Who Funds QAnon?

Who funds QAnon?

Who funds these crazy right wing movements?

Who funds Proud Boys?

Who funds and keeps these memes like Pepe the Frog going?

The Harvard Cabal through the CIA and its MSM keeps these right wing movements and memes going.

The Harvard Cabal through the CIA and its MSM keeps left wing movements like Antifa going.

It’s to the advantage of the cabal, the Harvard Cabal, to keep this silliness going.

They want Americans to focus on nonsense so that they, the Harvard Cabal, can continue to rape the American public behind the scenes.

The idea behind QAnon was ridiculous from the get-go.

The idea that there was this high level individual in the Trump administration who was revealing secrets was absurd.

That such an individual could continue to reveal secrets without being found out was utterly 10,000% ridiculous.

Nevertheless, the media kept this going.

Who started the QAnon movement?.

No one with a discerning mind could possibly buy into this nonsense.

No, the conspiracy of QAnon was intended for the masses, to keep them distracted, to keep them distracted on nonsense.

In that way, people on the left would have someone or some thing to criticize.

Thus the political sporting match was created and furthered.

Consequently intelligent discussion was put on the back burner while news media clowns wasted their time on QAnon.

What a joke.

What an indictment of our CIA that they would take advantage of innocent, hardworking people this way.

What an indictment of the Harvard Cabal.

Wait a minute now, you say, am I saying that people from Harvard communicated to the CIA to do these specific things?

Not at all.

It doesn’t work that way.

Harvard doesn’t need to say a damn word to the CIA.

The CIA, which works for the Harvard cabal, doesn’t need to be told anything at all. The CIA is smart enough to figure out things all on its own.

The powers that be decided a long time ago to defuse the energy of the American citizenry.

They didn’t want any more Vietnam war protests.

It was the Vietnam war protesters that shut down the Vietnam war and the cash cow war machine that was making Corporate America rich.

Vietnam was intended to be what Afghanistan became many decades later – a war never to be won.

A funny thing happened on the way to the war. The protesters, whose brothers and friends were dying in Vietnam, raised a ruckus and shut the war down.

To ensure that there would be no protests against future wars, it became essential to defuse the energy of the American citizenry.

Just as you would divert a raging river through spillways and dams, you can divert raging public opinion by creating phony constructs and battles.

Can’t you just see those smartass Ivy League consultants advising the powers that be on how to prevent future protests?

This could be accomplished in several ways.

One way would be to present bogus issues for young people to rally around. Thus the movement to take down Civil War Confederate statues.

The other way would be to create bogus groups like Antifa and Proud Boys that would focus rage on false perpetrators.

If you’ll notice, none of these fringe groups goes after Corporate America and its leaders.

That’s the whole point of their existence.

The Harvard Cabal doesn’t need to tell the CIA how to specifically carry outs its dirty tricks.

All they need to do is to communicate through their various think tanks and corporate boardrooms bogus narratives, one being that America is a racist nation and that the symbols of racism must be removed in order for black people and minorities to progress.

The CIA is smart enough to figure out the rest while the Harvard cabal washes its hands, closes the door and walks away feeling spiritually clean.

The CIA, controlled by the Harvard Cabal, is smart enough to conclude that corporate business interests might be furthered along if the people could be divided into groups that battled each other over frivolous inconsequential issues. In this manner, the business people could conduct their affairs without being troubled by unified protest movements.

Do you understand that? The Harvard Cabal doesn’t get its hands dirty. They have the CIA to do their dirty work for them.

In this manner, they can sit back and pretend to be horrified at what is happening to America.

It’s a big joke.

And should a unified movement arise such as Occupy Wall Street, there’s little to worry about.

That movement can easily be shut down by a President who the Harvard Cabal controls.

As a matter of fact, that’s precisely what did happen.

It was the Harvard educated Barack Obama who shut down Occupy Wall Street.

Uh huh, I get it, I see. You can shut down Occupy Wall Street, but you can’t shut down Antifa. You can shut down Occupy Wall Street but you can’t shut down Proud Boys.

You can shut down Occupy Wall Street, but you can’t find nor figure out QAnon.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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