Elitism Begins in the Cradle

Parents are now sending their kids to Russian math camps.

These math camps are based upon a Russian method of teaching math that was developed during the Cold War.

Supposedly they teach critical thinking.


Parents are even hiring personal tutors so that they can give their kids a leg up in getting into an Ivy League school.

Talk about poor thinking and wrong values.

This is a real problem for us. We have parents who are engineering their kids to work as adults when they might be better off outside being kids playing games like hide and seek. There is a lot of value in allowing kids to be kids.

Okay, so you have engineered your child to become a de-socialized mathematics automaton. And how will that help the rest of us?

Your child will do okay. Your child will join the club and be able to make hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe. But how does that help the homeless which have grown ever greater in numbers since the Ivy League has put its death grip upon the nation.

There was a time in the United States when not all your institutions were dominated by Harvard and the Ivy League. You can go back 75 years and see a time in the Supreme Court when justices came from regular schools. Nowadays, almost all your Supreme Court justices come from the Ivy League.

How about President of the United States? Sure, you may get an anomaly from time to time like Biden, but the recent trend is for them to come from the Ivy League. Is the United States better off because of it?


Most of your major corporations have leaders who now come extensively from the Ivy League. And yet, America is being torn apart by the large corporations.

Major corporations and their leaders, perhaps educated in Russian math camps where they teach critical thinking, now mindlessly march to the drum beat of critical race theory, and the need to conquer Russian aggression in Ukraine.

They even take the time out of their busy day to place a message of support for Ukraine on their various websites. Really? I was looking to purchase some pralines.

So how does an Ivy League education help the rest of us?

It doesn’t.

And it hasn’t.

In the old days, not too long ago, it was the individual that counted. Nowadays, there is less emphasis on the individual and more emphasis on the institution from which you graduate. That is not a good thing.

In fact it’s a bad idea.

It’s a bad idea because its graduates are less inclined to be beholden to their own personal morality than to the ideology of the Ivy League institutions, which are most decidedly elitist.

What we need as leaders are people who have a sense of humanity and normality, who are connected to the rest of us. When they are connected to us, and when they have a sense of humanity, then they can more easily solve the problems that regular people have.

What we are getting now are de-socialized automatons who look after their own personal wealth first. They view themselves as a cut above the rest of us. They have lost connectivity with us, and the results are what you see before you.

Abounding homelessness, nonstop war, nonstop illegal immigration, drug abuse out of control, complete destruction of the black community in the inner city, gang violence on demand, the lack of a comprehensive, affordable healthcare financing mechanism for regular working people.

This is what you get when you send your eight year old to math camps instead of letting them socialize and play hide and seek like a normal kid.

Hey, but it’s okay.

Their politically correct parents are carful to point out that their Russian math camps have nothing to do with the evil Vladimir Putin and the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Well … as long as you denounce Putin.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dear Olivia

In response to this young teen’s desire to attend an Ivy League School, I have penned the following letter.

Dear Olivia,

Please do not go to Harvard or any other Ivy League university.

I care about what will happen to you.

Your intelligence does not come from these schools. Your validation does not come from these schools.

These schools will not make you smarter, nor will they make you a better person. On the contrary they will likely make you a worse person. And they will likely make you think poorly.

I know that you want to be seen as a Harvard graduate, but I can assure you that’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

Oh, yes, you can go to Harvard, and you can receive the keys to the Kingdom, and they will give you those.

In spades.

When you go there, they will groom you.

You will meet important people. You will meet important Hollywood actors. You may even meet royalty.

That is the problem with these schools.

Unless you are one of the lucky few to escape the cult, you will gradually come to believe that you are better than other people.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking: That won’t happen to me.

Yes, it will.

It will happen because we all have the same emotional quotient of 6.

The elites figured you out on Day One.  They know exactly how to play you.

You will ask yourself:  Why am I meeting these important people.  Why am I meeting Barack Obama?  Why am I meeting Tom Cruise?  Why am I meeting John Roberts?  Why am I meeting the King of England?

The true answer is because you are being groomed. You are being groomed into a life of elitism.  They need you to run their empire of sin and enslavement.

But that’s not what you will conclude.

In time, as the grooming and indoctrination takes hold, you will begin to believe that you are better than other people.

The longer that you remain  in Washington DC, Cambridge, New York, or Philadelphia, the more you will begin to believe this, the more indoctrinated you will become, the less sensitive you will be to the needs of ordinary people.

In time you’ll begin to think that you have all the answers and no one else does.

You will begin to say stupid things.

You will become an evil person.

The stupid things you say will be engineered in order to lead people astray, to conjure up phony popular support so that your Ivy league colleagues will give you money for useless, unworkable projects.  

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Elon Musk? He says that we will very shortly have one million men on Mars. These comments are designed to tickle the fancy of morons who Congress will use to justify giving Musk billions to build Mars Landers that will only function on a hidden movie studio set.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Mitt Romney and Carl Icahn? They outsourced jobs ruthlessly in the United States and helped destroy the American economy.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for George Bush? He was the architect of the Middle East wars which killed millions of people.

