Republic and Empire

Listen, we can either have America the Empire or America the Republic, but we can’t have both.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too.

If we have America the Empire without America the Republic, then what’s the point?

America the Empire is a bully that brutalizes other nations into slavery.

America the Empire has killed millions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

America the Empire is as ruthless and stupid as the British and Roman empires.

Both empires were very short-lived.

America the Republic however can live for thousands of years if we are smart enough to choose it.

The vision of the New World order is false.

The vision of the New World order envisions America as an empire in a unipolar world where America calls the shots.

It will cause destitution to the peoples of the world and to Americans at home.

Empire benefits no one except the super rich.

We owe it to ourselves to be smarter than the British, to be smarter than the Romans.

Reject this idiotic vision that’s foisted upon us by Harvard and the Ivy League.

The people who attend these schools are pre-cooked eggs, tasteless, toxic, not ripe enough for consumption.

Reject the Harvard manifesto.

Reject the best and the brightest, if that’s what you consider them.

They aren’t the best and brightest by a long shot. They are legends in their own minds, fake masters of the universe, running about fucking up the world en extremis.

Of course they do it for money.

They couldn’t care less about the lives they destroy.

Ukraine is a perfect example.

Our knuckleheaded masters of the universe broke their agreement with the Russians, provoked the Russians to invade Ukraine in order to defend their hegemony and stability, then have the gall to call the Russians invaders.

The destruction of Ukraine is heartbreaking and extraordinary.

But that’s okay with the empire builders because they will supply the arms to the Ukrainians in their futile fight against the Russians; and then they will supply the building materials to rebuild the cities they helped to destroy.

The American people will foot the bill.

The empire builders will grow wealthier, and the American people will grow poorer.

Reject empire.

Reject Harvard.

There is a better way.

We can adopt a vision which sees America as an enabler and a partner with other nations. We can see America as one nation amongst many making friends not slaves.

And if America is not necessarily the wealthiest nation, so be it.

It’s far better for America to be a leader and an influencer rather than the richest guy on the block.

Money is useless if it serves no moral purpose.

Empires as we know them are immoral.

Republics as our Founding fathers envisioned them is the legacy we wish to propagate.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Fake Good Guy

Do you know who Boris Johnson is?

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Take a look at him.

He looks like a good guy. He does goofy things like a good guy. He dresses shabbily like a good guy. But he’s not a good guy.

He’s not a good guy because he’s a member of the British upper class. And the British upper class has done a lot of damage to people around the world.

He was educated at Eton and Oxford, two of the British Empire’s top schools. That’s where you learn how to be a crook.

The British aristocracy is very good at presenting leaders who appear to represent you, who appear to be of you, but who really represent the British aristocracy.

In our country, the United States, our elites play the same game. That’s why they gave you George Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush.

George Herbert Walker Bush seemed like a nice guy. He wasn’t.

George Walker Bush, his son, acted goofy and said a lot of goofy things just like regular people do, but he wasn’t a regular person, and he isn’t a regular person.

Both George Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush helped rape the American people just as Boris Johnson rapes the people of the United Kingdom.

Here’s how they do it.

I will pick Britain, but the same methodology applies to the United States.

The British pick a country that they want to dominate. Then they go to that country, usually a weaker country, and prop up a thug who they own. If the thug is not already in power, they use their vast sums of money to put him in power. They may even assassinate the current leader.

After this is done they conduct a sweetheart deal with the thug. Britain will loan the country money in order to purchase goods from British industries who the British aristocracy own and control. It’s called corporate welfare. The thug will borrow the money and purchase the goods but not before taking a healthy cut for himself, usually in the billions of dollars. He will bank this money with banks that the British aristocracy control. These will usually be offshore accounts.

In addition to borrowing money from Britain, the thug will allow the British to mine minerals in his country on the cheap. The British will come in and mine for bauxite, copper, or even gold. This is positioned to the people as a good thing because it provides jobs. Additionally there may also be textile sweatshops that again the British control. The people will often work 10 to 12 hour workdays for peanuts. Working conditions will be poor, and the people will become disgruntled.

In time the people of the thug’s country will figure out what is going on and will force him to leave. The thug will leave the country and find exile in a country that the British aristocracy control. It may be even in Britain itself. He will enjoy his exile in luxury. He will partake of pheasant and fine expensive wines. Meanwhile, back at home, the people will become mired in economic devastation. They have little to show for the money that was borrowed from Britain. They have to pay that money back. Usually the interest rates alone cripple the economy. The people become perpetual renters, which is exactly what the British aristocracy desires.

Slavery never died as far as the upper classes are concerned.

What is hidden from the people of Britain is that this methodology hurts them. What the British aristocracy does is take decent paying jobs away from British citizens. They take those jobs and place them in the thug’s country where they pay people two to six dollars per day. Meanwhile the people back in Britain go hungry. This is why they say that the sun never set on the British Empire but never rose on the slums of London.

This is what empires do.

Boris Johnson is an officer of that empire. George Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush were officers of the American empire.

