General Milley and CRT

Yesterday General Mark Milley appeared before Congress to talk about Critical Race Theory in the military.

General Milley wants to know what’s so wrong about members of the military being open to Critical Race Theory. He equates it to being open to ideas such as communism.

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with being open to Critical Race Theory. It’s the same as Adolf Hitler asking Germans to be open to the idea of Jewish complicity in destroying the economy and cultural values of the German people.

Of course Hitler also asked the German people to look the other way as he implemented his Final Solution for the Jews. The Final Solution was predicated upon his theories of Jewish inferiority and Jewish complicity in destroying Weimar Germany and the German culture.

The problem with those theories is that they weren’t true. The vast majority of Jews were either poor or nonessential with regard to policy making in Weimar Germany. In other words they weren’t movers and shakers.

Plus, with regard to destroying a culture, Christians have always enjoyed a healthy hand in that. This fact would undermine Jewish exclusivity in destroying or polluting Germany.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Mark Milley would defend the learning of Critical Race Theory. After all he attended so-called elite universities such as Princeton and Columbia where they teach the lofty nobility in being open to ideas such as Critical Race Theory.

It’s good to be open to ideas. I like new ideas.

What I don’t like are ideas that aren’t true – such as CRT which embraces the notion that structural racism in American society, otherwise known as white supremacy, is responsible for the current plight of the black man.

I don’t like ideas that aren’t true because I don’t want to be seen as an idiot.

Of course, I’ve had some ideas that some might consider questionable.

I can easily see where people might think that my disgust and condemnation of the Ivy League is racist and discriminatory, and so I must force myself to examine that issue constantly.

As you may already know, I do believe that there is structural elitism in the Ivy League which is responsible for populating Corporate America which in turn does engage in racism against black Americans through its outsourcing of jobs, importation of drugs and prosecution of a corporate prison racket.

Applying the argument that I just applied to General Milley I must now I ask myself whether I have violated my own standards, for I have asked people to universally condemn the “Harvard” graduate with the understanding that when I place Harvard in quotation marks I’m talking about not only Harvard but the entire Ivy League and those schools that would be considered prestigious (not by me) by the suckers and stupes who are impressed by suits, resumes and bow ties.

You’ll just have to bear with me as I go through this exercise.

Are only “Harvard” graduates complicit in the destruction of America as a republic? Clearly not. There are plenty of other clueless fucks from regular schools who go along.

Is “Harvard” the leader in the destruction of America as a republic? Clearly, they are. One only has to look at where our leaders come from. It’s all there, right out in the open. In the past two weeks, two military leaders have testified before Congress with regard to CRT. One was Admiral Michael Gilday; the other is General Milley. Michael Gilday attended Harvard.

I don’t see where “Harvard” as a non-leader can be rationally defended. The principle purpose of “Harvard” in our modern era is to train the officers of Corporate America – Fortune 500 companies, major associations, foundations, NGOs, MSM, sports leagues, entertainment.

One only has to do a search of many of our political leaders, corporate leaders, leaders of associations, NGOs, mainstream media and so forth to see that this is so. “Harvard” has even reached into our sports leagues. Rob Manfred is a Harvard graduate. Bowie Kuhn was a graduate of Princeton. Bart Giamatti was a graduate of Yale. Why, I had no idea that “Harvard” specialized in baseball.

Now, are all “Harvard” graduates complicit in the destruction of America’s values or America as a republic? Here I may be on thinner ice because clearly there are “Harvard” graduates who chose to walk away from their training. Or perhaps they went to work for the family automobile repair shop. But is this likely, and to what degree?

I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of “Harvard” graduates have entered some sort of professional life and are happy to put their diplomas on the wall.

Many have done good things.

What I have argued in the past is that their good deeds have given cover to those “Harvard” graduates who are destroying America as a republic, and that they should therefore be held accountable – unless of course they have spoken out publicly against “Harvard” and have renounced their degrees.

If that’s the case, was Hitler then correct in holding the good Jews accountable for the Jews who were doing harm?

One could argue that point if those Jews who were doing harm were a) indeed Jews, and b) were promoted because the good Jews were giving them cover.

Here, that argument falls short because those Jews who were doing harm were not Jews at all just as Christians who were doing harm were not Christians at all. Incidentally, there is no such thing as a cultural Jew just as there is no such thing as a cultural Christian. A person is not a Jew because they have a menorah in their house. A person is not Christian because they set up a tree on Christmas day.

To be a Jew, you have to obey the Torah. To be a Christian, you have to obey the principles of Jesus Christ. Of course, there are going to be degrees, but it seems reasonable to me that you should at least hit the 50th percentile.

I would say with confidence that most leaders didn’t hit the 5th percentile, and I would also say with confidence that most people would agree with me.

Secondly, Anti-Semitism was rife in Germany, so it’s difficult to believe that the good works of a good Jew would loan cover to a bad Jew.

Plus a poor Jew in Poland or Hungary, probably a serf, had no connection whatsoever to the centers of power in Weimar Germany.

One could hardly equate that to the position of the Harvard graduate in America today. The “Harvard” graduate in America today is quite aware of political issues, probably more so than your average citizen. Your average “Harvard” graduate in America today is extremely likely to personally know classmates who are in positions of power.

Plus your average “Harvard” graduate is not a serf or a sharecropper.

Finally, I’m not calling for the extermination of “Harvard” graduates. I’m not even calling for their complete removal from power. What I am calling for is better diversification and spreading of risk within our government, leading institutions and associations.

The reality is that there is more intelligence outside “Harvard” then inside “Harvard” simply by volume alone.

Are you still following me?

It’s not just the teaching of Critical Race Theory that is the problem in the United States of America; no, we have a much greater problem.

Critical Race Theory is just a symptom of that underlying disease.

The real problem is the disease of elitism that exists in the United States.

It is that elitism that has produced people like General Mark Milley who have not the ability to think clearly and incisively.

It is that elitism that threatens the American republic.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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