The list goes on and on. Did the Ivy League do any favors for Mike Pompeo?  He helped put Julian Assange away and deprive him of his rights.  Don’t we have a Bill of Rights in the United States?  Shouldn’t our leaders respect that tradition?

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Allen Dulles? He was the head of the CIA. He pulled dirty tricks on many foreign countries around the globe. Many of the problems we have in the world today are from CIA blowback.  The immigrant crisis on our southern border is a direct consequence of brutal CIA activities in Central America over the past century.  Central America is now uninhabitable.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Michael Milken? He helped facilitate leveraged buyouts which enabled ruthless corporate pigs to purchase up regional businesses. This helped destroy jobs in the United States. It helped impoverish people in the United States.  His actions facilitated the trading in of good jobs and healthy families for drugs, gambling, tattoos, delinquency, cheap gossip and a crummy superstar culture.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Elliott Abrams? He will be forever tarnished by the atrocities in El Salvador, and rightfully so.

Do you see the common thread here, Olivia?  These Ivy League titans had no empathy for the people they hurt.  None.  Their misguided Ivy League indoctrination led them to believe that they were a superior species to the average human. Much as a human views a dog, this is how these men view the rest of us. 

This will be your future, if you choose to matriculate at Harvard, only you won’t know it. You will be too busy celebrating yourself on Martha’s Vineyard with your newfound buddy, Barack Obama.

I implore you to not attend an Ivy League school, Olivia.   We need smart people like you on our side in order to defeat this cesspool of corruption that has placed its death grip upon America and the world.

We can’t offer you any of the perks that Harvard can give you, and we can’t even guarantee a victory. You would have to join us because it’s the right thing to do.

Please, join us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Happiness for Liberals by Dr. Empire

If you know me, you know there’s nothing that makes me happier than trashing Harvard, the Ivy League and their graduates.

It’s not really hard to do. So many of them have gotten a free pass in life. So many of them are accustomed to people swooning before them. And they have ready access to the New York Beobachter and the Wall Street Fascist. They only snap their fingers and a phone call is made.

The original purpose of this article was to dissuade you from ever reading again the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

They are organs of the fascist state that has arisen in the United States of America. They both overwhelmingly support war. They support the superstar culture. And they support big business, aka Corporate America.

They are flip sides of the same coin.

In no way do they support anything decent.

I wanted to talk about the subject of mass obedience to the empire’s rags because I’m in the airport and because I picked up a copy of the New York Times.

Was I crazy, or just bored?

It is two days after Thanksgiving in 2021.

Scanning the headlines, I see that the staff of the New York Times is focused on the Omicron variant, and the all important (it’s not important) Dow’s response to it.

The article on Omicron has a few quotes from our resident sage, Dr. Fauci.

In so many words, he stokes the flames of fear, then laughably asks us not to panic. I love Dr. Fauci, not because I love him, but because I hate him.

On the last page of the first section is a giant picture of Jay Z and Beyoncé, two of the fascist empire’s top entertainers.

Well …

Fuck Beyoncé.

Fuck Jay Z.

Fuck Dr. Fauci.

Fuck the Omicron which the empire created and now uses against us.

And, last but not least, fuck the Dow.

Never, ever, ever look at the Dow again. It is nothing, it says nothing, it portends nothing. It is the mother of all lies.

But that is not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is now a feature on the editorial page entitled, How Liberals can be Happier, by Brad Wilcox, Hal Boyd, and Wendy Wang.

Brad Wilcox has a degree from Princeton. Hal Boyd has a degree from Yale. Wendy Wang may be the only normal author in the article.

Wow, I never would have guessed that these authors came from the Ivy League. I wonder if they’ll say something smart.


I wouldn’t have written this article if they had.

First, you should know something about me. I’m half nut-job commie and half nut-job conservative.

That owes itself to a fractured personality in adolescence.

But I have wavered over the years. I used to be full-bore conservative until I saw chicken-hawk, pseudo-conservative Jack Kemp, tell an interviewer that he thought life was fair.

Which brings me to this article written by the afore-mentioned authors.

What’s their purpose in writing this article?

Is it to transform liberals into Jack Kemp? He’s dead now, but you know what I mean.

Should liberals desire to be Jack Kemp?

Are liberals really unhappy?

And should someone saying they are happy be construed as a definitive marker that they are.

I picked up a book many decades ago that was filled with stunning truths that resonate with me today. The book was entitled, Taxi Driver Wisdom.

One of the maxims, collected from New York City taxi drivers, was: “You say you’re happy; you’re not.”

You have to love a book like this. In a few words, a taxi driver, who people generally think is not educated (they’re wrong), can dispel studies from elite institutions.

So are liberals unhappy?

And where does happiness come from?

Well, the authors must not know because they have to quote Arthur Brooks from Harvard (Jesus Christ, he must be smart) who says: “A lot of our happiness is beyond our control, based on genetics and circumstances. But some of it we can control. It requires we invest in four things each day.” Those things are faith, family, friends and work, according to the author.