They are not nice guys.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Theft of Your Life

Harvard has stolen your life and that of your ancestors.

It sits there in the Widener Library and Harvard’s other 69 libraries.

They did it through a kickback scheme.

It works like this.

Harvard, an elitist cabal of thugs, weasels its way into the governing machinery of the nation and Corpporate America.

They game the system to favor their graduates.

Along the way they create and control a secret police force, a group of thugs really, akin to the SS, SD and Gestapo, who engage in dirty tricks against people who would stand in Harvard’s way in gaining total control over the United Ststes and the world.

It’s not difficult to do.

Joe Stalin did it in the Soviet Union.

Adolf Hitler did the same in 1930s Germany.

Ditto to numerous dictators around the globe.

The only difference here is that this group of thugs is spread out over thousands of people instead of one, two or five.

The kicker is that many of the people who participate in this scam, the people further down the food chain, may not even know that they are participating in the scam, although it’s not difficult to figure out that you might be beneficiary of the scam.

It works like this.

Harvard rigs the government so that you or your company benefit wildly off the game’s newly changed rules.

You become a billionaire.

In exchange for that, you are asked down the road to contribute back to the ruling cabal’s favorite charity namely Harvard.

It’s not framed as a straight quid pro quo. Let’s give Harvard a little more credit than that. They’re not that stupid, although the stupid juice freely flows up there.

Now look, you may even want to give. It’s not like you’re not appreciative. After all, Harvard made you a billionaire.

With that money, Harvard can build its vast library system and buy up the treasures of the world.

So that it doesn’t appear as a kickback, you may be encouraged to donate your art collection, your dinosaur bone collection, or your stamp collection.

The result is what you see today.

Harvards endowment is $40 billion dollars.

Its library system, the crown jewel of which is the Widener library, is unparalleled in the United States in its scope, power, and wealth.


Why is it necessary for a college to accumulate such wealth?

What is the purpose of a college?

Isn’t the purpose of a college to conserve, encourage and transmit knowledge amongst students, faculty and the public at large?

Normally, that would be the case, and at most colleges and universities that is precisely the point of the college and its library.

But Harvard has become more than a college.

It has become a base of power where the ruling elite consolidate, foster and transfer power from one generation to the next.

And that it is what it is doing in its library system.

These days, Harvard cares less about knowledge than it does about power.

It is stealing the wealth of the world, your heritage, and bottling it up for themselves.

It is stolen wealth.

This stolen wealth like that at the Palace of Versailles exists to legitimize and accentuate the supremacy of Harvard and its self-anointed “right” to rule.

The Ptolemies did it.

The Pharaohs before them did it.

King Louis did it.

Harvard does it.

They all stole the wealth of the world, and all have fallen, as will Harvard.

Along the way, these empires create damage to the people they claim to represent and rule, for it soon comes to pass that the need for them to legitimize themselves as living gods supersedes the point of why a ruler exists.

A ruler exists to add value to the life of the citizenry they are privileged to rule.

That value is diluted as the people’s wealth is confiscated and transferred to the rulers in Cambridge who in time, having raped the living, rape the past and bottle it up in Cambridge.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

French Fries and the Wharton School: The Story of Empire

I like watching YouTube videos about how things are made.

My restless mind is soothed by watching hi-tech machines churn out billions of french fries. I especially love the part where a computer-guided air gun blows imperfect fries off the line at jet speeds.

How can any small-timer compete, I ask myself. This is it, I say. This machine I am viewing can make all the french fries in the empire. Why, there is no need for another machine. We can place this device in the Azores where all the fries of the world can be manufactured in one central location – at least for our hemisphere.

Yet I struggle with one question: Wy do the french fries coming off these machines taste like shit?

One would think that with all the hi-tech built into this machine that the fries would at least taste better than average. These machines can scrub the potatoes flawlessly, peel the skins, shake out impurities and slice to laser perfection. Cooking and drying times are precision events to ensure excellence.

Excellence is paramount to the New World Order. Failure is not an option.

So what gives? What has the evil Wharton School missed? You know, of course, that the Wharton School is out for world domination of the french fry market. Oh, yes, I’m telling you now.

Through their emphasis on numbers, calculus (an evil tool if ever there was one) and statistics, the Wharton School has worked together with Corporate America to mass produce a french fry that can dominate the world market, which it does.

Corporate America dispenses this crummy fry religiously through the Sysco company to every creature whose neck can be stood upon and throttled. Yet it tastes like shit.


Theologically because God does not approve of corporate french fries. God rejects corporate french fries. God understands that the world is diverse; and as such diversity must match diversity. Nature abhors uniformity. The problem with the Wharton School french fry is its uniformity. Every frigging french fry is the same.

In trying to mass produce a french fry using statistics, the Wharton School has drummed diversity out of the potato strip that is to be cooked. Imperfection has been eliminated and that is the problem. Our frail, imperfect human bodies reject this lack of imperfection just as oil repels water.

So I fear not for the future of the french fry.

This empire too shall fall.