Cancel Culture and Dumbo

Dumbo, according to Disney, is harmful to children, and, of course, racist.

The “woke” crowd is focused on the crows who apparently resemble black minstrel singers.

Our “woke” elitists have decided that this is racist.

How about Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and the rest of these Wall Street financiers who bought up or helped buy many American businesses so that they could strip the parts and ship out jobs to Southeast Asia? These lost jobs contributed to the economic devastation within the inner city that hurt many black folk. Was that racist? Shouldn’t those people be forced to pay for their crimes? Shouldn’t they be banned? Many of those Wall Street moguls are still alive. Mitt Romney Is currently a US senator from Utah.

How about the CIA, the thug agency that works for the wealthy elite? The CIA ran drugs into the poor areas of Los Angeles in the early 80s in order to finance their escapades in Central America. Isn’t that racist? Shouldn’t the CIA be banned?

Let’s remember, of course, that it was the Disney company, a major US Corporation, that made Dumbo, not your average white guy. Shouldn’t Disney itself be banned? Shouldn’t they pay for their crimes of the past? If we are going to reach 30 years into the past on an individual and his actions, why doesn’t a corporation have to be subjected to the same scrutiny and punishment?

Who does this cancel culture really benefit? Is it really for the benefit of black folk in the inner city who are struggling? Or is it merely a distraction to shift attention away from the continuing immorality of the wealthy elite who continue to harm black folk within the inner city.

What the wealthy thug elite are saying is that if we change how black youth perceive themselves, their economic conditions will improve. Of course, it will. But it won’t improve if large corporations use cancel culture as a way to wash their hands of any ongoing criminality. Far more important than canceling Dumbo is the need for people within the black community in the inner city to have well-paying jobs.

That means that US corporations have to stop exploiting workers in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, something they so far have refused to do.

If I have to choose between having a well-paying job while tolerating large corporations portraying me in a questionably unfavorable light, and a low paying job or no job while large corporations don’t call me any names at all, I’ll choose the former. I need to eat. I need to survive. Plus, if I have money, I have power. I will be less likely to care about negative stereotypes in the past. I will view them as laughable and outdated. The difference between the two is that in the former situation, I have real power and control in my life. In the latter situation, I am helpless, embittered, and dependent upon other people to do things for me.

In a nutshell, US corporations are using cancel culture to distract Americans from their ongoing crimes against the American people. If you are focused on cancel culture, you are not focused on the foreign wars, the lack of decent health care for many Americans, the importation of drugs into the inner city, the exploitation abroad.

The enemy isn’t Dumbo. The enemy is our wealthy thug elite who control these large corporations.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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