Exploding Hanks

I initially published this on YouTube on May 14, 2020.  I will re-print it here.  My feelings have not changed.  I believe Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are frauds and shills for Corporate America.



First off, let’s be clear.  Tom and I aren’t going to get through anything together.  I alone am going to get through this “together” because Tom, Rita and their Hollywood friends don’t need to get through anything.  They are richer than your average tycoon. They can sit through anything unscathed.  I can’t, so I’m going to be hustling, sweating and anguishing through this ill-advised, arbitrary and extended lockdown thanks to Anthony Fauci, Corporate America and their Hollywood shills.

So why am I going after Tom Hanks, America’s modern-day Jimmy Stewart, and all around nice guy?

Because he fucked with my livelihood?  Because I think he and his wife are liars?  Because I think he’s not a nice guy after all?  Because I think he’s another celebrity puppet?  Because I believe that he and his ilk lie to my mother who believes in these people despite the economic havoc and grief they have caused her and many other Americans through their inept leadership and support for such leadership over the past 50 years?  Because I believe that Corporate America has a different and dark vision for the American people that will be catastrophic for us?

Maybe all of the above.

So let’s dissect the Tom Hanks experience.  I tell you, I’ve gone through almost all the articles I can find about him regarding coronavirus.

In no particular order of importance let’s begin with the ratios that I have talked about before in other publications.  No one is precisely sure where Tom Hanks got the coronavirus, but it might not even matter. Whether he got the coronavirus in America or Australia is irrelevant because the caseload was so low in either country.  If he and his wife got the coronavirus in Australia when there were only 100 or so cases reported, that would be extraordinary because it yields a regular person to celebrity ratio of 1 to 50.  Quite a trick.  A celebrity is no more likely to get the coronavirus than a regular person.  And this assumes that no other celebrities in Australia were infected.

Of course, to be fair, everyone knows that celebrities get pushed to the front of the line even though they say they don’t, especially when it comes to liver transplants.  It seems logical to me that celebrities would have instant access to COVID-19 tests the public can’t seem to get.

If he and his wife got the coronavirus in America when there were only 1,301 cases reported, that would be extraordinary again because that would yield a regular person to celebrity ratio of 1 to 650, still a pretty neat trick; but surely there were other celebrities by that time who had reported positive.   

What this suggested to me at the time was that celebrities were being used as social influencers to sell the disease. I waited a week or two though to see what the ratios would be. I wasn’t disappointed. Two weeks later on 3/24/20 there were approximately 55,000 positive cases in the United States, and I could identify in the media at least 25 US celebrities.   This yields a  ratio of one celebrity for every 2,100 people.  I can tell you right now that there are not 50 national celebrities and big shots  in my 100,000 person town. How about yours?

Were celebrities being used to sell the disease?

Well, let’s go to my next point and look at Hanks’s own comments. 

The following is from Trilby Beresford on 3/28/20 writing in The Hollywood Reporter.


Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.31.11 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.30.31 AM


In a few lines, Hanks presses all the right buttons and sells all the right slogans.

Sheltering in Place, Social Distancing, Flatten the curve.

A few comments are in order.  Number one, what would Tom Hanks know about flattening the curve? That doesn’t sound like a normal comment from a lay person.  Did Tom Hanks fully understand R0 values and epidemiology enough to naturally make that statement, or is that statement coming from a handler who told him to learn and speak his lines?

Number two, I don’t know about you, but it takes me a long time to pick up on slogans.  I usually have to hear things five or six times before I say to myself, “What are they saying?”  But here is Tom Hanks, right out of the gate, hitting all the buzz words, in perfect tune, and perfect pitch, as if he had been practicing them his whole life.  Sheltering in Place, Social Distancing, Flatten the curve.  It’s a catchy little tune, is it not?

But that in itself does not convict someone. It just makes me a little more suspicious. And I am particularly suspicious in the case of Tom Hanks because I know Corporate America, I know how they think, and I know that they know that Tom Hanks is an extremely likable guy. People trust Tom Hanks, and if Tom Hanks has the disease, and Tom Hanks believes in the disease, then people will believe in the disease.

You see, when the CIA, the thug agency of Corporate America, overthrew Arbenz in Guatemala they had a tough time selling their message to the people until they, the CIA, got smart and began working through the Catholic Church. Then it was much easier for the CIA to peddle its bullshit.  

In the United States, Corporate America works directly through the celebrities who have been duped into thinking that one is being  patriotic by supporting the government’s nonsense which not surprisingly in an increasingly fascistic America fits precisely in line with Corporate America’s goals.

So did Tom Hanks have COVID-19?  I don’t think so.

To begin with, why was he admitted to the hospital?  People are not ordinarily admitted unless they have symptoms that need to be treated. Why would you admit someone with no symptoms? When it comes to COVID-19 specifically, why would you jeopardize the existing hospital population who already is medically fragile?  Was Hanks diagnosed in the emergency room and then admitted? Was he admitted first only to have the diagnosis come down a day later?  At any rate, he would have to have symptoms. What were these symptoms?

