How to Build a Cabal

Let’s talk about conspiracies and how a group of people might be able to control things.

Specifically, let’s talk about the United States of America.

If we were to invent a group of people who would act together to control the United States, how would we do it?

What kinds of people would we accept into our group, how big should the group be, and what kind of group should it be?

To control the United States of America, or even the world, we would need to capture the minds of men, all men, and women.

Diversity would then be of paramount importance.

Our group should also be sufficiently broad enough and large enough to encompass all the major media groups within the United States.

We would have to control outlets of newspaper, internet, television, movies, books, music, radio, podcasts and so forth over a wide range of market segments.

If we are to control men’s minds, we must strike people’s minds from a variety of directions so that the “truth” we promote becomes a fait accompli.

The number of organizations we would have to control would be large despite the vast over-centralization currently existing in the United States.

What this means is that in order to control the wide breadth of the media, we would need a lot of people.

Five or six folks sitting around a table in a bank tower in Davos isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Yes, it’s true, that not everybody needs to be in the know, but we would require a certain number of people who are willing to buy into our program of media manipulation.

We are talking tens of thousands of people.

Clearly secrecy is out the window.

How do we get people to buy into our program? Is money sufficient? Or do our prospective members need to believe in a cause?

Generally speaking, you can’t pay an experienced mercenary enough money to risk his or her life in a war; but you can convince a young soldier to sacrifice his life for an ideal.

If we can get our members when they’re young, we can retain them.

Men and women don’t sacrifice their lives for money; they are looking for much more – immortality.

As creators of this elite group that will rule the United States, and the world, the immortality we can offer is the abstraction that they are part of an elite class that is changing the world for the better.

Now that is a powerful tool. That is a powerful weapon.

The weapon becomes even more powerful if we can give them the perks of power – money, fame and privilege.

Furthermore, if we can program the rest of society into believing that our members are an elite unit, our task will be easier.

We will do this through the media that we will control.

We will regularly regale the population with the feats of our elite members. If our elite members take the trash out to the curb in the morning, we will let regular Americans know what they’re doing.

Our elite group will be people who are talked about. Their weddings and their baby announcements will be printed in the New York Times. Their soirées and parties will be a regular feature in newspapers and gossip magazines.

It will be essential for poor working class people in dusty two-bit towns in Podunk, Nebraska to know about the Hasty Pudding Club. Why bother with important issues like exploitation of the peoples in Central America and non-stop warmongering to quench Corporate America’s unslakable thirst for profits when you can program unsuspecting people with the idiotic goings-on of callow, pedantic, undercooked Harvard students?

The message will be clear to the people: these elites are not ordinary people. Ordinary people are not spoken of in the media. Only important demigods retain that privilege.

In addition to godlike status, size and purpose, our organization must also have continuity.

If we’re going to create an elite cabal, we must take into account that our members will someday die and must therefore be replaced by a new elite crew of people.

We will recognize that it takes time to change a nation. Rome was not built in a day.

Our organization therefore must have enduring longevity; it must not be an organization that is subject to the whims of a fickle public. It must be an institution that has permanence over centuries.

For example we wouldn’t build our organization, our cabal, atop a company that sold Hula Hoops, or Fig Newtons.

We wouldn’t do this because tastes change over time, so if the public’s desire for Fig Newtons fizzles, so might our economic base that we fall back upon for recruitment.

Me entiendes? Do you understand me?

Additionally, not everybody likes Hula Hoops or Fig Newtons.

Knowing this, we must select an organization or institution that has broad appeal to everyone – an institution that not too many people reject.

Such an institution would rule out religious organizations. Not everyone belongs to one religion.

We would need an institution more neutral, more secular.

The Freemasons or the Illuminati might seem like an ideal choice, yet people don’t naturally gravitate toward secret organizations.

Besides, if we are planning to take over the United States, we don’t want people thinking that we are meeting in secret. We would only use the concept of a secret society as a distraction to keep people from focusing on where we are really meeting.

If people knew the truth, they might stop us. This then tends to preclude secret organizations like Skull and Bones or the Illuminati – which are a little too obvious.

What’s best is to put our organization right out there in the open where everybody can see it.

If everyone can see us, no one will be able to see us, because no one will suspect us.

Hiding things in plain sight is often the best strategy.

And there is no organization or institution in greater plain sight and with greater transparency than a school.

School is open, transparent, and available to everyone.

Plus, schools have honor, nobility, dignity and decorum – values that people admire and aspire to abide by. We can hide behind that.

Everybody can get into the concept of Aristotle walking through the trees, his robe flowing, educating eager young students.

Just thinking about Aristotle makes us feel smarter.

Without too many exceptions, most people believe and trust in education and schooling.

Schools are diverse, and they attract students from everywhere. They also have continuity over time. And they include students who will eventually enter a wide range of disciplines.

If we can create an elite school and then program our students into believing that they are the best and the brightest, that they are the rightful, entitled leaders of America, that they have the divine right to rule, and that their legacy is to be the leader of a new America, then we are far down the path of creating a Bold New World in front of everyone‘s eyes without anyone knowing or suspecting.

Our programmed graduates, our cult members, can then enter a wide array of disciplines, including the media, the government, Fortune 500 companies, our major associations, foundations, think tanks, sports leagues, and NGOs in order to prosecute our ideology.

What will bind them together is their attendance at our elite school. They will be part of an elite class of supermen, demigods, educated at an elite school that will rule the earth.

What shall we call this school?

How about Harvard?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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