Well, it’s pretty hard to argue with that because he encompassed the entire realm of human activity, but I’ll try.

I knew a doctor who had nearly everything in life. He was wealthy; he had community respect; he had a seat at the table. He also had kids and grandkids. Everybody liked him. But there was one thing he didn’t have: He wasn’t able to do the specific job he was trained for because of a medical issue (not drugs or alcohol).

I saw him in the airport about a year before he killed himself. He was able to see patients, he told me, but he couldn’t do surgery anymore. He seemed down about it.

I’ll never forget this doctor because he had so many things I do not. I don’t have a wife, nor kids, nor grandkids, nor fabulous wealth.

As an urban hermit, I don’t even have a lot of friends. That’s my choice. I don’t want to be Bill Clinton. Do I have to be Bill Clinton? Is having forty-five million friends now mandatory?

The authors seem to think that body count is important. Statisticians generally do.

I also don’t have a seat at the table. In fact, by virtue of my rabid attacks on the empire, I have a seat somewhere outside the stadium. I’m one of those guys who the emperor keeps in waiting at the seventh outer gate.

To boot, I have no family living in the immediate area.

I have to travel – far.

Which is why I’m on this flight. I was visiting my mom who is 95 years old.

Life is tough for her now, as it is for me to watch her decay in pain.

But I’m happy to be with her.

When I visit, we sit there in the room together. She sleeps the vast majority of the time, but I am happy being with her.

I am happy because I choose to be happy.

The authors in their article point to faith as a reason for happiness, and they equate faith with church.

I don’t go to church anymore. I haven’t since I became a member of the church over fifty years ago. I didn’t find God there.

But I did find God in nature, in books, in my work, in hanging out with Pat and Mary, in visiting my old friends Garry and Laura, and my blog which you are reading now. I also find God in exposing a truly satanic and un-American school, Harvard, and system of schools, the Ivy League.

Church for me is something different.

I chose a different church. Perhaps liberals do also.

Perhaps liberals don’t know that they are happy.

Let’s sum it up and not be coy.

Happiness is not a thing to be found in a church, in a family, or at work. It is but it isn’t.

You don’t pick up happiness in the supermarket next to the Leseur peas.

Happiness is a choice. It’s all around you should you choose to grasp it.

The authors seem content in advising liberals to abandon their beliefs and habits in order to attain a happiness that will elude them in the comforts of a country club.

What liberals will become if they follow the authors’ advice are fat, oblivious, chicken-hawking pseudo-conservatives, like Jack Kemp, who are satisfied with the status quo and who see no unfairness in life.

The world will be a poorer place – literally.

What I advise liberals to do in order to attain happiness is to stick to their beliefs and be happy for having done so.

Better yet, return to the hippie activism that liberals used to stand for.

Stand up for something rational and productive, not this crazy, statue-destroying, city-burning, police-defunding mania that Corporate America has herded you into.

Don’t join Corporate America as the authors occultly desire you to do; defy it.

Defy Jamie Dimon. Defy Warren Buffett. Defy Charles Munger.

Develop a healthcare system that is decentralized, locally based, non-corporate driven, accessible to all, and affordable.

Oppose America’s sweatshop imperialism.

Tear down the CIA.

Moreover, be who you are and choose to be content.

Stand up against the man.

And if you don’t have kids, choose to be content.

Ditto to fabulous wealth and forty-five million friends.

As John Milton said: The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

Ta da.

There it is. I’ve checkmated you again, Harvard.

Fuck you, and fuck your fascist empire.


I’m choosing to be happy.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

General Milley and CRT

Yesterday General Mark Milley appeared before Congress to talk about Critical Race Theory in the military.

General Milley wants to know what’s so wrong about members of the military being open to Critical Race Theory. He equates it to being open to ideas such as communism.

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with being open to Critical Race Theory. It’s the same as Adolf Hitler asking Germans to be open to the idea of Jewish complicity in destroying the economy and cultural values of the German people.

Of course Hitler also asked the German people to look the other way as he implemented his Final Solution for the Jews. The Final Solution was predicated upon his theories of Jewish inferiority and Jewish complicity in destroying Weimar Germany and the German culture.

The problem with those theories is that they weren’t true. The vast majority of Jews were either poor or nonessential with regard to policy making in Weimar Germany. In other words they weren’t movers and shakers.

Plus, with regard to destroying a culture, Christians have always enjoyed a healthy hand in that. This fact would undermine Jewish exclusivity in destroying or polluting Germany.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Mark Milley would defend the learning of Critical Race Theory. After all he attended so-called elite universities such as Princeton and Columbia where they teach the lofty nobility in being open to ideas such as Critical Race Theory.

It’s good to be open to ideas. I like new ideas.

What I don’t like are ideas that aren’t true – such as CRT which embraces the notion that structural racism in American society, otherwise known as white supremacy, is responsible for the current plight of the black man.

I don’t like ideas that aren’t true because I don’t want to be seen as an idiot.

Of course, I’ve had some ideas that some might consider questionable.

