It’s Airborne!

It’s airborne!


Maybe not.

Maybe all the talk you hear from MSM and their puppet masters at Harvard is bullshit.

This is a very technical article, but if you read the introduction and the conclusion you can see what the authors are driving at. What they’re saying is that people with mild to moderate infections of COVID-19 are unlikely to be transmitting the virus in an airborne manner.

This is because droplets below 20 µm are unlikely to enter the lower respiratory tract. Droplets below 20 µm are limited by size as to the number of viral copies they can carry. You need a certain number of viral copies in order to induce an infection.

The authors do say that people with severe COVID-19 infections could possibly transmit an infection in an airborne manner. These people however are unlikely to be walking around or eating at your local restaurant.

This article validates my own personal experience in healthcare, and it most likely validates the experience of hundreds of millions of maskless people who have congregated safely in restaurants, ballparks, and jets without getting sick. It also validates the CDC’s position prior to 2020 which was that a mask was pretty much useless.

The virus isn’t transmitted it in the way that our medical leaders think that it’s transmitted.

The virus in my experience is transmitted primarily by hand to hand contact and by fomite; the implications of this are that handwashing is far more important than a mask.

This also helps explain why the mask is useless.

If COVID-19 viruses are not transmitted it in an airborne manner, but instead by fomite and hand to hand contact, how can a mask possibly work?

Now before you respond, let me leave you with this: How many of you wearing a mask have sneezed into the mask? How many of you when feeling the need to sneeze have removed your mask and sneezed into your hand?

Assuming that you sneezed into your mask, how many of you removed that mask from your face without using your hands?

I would be remiss and negligent if I did not mention that this article represents a total condemnation of the New England Journal of Corporate Fascist Third Reich Medicine, their lackeys in academia, Harvard University, MIT, their flawed politically correct junk science theories, and the silly, laughable terms, like “super-spreader events,” that they bandy about.

Do not send your bright children to Harvard.

Do not send your bright children to MIT.

They will only become more stupid as these institutions engage in reverse engineering.

There they serve up the stupid juice in copious quantities and thus transform diamonds into lumps of coal.

If by chance you have made that mistake and sent your children to Harvard or MIT, there is hope.

Sequester them away from Cambridge (and their stupid classmates and professors who are still indoctrinated) and their intelligence will return.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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