards and plaudits?

Presidential Medals of Freedom?

Nobel Prizes?

It certainly is possible, although Anthony Fauci already has one PMF. Can you win two of those?

I’m sure he has a space in his trophy room for another.

These people at higher levels are very vain. They love looking at themselves in the mirror – almost as much as they love lying. They love awards. They see themselves as masters of the universe.

Vanity is one of their principal weaknesses.

I suspect that they will drag this mass vaccination out as long as they possibly can so as to continue remote learning, destruction of small business, closing down of church services, and the rest of their other pet projects.

Bill Gates has already stated that it might be 2022 before we get back to normal. This seems in line with what will work for him.

The coronavirus cases will gradually drop so as to give our elites the authority to give themselves awards.

After that I imagine we will see a resurgence of another strain of the coronavirus so that we can play the same game all over again.

In so doing they can keep this game going in perpetuity.

Or they’ll keep the same strain and blame a resurgence on those of you who didn’t get a vaccine.

And they will.

After all, there are many awards for them to win, and there is too much for them to lose to give up this game.

They have no shame.

Ultimately, these elites will need to be defeated.

They will not go quietly.

Tyrants never do.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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