I can easily see where people might think that my disgust and condemnation of the Ivy League is racist and discriminatory, and so I must force myself to examine that issue constantly.

As you may already know, I do believe that there is structural elitism in the Ivy League which is responsible for populating Corporate America which in turn does engage in racism against black Americans through its outsourcing of jobs, importation of drugs and prosecution of a corporate prison racket.

Applying the argument that I just applied to General Milley I must now I ask myself whether I have violated my own standards, for I have asked people to universally condemn the “Harvard” graduate with the understanding that when I place Harvard in quotation marks I’m talking about not only Harvard but the entire Ivy League and those schools that would be considered prestigious (not by me) by the suckers and stupes who are impressed by suits, resumes and bow ties.

You’ll just have to bear with me as I go through this exercise.

Are only “Harvard” graduates complicit in the destruction of America as a republic? Clearly not. There are plenty of other clueless fucks from regular schools who go along.

Is “Harvard” the leader in the destruction of America as a republic? Clearly, they are. One only has to look at where our leaders come from. It’s all there, right out in the open. In the past two weeks, two military leaders have testified before Congress with regard to CRT. One was Admiral Michael Gilday; the other is General Milley. Michael Gilday attended Harvard.

I don’t see where “Harvard” as a non-leader can be rationally defended. The principle purpose of “Harvard” in our modern era is to train the officers of Corporate America – Fortune 500 companies, major associations, foundations, NGOs, MSM, sports leagues, entertainment.

One only has to do a search of many of our political leaders, corporate leaders, leaders of associations, NGOs, mainstream media and so forth to see that this is so. “Harvard” has even reached into our sports leagues. Rob Manfred is a Harvard graduate. Bowie Kuhn was a graduate of Princeton. Bart Giamatti was a graduate of Yale. Why, I had no idea that “Harvard” specialized in baseball.

Now, are all “Harvard” graduates complicit in the destruction of America’s values or America as a republic? Here I may be on thinner ice because clearly there are “Harvard” graduates who chose to walk away from their training. Or perhaps they went to work for the family automobile repair shop. But is this likely, and to what degree?

I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of “Harvard” graduates have entered some sort of professional life and are happy to put their diplomas on the wall.

Many have done good things.

What I have argued in the past is that their good deeds have given cover to those “Harvard” graduates who are destroying America as a republic, and that they should therefore be held accountable – unless of course they have spoken out publicly against “Harvard” and have renounced their degrees.

If that’s the case, was Hitler then correct in holding the good Jews accountable for the Jews who were doing harm?

One could argue that point if those Jews who were doing harm were a) indeed Jews, and b) were promoted because the good Jews were giving them cover.

Here, that argument falls short because those Jews who were doing harm were not Jews at all just as Christians who were doing harm were not Christians at all. Incidentally, there is no such thing as a cultural Jew just as there is no such thing as a cultural Christian. A person is not a Jew because they have a menorah in their house. A person is not Christian because they set up a tree on Christmas day.

To be a Jew, you have to obey the Torah. To be a Christian, you have to obey the principles of Jesus Christ. Of course, there are going to be degrees, but it seems reasonable to me that you should at least hit the 50th percentile.

I would say with confidence that most leaders didn’t hit the 5th percentile, and I would also say with confidence that most people would agree with me.

Secondly, Anti-Semitism was rife in Germany, so it’s difficult to believe that the good works of a good Jew would loan cover to a bad Jew.

Plus a poor Jew in Poland or Hungary, probably a serf, had no connection whatsoever to the centers of power in Weimar Germany.

One could hardly equate that to the position of the Harvard graduate in America today. The “Harvard” graduate in America today is quite aware of political issues, probably more so than your average citizen. Your average “Harvard” graduate in America today is extremely likely to personally know classmates who are in positions of power.

Plus your average “Harvard” graduate is not a serf or a sharecropper.

Finally, I’m not calling for the extermination of “Harvard” graduates. I’m not even calling for their complete removal from power. What I am calling for is better diversification and spreading of risk within our government, leading institutions and associations.

The reality is that there is more intelligence outside “Harvard” then inside “Harvard” simply by volume alone.

Are you still following me?

It’s not just the teaching of Critical Race Theory that is the problem in the United States of America; no, we have a much greater problem.

Critical Race Theory is just a symptom of that underlying disease.

The real problem is the disease of elitism that exists in the United States.

It is that elitism that has produced people like General Mark Milley who have not the ability to think clearly and incisively.

It is that elitism that threatens the American republic.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Cut From the Same Cloth

OK, ladies and gentlemen let’s look at the Presidents of Mexico in my lifetime. I was born in 1954. Let’s see where they went to school. It’s important to do this because many of these Presidents played the “gringo card” when they were President. The “gringo card” is where you talk tough about the United States of America as if it’s some oppressor, which it is – but you give the impression that you are against the gringo.

Are you?

Let’s see.

Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, 1952-58, Homeschooled, Instituto Veracruzano

Alfredo Lopez Mateos, 1958-64, Scientific and Literary Institute of Toluca, UNAM

Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, 1964-70, University of Puebla

Luis Echeverría Álvarez, 1970-76, UNAM (Still Alive)

José López Portillo, 1976-1982, UNAM

Miguel de la Madrid, 1982-1988, Harvard

Carlos Salinas de Gortari: 1988-1994, Harvard

Ernesto Zedillo: 1994-2000, Yale

Vicente Fox: 2000-2006, Harvard

Felipe Calderon: 2006-12, Harvard

Enrique Pena Nieto, 2012-2018, Pan-American University

AMLO, 2018- , UNAM

For 30 years, from 1982 to 2012, you had a Mexican President who was trained in part at an “elite” US university. You had another President, Diaz Ordaz, who many feel was on the CIA payroll.

It is what it is.

Prior to the 1980s Mexico was more of its own country. Now, it’s run by the multi-national corporations who are run by the elite cabal. If this is increasingly the case, and it is, then why should Mexico have all this violence? It has all this violence because the corporations really couldn’t care less about the people, Mexicans and Americans, except as a substrate for greater profits. The drug trade in Mexico is the other end of the dipole that the elites have created. Mexico grows, packages and transports the drugs while the United States consumes the drugs.

Mexico receives violence, terror, increased mortality while the United States receives increased mortality, increased crime, and an increased incarceration rate that benefits the corporate prison racket.

Why, it’s a win-win.

Isn’t free trade beautiful?

Thank you, Presidents of Mexico. Thank you Presidents of the United States. Thank you, Harvard. Thank you, Yale. Thank you, Ivy League. Thank you, Corporate America. Thank you, elite cabal.

Thank you for setting up schools like Harvard and Yale as international schools for the purpose of educating future leaders of other countries’ governments so that you can safely outsource jobs so as to exploit and impoverish people of all nations.

When I lived in Mexico from 1977 to 1979 as a student, I could walk around Monterrey, Mexico anywhere I wanted, at any time, and I never felt any fear. I never had to worry about being kidnapped; I never had to worry about a gang of narcotraficantes gunning me down.

I felt totally safe.

That’s not the case now.

Today I live in McAllen, Texas, right on the border. I used to go to Reynosa, Mexico frequently to eat at various restaurants.

The last time I went over there was about 15 years ago. That’s when all the Mexican violence escalated to impossible to visit levels.

Just the other day 19 people were gunned down in a massacre in Reynosa.

Those people died as a result of NAFTA.

NAFTA fundamentally changed both Mexico and the United States economically and spiritually.

NAFTA permitted eco-pigs like Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland to dump cheap corn into Mexico. The dumping of cheap corn threw 800,000 to 1,000,000 Mexican workers off their farms because they were unable to compete.

What did those farmers do?

Some retrained, many came to the United States, many others joined El Chapo in the drug trade.

One crop is as good as another, they must have reasoned. If I can grow corn, why can’t I grow coca leaf? If I can grow corn why can’t I grow marijuana?

As United States citizens, we naturally looked at NAFTA from our perspective. We knew that United States citizens would lose jobs. We knew that people would become economically impoverished. What we never expected was that Mexico would be devastated as well.

Just as we tried to tell our leaders that NAFTA was a bad agreement for regular people, I have no doubt that regular Mexican citizens tried in vain to tell their leadership that NAFTA was a bad agreement for the Mexican people.

No matter. The elites in both countries, who are trained at so-called “elite” institutions like Harvard, had already decided.

They did it for money. Their money.

The elites made a fortune by destroying the welfare of both countries.

The losers, as usual, where the plebes, the regular people, the unwashed.

We paid the price.

The rich from the United States, and the rich from Mexico, cut from the same cloth, trained at the same institutions, teamed up against us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Ivy League Wisdom

Does anybody remember Professor Singer of Princeton?

Ten years ago he was in the news all the time. The last time I remember him speaking publicly within the media was when I was visiting my mother for Thanksgiving many years ago.

On the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, I prayed to the Lord.

I said to the Lord: Please Lord protect me from my evil ways. Help me to be fair to the Ivy League graduate. Surely I must be too vehement. Forgive me for being unfair to them and for criticizing them for the stupid things that they say and do. Please don’t send me to hell.

I felt pretty good when I went to bed that night. I felt as if I had absolved myself of my sins through prayer.

I woke up the next morning and walked outside my mother’s front door to pick up the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I turned to the sports page for relaxation.

At the time if you will recall, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick, was having a dog issue.

Apparently, he and some friends had mistreated dogs which were to be trained for fighting. Michael Vick had to go to jail.

There were many people criticizing Michael Vick.

Professor Singer decided to weigh in.

Professor Singer was (and still is) a “sage” from the Ivy League who gets in the press simply because he is a professor from the Ivy League.

Princeton seems to occupy a special place in the media’s mind.

Our minds also.

When people thank of Princeton, immediately the image of Woodrow Wilson in academic garb comes to mind. Or perhaps Booth Tarkington writing a novel. Or maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Princeton conjures up the image of an intellectual school where great minds think great thoughts.

Didn’t Albert Einstein teach at Princeton? Wasn’t he spotted walking through the leafy lawns of this Elysium on earth?

