Is Anybody Out There

Is anybody out there?

Does anyone want to stop this pandemic?

It can be stopped, but you’ll have to take a risk.

You’ll have to let go of your belief system which keeps you hog-chained to Dr. Fauci and his kind of misguided, award-seeking, greedy, publicity obsessed people.

You’ll have to admit you were wrong.

You’ll have to admit that the supreme leaders, Harvard and the Ivy League, are thoroughly corrupt.

They’ve been lying to you in order to:

A. Promote Zoom.

B. Promote the vaccine which makes them wealthier.

C. Steal profits from small business.

D. Wreck the economy so as to institute UBI – Universal Basic Income.

E. Maximize the welfare state.

F. Pacify the people into total compliance.

G. Engage in euthanasia of the elderly.

H. Completely subvert and rewrite the Constitution.

They’ve been selling junk science through the main stream media that they control.

It’s been a fucking nightmare, made worse by their interventions.

If you have power, do the following:

A. Encourage all young people to aggressively congregate as much as possible in activities and sports. The virus must be shared.

B. Send kids back to school.

C. Get rid of face masks. The face mask causes fear which causes people to not commingle.

D. Get rid of fear. The virus very rarely kills healthy young people; when it does kill young people, generally those young people have underlying health problems.

E. Turn off your news apps. Why get your mind polluted by lies from Buzzfeed.

F. Protect the elderly and vulnerable.

G. Get the vaccine unless contraindicated. Sure, Dr. Fauci is evil (evil defined as placing the economic interests of the elites above the health and welfare of the people), and he’s an award-hog, but don’t let that get in the way of you getting the vaccine. I got it, and I d-e-s-p-i-s-e Dr. Fauci.

H. STOP social distancing.

I. Wash your hands. Handwashing is the most important thing you can do. You must do it before you eat. You can’t touch anything while you eat. If you do, you have to re-wash your hands as many times as it takes.

J. Don’t accept any food that someone hands to you with their bare hands.

K. Quarantine the sick.

L. Test the newly arrived.

M. Don’t bring in outside doctors or nurses. The CIA will happily import healthcare people who will give half-assed care to your people. They want deaths. Deaths heighten fear; and no, CIA people are not Americans just like you.

N. Have your local doctors actively involved in reviewing all cases of COVID-19 and the treatment involved.

O. Mandate ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as adjunctive therapies unless they’re medically, not politically, contraindicated.

P. Leave patients on the vent for as long as it takes. Even if it takes 60 days or 75 days, leave them on the vent. If the brain is functioning, the lungs will slowly heal. In time the patient can get off the vent. They may need oxygen. Half the lungs may be destroyed. So what? We have people walking around right now with COPD waiting for lung transplants, so what’s the big deal?

Q. People of Italian, French, Hispanic, and Portuguese descent are more affected. So are blacks. There is a genetic basis to this disease. Don’t buy into the multicultural “it affects us all” bullshit being foisted upon the public. Yes it does affect us all, but some more than others.

If your community can do this consistently for two to three months, the virus can be beaten.

It would help if all communities did it, because it is the indolence and smoldering of the infection that is keeping it going.

Think of a fire in your house. What’s your goal? Be aggressive; don’t have fear; put it all out. What’s not your goal? Half-assed measures.

You can do this for every mutation of this virus. This is what we did for influenza.

So why didn’t we do this for COVID-19? For the reasons I explained above.

People like Bill Gates and his baby boomer kind are getting older. They are staring at the end of the line, and they want to get this mouse utopia done – now. So they are moving into hyperdrive.

And they’ve got the entire main stream media behind them. Why not? They own them, and that includes these phony avant-garde, pseudo-cutting-edge publications like the Daily Beast.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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