Bob Dylan, Phony

Hey, how about that phony, Bob Dylan?

I used to love that guy’s music.

I still do.

I owned every one of his albums.

I was his biggest fan around where I lived.

I still am.

My childhood friend, Garry, hated him.

Once we were in Garry’s car, and this song came on the radio. The song was Lay, Lady, Lay.

Garry, looked at me disdainfully and said: Now, why can’t Bod Dylan sing like this guy?

Garry was unaware that he was listening to Bob Dylan and that Dylan could sing normally if he chose to, but like many artists such as Picasso, he liked to experiment with his voice, just as Picasso would experiment with his brush.

Napoleon in rags, and the language that he used.

I really dug that stuff.

I still do.

But I also see Bob Dylan for what he is – a phony.

The times, they are a changing …

Umm, not really.

Bob Dylan accepted a Nobel Prize.


He did what?

He accepted a Nobel prize?

I’m confused.

Whatever happened to rebelling against the man and not trusting anyone over thirty.

Wasn’t that the prevailing message of the flower power generation of which Dylan was a critical messenger?

Why, yes, it most certainly was.

Weren’t Dylan, Baez and the rest telling us to drop out, protest, and jettison material things?

They certainly were.

But I guess that was for us, not Dylan and Baez.

Do you know who figured them out a long time ago?

Al Capp, the cartoonist, who created Li’l Abner.

Do you know what he called Joan Baez?

He satirized her as Joanie Phoanie rolling up to her concerts in her limo.

Al Capp probably thought the same of Dylan and all those other phony counterculture heroes of the 60s.

And that includes phony Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

If Capp did, he would’ve been right.

Bob Dylan is a phony.

He’s a phony because he accepted one of the top dog biscuits the empire has to offer – the Nobel Prize.

The Times, they ain’t a changing.

No matter, I took Dylan’s message to heart whether he believed in it or not. For me the times they are a changing.

And I am going to change them.

That’s why I attack Harvard University.

That’s why I attack the Nobel Prize.

I’m going to keep Dylan’s spirit alive, despite his betrayal.

The Nobel prize is now a phony award that has been co-opted by Harvard University, the original man, the original adult over thirty.

Harvard has a direct pipeline into the nominating process thus corrupting it.

Harvard winners can nominate their buddies.

Fuck you, Harvard.

The goal of the Nobel prize is now used to control the masses.

That’s why the Nobel prize exists.

It doesn’t exist for the artists, writers and scientists; it exists for “the man” who doles out the awards.

Bob Dylan has become a willing tool of that man, of that oppressor.

Bob Dylan.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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