Even the name Princeton sounds noble.

No brutes come from Princeton.

Why, Plato and Aristotle attended Princeton.

As with many other Ivy League graduates and professors it doesn’t matter to the media what drivel comes out of Professor Singer’s mouth. The only thing that counts for the main stream media is that he comes from Princeton. Therefore anything he says is of note.

I thumbed down to the article on Michael Vick and here’s what Professor Singer had to say. And I will paraphrase.

He said that people who eat bacon, sausage, and scrapple in the morning for breakfast had no right to denounce or speak harshly about Michael Vick, because they were no better than he.

In other words, because they were eating meat from animals that had been slaughtered by humans, they were on the same shaky moral ground as Michael Vick.

When I read that my hands began trembling. I started to shake much as John Cassavetes begin to shake at the end of the movie, The Fury.

Do you remember that movie?

At the end of the movie, Brian De Palma, the director, blew up John Cassavetes. His body exploded and his head was seen tumbling into the camera lens.

That’s what happened to me after I read Professor Singer’s comments.

Do you see what I’m talking about here? Do you see what I mean about the Ivy League professor, the media, the ridiculous access that these Ivy League graduates and professors have to the media?

In this case Professor Singer’s access to the media applied to a relatively inconsequential matter as far as world affairs are concerned.

Yet it’s the same mentality, to immediately reach out to someone who supposedly has credentials, that expresses itself in essential affairs also.

Until this cycle is broken, until we stop reaching out to people because they come from a certain school, we will always be mired in ignorance.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Mischief Makers

Here are some other Ivy League graduates you should know about.


Because they are affecting the education of your children.

The first is Wendy Kopp of Teach for America. Wendy is the founder.

The second is Richard Barth, her husband, who currently heads KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program).

Wendy is a Princeton graduate, and Richard is a Harvard graduate.

Both are, of course, malicious overachievers and busybodies at large. They just can’t leave racist America alone.

While cleansing America of its racist past, they are, of course, collecting accolades, awards, and most likely a lot of cash for themselves.

Wendy’s organization, TFA, is really a pyramid scheme for accolades. You might even call it a Ponzi scheme too. Instead of money being accumulated, its followers accumulate awards and accolades that they can then use to infiltrate the media and Corporate America in order to further cleanse America of its racist past.

Here is a link to TFA’s site: https://www.teachforamerica.org/tags/racial-justice/article.

You can scroll to the bottom and read about their organization.

TFA seems fixated on Columbus.

Yes, it’s true, Columbus was not the first settler to happen upon America, but guess what?

Maybe the Native Americans (First Nations to the sophisticated) weren’t either.

The Native Americans (Indians) came from somewhere else (Siberia?), and, for all we know, rubbed out some people who were living here when they first arrived 15,000 years ago.

Of course, to Wendy and TFA, and board members of TFA like Paul Finnegan, another Harvard graduate, and member of Harvard’s elite ruling board entitled “The Corporation,” Columbus was most likely an usurper.

Of course the real usurpers are the Ivy Leaguers like Wendy, Richard, Paul, and their Ivy League buddies who parasitize American society.

But I digress. To Wendy and Richard’s thinking, I presume, how dare Columbus be given the title of discoverer of America?

TFA probably also believes that Columbus was a genocidal maniac. Well, maybe he was, but he also was responsible for uncovering the New World to our ancestors.

Surprise, that’s why you’re here. That’s why Wendy and Richard are here. Paul too.

TFA is a racket, cloaked in nobility, to socially re-engineer society to ultimately work against you. Its work will never be done. It will focus on grievances until the end of time.

Americans, if left to the machinations of TFA, will become race-obsessed, balkanized and ever more dependent upon the political class which desires a neo-feudal society where people like Wendy Kopp, Richard Barth, and their puppets can rule for a thousand years.

Welcome to the new Dark Ages.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard the City Destroyer

Who destroys the inner city?

Who is responsible for the poverty, the homelessness, the increased drug use, the despair of the inner city?

The government is responsible.

It is the government that is responsible for setting the rules, going after the criminals, and creating an environment that is productive for a healthy society.

When the government fails to crack down on gangs, criminality rises, drug use rises, extortion rises.

When the government cracks down on these illegal monsters, health returns to the city.

Why do governments and their officers, the politicians, fail to contain crime?

Is it because they’re stupid?

Or is it because they profit when criminality arises?

For far too long we have given politicians the benefit of the doubt by assuming that they are stupid.

But they are not stupid.

No one can be that stupid.

The modern-day politician, unhinged from morality, seduced by money and riches, gains the benefits that poverty produces.

Poverty is a money making business in America today.

It also ensures a weakened and poorly educated electorate that will continue to keep these horrible politicians in office.

Just as a drug dealer keeps his junkie dependent upon him, so the modern-day politician keeps his voters dependent upon him.

He does this by keeping them in a steady state of despair.

He enacts policies that are sure not to work.

Where is this practiced primarily? For sure, in the larger cities. It almost seems that a direct correlation exists between the size of the city and the number and gravity of problems it has.

