President Joe steps out on a slippery slope when he mandates vaccines.

Although I believe in the vaccine for COVID-19 and have received a vaccine for COVID-19, I believe that we should operate by consent.

It’s the government’s job to make the case for the vaccine.

That the government has not made that case is reflective of their inadequacy and poor leadership.

They simply aren’t up to the task.

They’re smiling, backslapping losers.

And that includes America’s Free-Throw Bricklayer, Anthony Fauci.

Perhaps if our leaders hadn’t lied about so many aspects of this pandemic, the people might have more confidence in them.

But when you go on and say that hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous drug, and when you call ivermectin a horse dewormer, people take notice.

Certainly the approximately one million physicians in United States noticed. And most likely 3.8 million registered nurses noticed also.

Just today a patient who was on hydroxychloroquine came into my office. I said to the mom, jokingly, “You know of course the government thinks this is a dangerous drug.”

She laughed.

She left because she understood that hydroxychloroquine is a valuable drug and a safe drug.

She’s in agreement with nearly every dermatologist and rheumatologist in the world.

Well, there are many, many people out there in the United States who know that hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug.

There are many people who also know that ivermectin is a safe drug. These people have communicated this to their friends. Word spreads.

These little lies by our leaders add up, and they translate into suspicion of the government. Then when the government wants to implement a solution, the people rebel.

What does the government do in response?

Do they have anyone with any common sense who knows how to sell the vaccine to the people in a way that makes sense?


Instead, the government demonizes the vaccine refusers as regressive nut jobs.

I don’t blame the people for refusing the vaccine. That is their choice.

I blame our leaders for not being candid and for creating this situation in the first place.

Of course, we all know why they created this crisis in the first place.

They wanted to make a pile of money off the vaccine.

That’s why they denounce hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

If people got the idea that these drugs worked (even 10% of the time) and were safe, then people might ask why the drug companies don’t invest in developing analogues of these medications that might work better.

You see, the COVID-19 war is just another war of choice that our elites have created for the purposes of making money.

Just like our criminal elite created the unnecessary war of Vietnam, they created the unnecessary war in Afghanistan, and then the war against COVID-19.

It’s just a different type of war.

And yes, our elites on the national level are sick enough to do it.

They’re sick.

They’re sick pups.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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