His symptoms are conveniently vague.

Generally, fever is not a reason to admit someone.  Nor is fatigue.  If that were the case, our hospitals would be overrun.  There has to be something the hospital offers that an outpatient setting can not offer in order to warrant hospitalization.  This can be IV antibiotics, oxygen, a surgical procedure, a suspicion of imminent danger or death to name a few.

Was Tom Hanks feeling ill?  If he was, why would he get down on the floor and do exercises? I don’t think Tom Hanks is that stupid.  If he’s smart enough to learn all the right buzz phrases without help, he’s smart enough to not get down on the floor and do exercises.  So which is it?  And who in the hospital gets down on the floor and works out?  I’ve been in the hospital as a patient a few times; I’ve never viewed it as a Gold’s Gym.  Usually the mind is preoccupied on mortality.  Given that Hanks, at the minimum, knew he was being tested for COVID-19, and knew of the mortality that COVID-19 could bring, he should have been scared shitless.

Additionally, in my 40 years in medicine, I’ve never seen a patient EVER working out in a hospital room.

Maybe Tom Hanks is selling a fake story from top to bottom.

One of my staff said to me:  “I don’t think Tom Hanks would do that.”  I don’t know about that.  Tom Hanks has been the beneficiary of Hollywood’s largesse and Corporate America’s largesse for a long, long time. If they asked him to do something, it must be pretty important. He’s too smart to say no.

As a movie man, Hanks surely saw The Brotherhood of the Bell, no?  Nearly everybody our age has.   If so, he saw what happened to Glenn Ford when he refused a request from above.  Sure, the movie may be fiction, but the fictional movie came out of an author’s mind, an author, David Karp, who most likely was writing out of experience.

Was Hanks not aware of what happened to Cliff Robertson when he bucked the tide and reported David Begelman to the authorities for writing phony checks?  Did I forget the Dixie Chicks whose career stalled when they stood up to Bush and the Iraq war?

Okay, what else can we glean to tip the scales?

First, there are the symptoms Hanks doesn’t talk about.  Coronavirus is a respiratory virus.  While it is possible for a person to have fever and fatigue only, generally people develop cough, stuffy nose and even a sore throat.  The reason why we get fever and fatigue is because the virus has invaded the mucosa of the respiratory tract.  The invasion and subsequent disruption of that mucosal architecture then causes us to cough and blow the snot out of our noses.  If the virus invades the mucosa of the lower respiratory tract, we develop a bronchitic cough and possibly alveolar dysfunction which in turn causes shortness of breath.

Second, recurring fever and fatigue on exercise are symptoms, not diseases; they indicate pathology that takes time to go away.  If he was “wiped out” after a minimum amount of exercise, it suggests a pathology that would take a good amount of time to disappear; and the older you are, the longer it will take.

Four weeks won’t cut it.  Easy fatigue can be suggestive of some type of alveolar dysfunction.  Taking a safe bet that his heart was okay, and that he wasn’t anemic, the dysfunction would indicate COVID-19 as the cause – if he indeed did have it.  If he did, given what we know, a lengthy recovery of months would be in order with quite possibly residual irreversible damage.  In other words, he would still be short of breath on exertion.

My experience over the years has taught me that the young body generally repairs the body’s damage at a rate of 50% every two weeks.  Week 2:  50%.  Week 4:  75%.  Week 6:  87.5%  The older you get, the longer the recovery period.  

Given that, let’s look at Mr. Hanks post COVID-19.

Well, there he is on Saturday night live on 4/11/20.  He looks chipper. He doesn’t get tired. He doesn’t miss a beat. His color looks great.  He doesn’t look like a man who had coronavirus only a month before.  Even with the regular influenza, I’m coughing for months.  No, my gut tells me that this is a man who wasn’t sick at all.

Then there is his wife who was apparently much sicker than he.  She was so bad off, the doctors evidently felt she needed chloroquine, a treatment he and she seemed to pooh pooh less than a month later when the elites decided that pooh poohing chloroquine treatment was in order. 

Well, she improved pretty quickly also; she was able to rap within quarantine fairly well.  And she cut a new song, ”Where’s My Country Song,” that was released  on May 8th.  It seems fair that she produced this in late April or early May.  She’s in fine voice; actually, she has a lovely voice.  How likely is she to be in top form this quickly?  If you are sick enough to require chloroquine, you are pretty sick, my friend.  Six weeks of recuperation isn’t going to cut it.  Not only must your body recover, you have to train with your group to get your rhythm back. That takes time.

Here is a YouTube link to Rita Wilson singing while in quarantine:  https://youtu.be/ObKUJQxvG9c.

And here she sings her newest song, Where’s My Country Song:  https://youtu.be/xeNd3Jv1YRw.

Oh, let’s not forget about her Nascar appearance on 4/6/2020.

My conclusion: Ms. Rita Wilson did not have COVID-19 either.

Now, what about the lab tests? Surely those should cinch the diagnosis, right?  

Not in my book.

Theoretically lab tests are objective data and are often used by the government to serve as the clincher for the government’s case.  Autopsy results and ballistics were used by the government to justify its position in the JFK assassination.  

The basis behind these lab results being supreme is that since these tests are run by a machine, anyone in the world who runs these tests would get the same results.  The problem with that argument is that imperfect and corruptible human beings run the machines.  Ergo, lab tests are not necessarily objective; lab tests can be very subjective, especially lab tests whose outcome may prove significant.  Mix in politics and you’re better off throwing the results out the window.

Ditto to donated plasma and antibody samples.

At any rate lab tests generally should rest within the context of the history and physical exam.

Well, there you have it:  another pillar falls.

Thank you very much.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX

Thursday, May 14, 2020


PS   I don’t give one solitary fuck what you celebrity-watchers think.  I do, however, care about what you don’t care about – that you don’t get sold into serfdom by celebrities.


The following graphs are from worldometers.info.  The picture of Rita Wilson is obviously from her Twitter account.




Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 7.38.49 AM


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.30.35 AM


Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.14.09 AM



Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved


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2 thoughts on “Exploding Hanks

  1. I’m not chagrined at all. We would’ve had at max 150,000 people dead if the authorities had allowed the disease to run its course instead of locking everybody down. You’ll just have to read the rest of my blog posts to see why I think the way I do.

    I’m not a Trump supporter at all. If you read my blog posts you’ll see I tear into him more than I do anyone else.

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I’m a realist. I go where the facts tell me they should go.

    I didn’t know that Tom Hanks was a diabetic, but since he is a diabetic, can you tell me which type of diabetes he has? Was he recently diagnosed, or has he had diabetes ever since childhood. If he has had it since childhood, there’s a good possibility that he has significant vascular disease. It would be highly unlikely that he would recover this quickly from COVID-19. The fact that he had diabetes makes his case even more precarious. That fact doesn’t detract from my analysis, but adds to it.

    Elderly diabetics who contracted COVID-19 were in a high mortality group. How did Tom Hanks escape?

    Did you read all my other post on Tom Hanks? I believe I posted at least two of them. If you look at the number of celebrities that tested positive by 3/25/20 in relation to the total number of cases, you come up with an impossible ratio. It’s clear that the authorities were using the celebrities as social influencers to sell the messages of stay at home, flatten the curve, and engage in social distancing.

    The disease did far more damage to people’s health than the disease would’ve ever done. What the authorities did was turn a one and done pandemic into a smoldering infection that gave the virus more opportunity to mutate into the Delta variant and other variants.

    I’m not denying that COVID-19 virus exists. Of course it exists. One of my friends was on a ventilator for 60 days. I saw many positive cases in the past year. The problem for me was how our authorities managed it and for what purpose.

    I don’t know how old you are, but I am 66 years old. When you get to my age, you will come to the same conclusion that I did: Our leaders are liars who are primarily interested in profits. They fight foreign wars for profits. The COVID-19 pandemic was just another war that they took advantage of to make profits for vaccine companies and large corporations.

    Tom Hanks is another celebrity puppet who will likely do what he is told to do. He was a major beneficiary of Corporate America. That makes him more likely to comply with what they want him to do.

    Sorry for the dose of reality. I’m also sorry to be so heavy-handed, but the issue is too important to tread lightly.

    I don’t blame you for your comments though. I used to believe in the authorities. For decades I was suckered into their nonsense. If you are young, I hope you won’t be fooled as long as I was. Maybe you can be one of the leaders to overthrow this tyranny of Corporate America that is killing us. If you suffered greatly from COVID-19, I hope you can one day make these corporate criminals pay for what they did to the American people.

    Please check my other posts on COVID-19. On one of those posts, I have a PDF that you can download. It shows the extensive relationship that our scientists in the United States have enjoyed with Chinese scientists in developing the technology that could have produced this COVID-19 virus.

    Thank you for contributing.


  2. Wow, I bet you are at least a little chagrinned over your insanely off predictions about the Covid-19 “hoax.” Unless I missed a MAGA sign in your header, you know by now that Covid has killed off 600,000 Americans and well over a million others. Hanks — a diabetic, which might be why he was hospitalized — recovered nicely, which is good for him. Others in the early days were likewise hospitalized because no one knew what they were going to need and they were not yet overwhelmed. Shame on those feckless medical people, wanting to learn how to treat a new disease! Another aside: I’m glad nothing important rests on us trusting your gut. Jackson Browne caught it in early March in NYC. Is that too part of the conspiracy? Clearly I am part of it too, since I didn’t get it, even after potential exposure.


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