And why is this?

Primarily because there is taxation without representation. You have one mayor for millions upon millions of people. Consequently, the people do not have proper access to the mayor. Even in a city of 4 million people where there is a city council system, it’s very difficult for the average citizen to gain contact with his councilman.

When this occurs, it would be better to break the larger districts apart into more manageable subdistricts.

Citizens would elect a sub-councilman, who, with the other sub-councilmen in that district, would elect the councilman.

In this way the citizen can know the guy who knows the guy.

But, such a change is unlikely to occur because the mayor, his cronies, and the councilmen will fight against this.

They will fight against this because the citizens will then encroach upon their moneymaking scams and schemes.

When there is better oversight, it’s more difficult for schemes and scams to occur.

To help foil our plans for better government, the schemers and scammers at the local level will reach to Corporate America to help them.

Ultimately, it is Corporate America who is responsible for this devastation and destruction within the inner city.

Corporate America makes a fortune off poverty. Corporate America builds, supplies and maintains the prisons.

Corporate America also profits handsomely off the welfare industry. Someone has to provide all the administrative supplies that are necessary to keep the poverty industry going.

There is a built-in incentive to keep the poverty going, to not fix things.

If things were fixed, if people were living productive lives, there would be no need for any of this government machinery to fix poverty because there would be little poverty to fix.

So, the poverty business is lucrative.

Now, who runs Corporate America. Who trains the officers of Corporate America.

Harvard University.

Harvard University is the prime promulgator of corporatism within the United States.

But Harvard University’s corporatism is not a small business corporatism, but a large business corporatism, aka fascism, aka corporate socialism, aka crony capitalism.

Their vision is wrong.

Their vision is bad.

Their vision keeps poverty going.

Not surprisingly, Harvard and its mindset has found a way to weasel its way into most of the larger cities.

Thus the continuing destruction of the inner city.

LA: Eric Garcetti: Columbia, Oxford, London School of Economics (The Trifecta)

Chicago: Lori Lightfoot: University of Michigan, University of Chicago

NY: Bill de Blasio: NYU, Columbia

San Antonio: Julián Castro: Harvard

Portland: Ted Wheeler: Columbia, Stanford, Harvard

Of course, there are mayors who graduated from regular schools also. Generally, though, they are puppets who follow the lead of Harvard University and suck up to the claptrap that Harvard pumps out.

Why does Harvard pump out this claptrap?, Because the people who attend Harvard went there for a very specific reason. They wanted to be part of an elite class who makes a lot of money.

And that’s exactly what we have, isn’t it.

Of course, it’s all repackaged under the guise of helping people.

But it doesn’t.

It destroys people.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


More and more young people are flocking to go to Harvard.

I read it in the paper.

The number of applicants is soaring.

I was disappointed, for I see this flight to Harvard as a bad sign for our country.

It is an extremely bad sign.

What this means is that the young are increasingly buying into Harvard’s Nazi propaganda.

As are their parents.

It means more than ever that these young adults seek to align themselves with an organization which, they believe, the so-called best and the brightest attend.

Just as Hitler youth clamored to become closer to the Fuhrer, young people today desire to be closer to the new Fuhrer, Harvard University.

Of course, this is a false pathway.

Harvard can only lead us to catastrophe, a catastrophe that will make the Dresden bombing look like a snowy Christmas Eve.

Harvard follows the false gods of power, money, and domination; it speaks the seemingly perfect language of mathematics.

Valhalla on this earth is their goal.

Harvard trusts in algorithms, flow charts, and logic.

Silicon is Harvard’s currency.

With these false gods, and these false tools, Harvard will kill us all.

I should have seen it coming.

A leader, a Fuhrer, that programs students in elementary school with catch phrases like failure is not an option, no excuses, and excellence can only lead us to this.

Their parents, who proudly post bumper stickers on their cars that scream, MY CHILD IS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT AT BOONE ELEMENTARY, also drink the juice.

Young people have been conditioned to believe that they must be perfect.

Overworked in school, saddled with mountains of homework that would be daunting to a Franciscan monk, our young people are encouraged to measure their self-worth in terms of a scored test.

In time the toll must be paid.

Gina, let’s call her Gina, was a student from a good family in a respectable town.

She was pretty; she was athletic; she was bright.

It only seemed fitting given the dogma of the day that she apply and be accepted at an Ivy League school.

When she attended that school, however, she found herself struggling, not in the mind of regular people, mind you, but in the expectations that were impressed upon her by a society gone wrong.

Struggling in course work is not uncommon for many freshmen.

College can be a disheartening task. Not everybody gets a quick start out of the gate.

This was probably the first time in her life though that she was not either the first, second or even third student in her cohort of competition – in any field of endeavor.

Most likely she bought into the programming of no excuses and failure is not an option.

Why wouldn’t she have? She had been programmed to believe this by Harvard University and its misguided followers who readily swallow up the Fuhrer’s thoughts.

Of course Harvard was responsible for her programming. Harvard sets the tone for the nation. Harvard sets the tone in every area of endeavor within the United States.

