Airlines and COVID-19

There is always something to write about during COVID.

You don’t have to go looking for it, it finds you.

Currently I’m on a flight to Las Vegas, and I am wearing my mask.

The gestapo who work for Allegiant are vigilant in assuring that I wear my mask between bites as I eat my potato chips.

I can see them walking craftily through the aisles moving their head from side to side, lurking behind the adjacent seat, ready to pounce upon a mask violator.

It’s a game of cat and mouse between me and them.

I’ve already figured out one tactic. I can just hold one chip in front of my mouth indefinitely, and they will never be the wiser.

Of course, I am a law abiding citizen.

But why should I have to be?

The idea of respiratory droplet transmission of COVID-19 on an airplane is inane.

There is no rational logic to it.

Let me make my case.

In the past year, or rather, the past 18 months, have you heard of one case where a plane full of passengers came down with COVID-19, a so-called superspreader event?

No, you have not.

If it had happened, it would’ve been all over the news.

Now, why is that? Why have you not heard of such a superspreader event?

Is it the use of the mask?

Don’t make me laugh.

Does anyone rationally believe that there has been 100% pure mask use by passengers on airlines in the past 18 months?

How about all those people who are sleeping with a blanket covered over their head during the flight?

How many of them have taken off their mask underneath that blanket?

Probably all of them.

How about all the people who are temporarily removing their masks to drink and eat?

That’s nearly everybody.

Have none of them even coughed at least once?

Let’s not forget about the overt mask violators who get into arguments with the flight attendants. They aren’t wearing masks.

Nor should we forget all the bathroom users. Are people who use the bathroom taking off her mask when the door is shut?

Is the bathroom a confined space?

Does nearly everyone use the bathroom?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

So with all these people, nearly everybody, who are imperfectly wearing masks, are you going to tell me that none of them have ever had COVID-19 while flying, that none of them have ever coughed during a flight, and none of them have ever breathed in air when their mask was not in place?

I thought so.

If the authorities were correct, we should have had dozens and dozens of experiences of so-called superspreader events on jets.

Yet we haven’t had one.

On the other hand, I’ll bet that there have been many, many people who have contracted COVID-19 while on a jet.

How could this possibly be if I am saying that respiratory droplet transmission is not possible?

As I have stated many times before the mask is 100% worthless. That is not how infections are spread. The reason why Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gottlieb do not know this is because they are not clinicians.

Infections are spread by hand-to-hand contact or hand-to-fomite-to-hand contact.

I have COVID-19, I cough on my hands, I shake your hand, you pick up a cookie, you put the cookie in your mouth, you get COVID-19.

It’s a game of Frogger.

That’s how you get COVID-19.

That’s how you get almost every respiratory infection.

It happens this way because when you cough on your hands, you put a higher viral load on your hands. If you cough into the air, the respiratory droplets are dispersed widely throughout the air which lowers the viral load.

But that’s only part of it.

Read this at your pleasure.

Mild to moderate infections do not produce droplets that have sufficient viral load that will be able to get down into your lungs. That’s a fact that has to do with the size of the virus, the intensity of the infection, and the ability of certain size droplets to get into the lower lung tissue.

Will somebody out there please tell Dr. Fauci.

Will somebody please tell Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Finally, will somebody please tell the airlines.

Then the airline gestapo can start treating us as paying customers, not as threats to their job performance rating.

Thank you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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