China and Us

So you think China is a threat to the United States, eh?

If you watch Fox News, you would think that Chinese gunboats lie in wait off the coast of California. That’s the current narrative, isn’t it?

This video here belies that narrative. China has too many of its own problems to worry about us.

Check it out if you doubt me.

The only threat to our safety is our corporate elite, fueled by Harvard University and the Ivy League, who desire to implement the same type of government here that China has there. The only difference is that while property in China is owned by the government run by a communist party elite, our property will be owned by Corporate America run by Ivy League elite.

That’s probably why Corporate America is buying up all these homes in neighborhoods across the United States – to further cement its neo-feudalist grip upon America.

This elitist internal threat is what Joe McCarthy was revealing seventy years ago. Far from being a smear merchant, Joe McCarthy was ahead of his time. He was pulling the curtain back on what our elites were really doing. That’s why they punished him. That’s why they lied about him and his record.

The people who Joe McCarthy denounced as communists were not people he pulled out of a hat. These were in many cases people who had been investigated by other congressional committees. Joe McCarthy not only exposed communists (we call them globalists today) in our own State Department, but in the US Army itself. That’s right! There was a massive espionage ring at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. When Joe McCarthy revealed this to Dwight Eisenhower, he probably thought Eisenhower would be happy. To McCarthy’s surprise, Eisenhower was not happy at all. Eisenhower worked secretly behind the scenes to destroy Joe McCarthy. What does that tell you about Dwight Eisenhower and our own leadership in Washington? What this should tell you is that our leadership in Washington, far from being our friend and our representative, has been secretly working with Corporate America all these years to fundamentally change the character of the United States.

China isn’t our enemy as our elites would have you believe. That’s just a game they play with you in order to pass laws in American society to utterly transform us into a society precisely in line with what the Chinese have today.

Our elites don’t hate the Chinese leadership; they admire them.

You know, if our elites really hate China and its leadership that much, they can always pull manufacturing back into the United States. Why don’t they? What’s holding them back? Why don’t they put their money where their mouth is?

I’ll tell you why. Because they are lying to us.

PS. Anyone who wants to read about the real Joe McCarthy can read: Blacklisted by History by M. Stanford Evans.


Archer Crosley

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