They say they do. They run around town and brag that they do. The media they control constantly celebrates Harvard and their graduates’ accomplishments.

Harvard’s image is on every corner in your neighborhood.

The programming is relentless.

Of course Harvard sets the tone.

The people of the United States, not unlike the serfs in North Korea who genuflect before Kim Jong Un, have come to believe in the infallibility of the Fuhrer which is Harvard University. And like the automatons they are, they obey.

Failure is not an option, no excuses, excellence.

In time, Gina became unable to accept her inherent human imperfection.

We all fail, we all struggle. This is part of the roller coaster of life.

But this young pretty girl was not brought up in an era of tolerance which once existed when Christianity predominated in the United States of America.

Christianity is a religion of tolerance, tolerance for others, tolerance for one’s self.

Gina was brought up in the modern era in which the Fuhrer’s perfectionist dogma is the supreme law of the land.

And so, not being able to handle her human imperfection, in which there is no shame at all, this young, pretty, athletic girl, Gina, one day walked to the top of a parking garage and threw herself off.

Her death is an indictment of our society.

Her death is an indictment of Harvard University.

It was Harvard University that killed Gina.

Harvard University snuffed out her life.

Harvard University is the author of the apocalypse.

Harvard University is syphilis.

Harvard University is Beelzebub.

Harvard University is smallpox, ebola virus and hemophilus influenza B all wrapped up in a greenish cocktail of death.

Until this filthy university and its false gods and false methodologies are defeated, there will be no life left in the United States of America. Harvard University will kill us all.

Their god is false, their currency is false, and they are false.

Do you think I am too harsh?

What say you, M’lord?

Think again.

WWI. This immoral war was instigated by the British elite, populated by Harvard’s BFF and eternal mother, Oxford. And why did the British elite do this? Because the Germans had grown too big economically. They were out-competing the British. The sinking of the Lusitania was a planned event in order to drag America into the war. The corrupt Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, was eager to go along. Never mind those people who drowned; never mind the soldiers who subsequently died.

Great Depression. It was FDR, Harvard, and his brain trust, Columbia and Harvard, who came up with the idiotic idea that the cause of the Great Depression was not fear, but low prices. To combat that these idiots created artificial shortages so that prices would rise. What then ensued was greater fear and a prolonged depression. Result: more misery for millions of people. Thank you Harvard.

WWII. Hitler was financed by Wall Street and plenty of Ivy League graduates. Prescott Bush, Yale, was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. Our entry into World War II was facilitated by FDR, Harvard, and Henry Stimson, Harvard, who provoked and permitted the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Forget about the 2,000 people who died at Pearl Harbor. It was obviously more important that Harvey Firestone, Jr., Princeton, have unfettered access to his rubber plantations in Malaysia. We certainly don’t want to partner with anyone. Plus, how would we ever be able to exploit the people of Indonesia to make our tennis shoes in the future?

Vietnam. This war was prosecuted by a Harvard moron, Robert McNamara. Result: millions of Vietnamese dead. Robert McNamara wasn’t satisfied killing just Vietnamese. He instigated project 100,000 which inscripted men with IQs below 80 into the military. These men had five times the kill rate of a regular soldier. They couldn’t grasp the concept of throwing a grenade in the air to achieve a longer throwing distance. This act alone makes Robert McNamara a war criminal.

JFK Assassination. Facilitated by the Central Intelligence Agency that was run by Allen Dulles, Princeton. Covered up by Arlen Specter, Yale; Gerald Ford, Yale; Allen Dulles, Princeton. I could go on.

Outsourcing of American jobs. This was facilitated by the junk-bond king, Michael Milken, Wharton School, and the modern day robber-baron, Mitt Romney, Harvard. Millions of decent people lost well-paying jobs which resulted in increased drug addiction, depression, and an expansion of the welfare state. Instead of working at secure jobs that pay the equivalent of $50-$75,000 in today’s money, they became Starbucks barista’s which might pay $30,000 in a good year.

Middle East Wars. Begun by George Bush, Yale. Continued by Barack Obama, Harvard; and Donald Trump, Penn. Result: 500,000 dead in Iraq; 400,000 dead in Syria; 200,000 dead between Afghanistan and Libya; 100,000 dead in Yemen. We’re not done yet.

The real estate debacle of 2008. Facilitated or presided over by Wall Street morons like Jamie Dimon, Harvard; Henry Paulson, Harvard; Timothy Geithner, Dartmouth; and other Ivy league morons too numerous to count. These doofuses created a crisis by inventing or facilitating risky financial instruments like mortgage back securities and credit default swaps. What they accomplished was akin to connecting a flotilla of boats with unbreakable steel cables and then sending these boats deep into the open sea.

The coronavirus crisis. Made worse by Harvard-inspired fear-mongers like Anthony Fauci, Cornell; and Anderson Vanderbilt, Yale. Fauci’s fear-mongering was never quashed by Donald Trump, Penn. And who profited handsomely off the vaccine? Moderna, founded and run by Harvard.

And all of this is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved