Sweet Poetry

Here comes now Amanda “Harvard Tool” Gorman to sugar your guts with poetry.

Sweetly she sings The Hill We Climb, the piece she composed and read at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

So noble it is.

The media fawned all over it, probably before she even wrote it.

Sweet words however cannot cover the fetid stench of a rigged election any more than perfume can hide the pungent smell of a rotting carcass.

Pretty words cannot mask foul deeds.

How devious Harvard is.

It was Harvard of course that sanctioned the permitted “insurrection” at the Capitol building.

Some insurrection.

No fires were set, no bombs were set off, no one was taken hostage.

In many videos now, policeman can be shown guiding and chaperoning insurrectionists into different rooms.

And of the valuable paintings on the wall?

Not a one was harmed.

Not one.

Yet Amanda “The New Jesus” Gorman referred to this insurrection as an obstacle that we must overcome, a hill that we must climb.

No reference was made to the stolen election.

Of course not.

That stolen election, and the force behind it, Harvard University is the true obstacle, the true enemy that we must overcome.

Amanda Gorman, not surprisingly, is a graduate of Harvard University.

She was placed there by Harvard to articulate Harvard’s message, and, of course, to point a finger.

The true criminal, in this case Harvard, is always adept at pointing fingers at other people.

The true master criminal, as Machiavelli would agree, is polished, genteel, well dressed and honey-tongued.

Sweet poetry was spoken today at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

So sweet.

So noble.

So lethal.

So false.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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