The Silicon God of Harvard

We have talked about Harvard being a danger to the citizens of the United States of America and the inhabitants and species of the world.

Now, let us talk about why Harvard is a danger.

Let us talk about why Harvard will destroy the world and us with it.

In a nutshell the people who control Harvard are under the delusion that the world can be perfected and that Harvard is the institution to accomplish this perfection.

Let’s tackle both points.

Number one, the world cannot be perfected.

We live in an imperfect world. The root of this imperfect world lies in our molecular structure.

We are carbon-based organisms, all of us.

Carbon, in contrast to silicon, is a weak element with respect to rigidity and reliability.

Silicon is the choice of the computer. Our computers are silicon based. They offer to we carbon-based organisms what we cannot achieve – speed and reliability.

Carbon cannot do this. Carbon is weak. Carbon is shifty.

Carbon bends.

Not silicon.

Silicon is unyielding and true. Silicon adds two and two and comes up with the same result every single time.

Not so carbon.

Carbon bends.

Carbon lies.

Carbon deceives.

Yes, we are shifty motherfuckers.

And we break down as we work. We cry, bleed and vomit.

We may even shit on the floor.

But in spite of all that, we generally do not break.

The flexibility that gives us the downside of unreliability also yields the upside of durability under stress.

While we bend under stress, we generally do not break.

Silicon is different.

Silicon must be protected from stress.

Silicon does not do well under stress.

Silicon is brittle.

Silicon breaks.

Silicon shatters.

Silicon lacks the flexibility to adjust to a changing world.

Because we live in an open universe, and not a chessboard, or a Go board, because we move through the heavens and experience new events and new magnetic fields, in order to survive we must have the flexibility to adjust.

Silicon does not possess this flexibility.

As we move closer to a world that is dominated by silicon, where computers dominate human life and prevent human life from adjusting to new circumstances, we lose a valuable tool that aids us in our survival.

Attempting to perfect the world thus leads to the destruction of the world.

Compounding the problem is that Harvard, our ruler, does not understand this. Harvard is enamored with and entrapped by its newfound toy the computer.

This is point number two.

Harvard loves silicon. Harvard has sex with silicon. Harvard worships silicon.

The purity of silicon has seduced Harvard, bewitched Harvard; and so Harvard has embraced this false, intolerant god and elevated it.

Silicon and what it represents, the perfection of the human race and the world we inhabit, is Harvard’s deity.

Silicon chips are pure. Silicon chips endure. Silicon chips produce nice clean computer screens with sharp graphics and clean surfaces, so unlike those imperfect carbon-based humans who are ugly, flawed and imperfect.

Silicon and its perfect children are the dream of the Fuhrer and the Third Reich, the cult that did not die in Germany but, in the manner of Count Dracula, transported and transmogrified itself like a bat to its new home at Harvard University.

Silicon is the root, basis and mother nourisher of the Harvard cult.

And Harvard is a cult.

This cult has become all powerful.

Harvard has now cemented its supremacy in all areas of endeavor and all institutions within the United States of America.

It now sees itself and its members as immortal and invulnerable. Social Darwinists they are, they now sit smugly on their silicon throne in Cambridge.

Like the poor leaders they are, they listen to no one outside their cult.

If you have ever spoken to a Harvard demigod, you know.

There is no convincing them.

They do not respond when mortals speak. They talk through them as if they did not exist or count.

This is one of their hallmarks.

If you speak too loudly, they will rid you of your existence before them.


Yet we carbon-based humans are part of this world too, and if we are not listened to, how can the Harvard demigod respond appropriately to our needs.

The Harvard demigod cannot.

Because we live closest to the environment which supports our existence, because we possess local knowledge which the Harvard demigod does not, the world can only deteriorate if our voices are not heard.

The world can only become more imperfect.

This increasing imperfection angers the Harvard demigod, who responds by ridding the world of those imperfect carbon-based humans who dare to speak out against him.

In turn the world slowly dies.

And thus the perfect world that the Harvard demigod envisions grows more distant from him.

There is no escaping this collapse.

We are going down by the head.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


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