Omicron and Air Travel

Now, of course, if you have read any one of my articles, you know that there’s no rationale to cutting air traffic because of the pandemic.

The virus is no more spread within a jet cabin than it is anywhere else. And that’s because the virus spreads by hand contact. The virus is not spread by respiratory droplet transmission. That’s just something that the elites have conned you into believing.

You have COVID-19, you cough on your hands, you shake hands or exchange money or a credit card with others, they pick up food and put the virus on the food, then they swallow the food, then the virus is in their system.

That’s how it works.

Your mask is virtually worthless in preventing the spread of COVID-19. What will work is washing your hands. If you haven’t noticed, there have been no super-spreader events (a phony term propagated by the New England Journal of Corporate, Fascist, Tbird Reich Medicine) reported on jet airplanes in the past two years. This is not because of mask wearing. The idea that everybody who traveled on a plane had 100% efficiency in mask compliance is utterly ridiculous. It would mean that no one adjusted their mask, no one snuck off their mask while they were asleep, no one took off their mask while they were in the bathroom, and nobody took off their mask to eat or slosh down a beer.

We’ll, of course they did. So then why haven’t there been any superspreader events? Because that’s not how the virus transmits.

The mask is worthless. The studies on mask use and transmission are worthless.

If viruses are spread on an aircraft, and they most certainly are, but in no greater frequency than anywhere else, it has to do with the lack of enforcement of handwashing and use of hand sanitizer on an aircraft.. The flight attendants don’t to help by passing out cokes and peanuts to customers. Customers and flight attendants regularly transmit the virus through credit card and food package exchange. The latex gloves are worthless because they aren’t changed between customers.

OK, then, Archer, then why don’t we see superspreader events? We don’t see superspreader events because the people go home, get off the plane, go about their business, and might get sick another day. Who’s to know where their illness came from? Plus, not everybody eats on a jet. Not everybody eats without washing their hands first.

The term superspreader events exists for the authorities to jack up the fear.. They don’t occur and haven’t occurred in COVID-19.

The term superspreader event came after Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. It was an outdoor event. The flag in the background was moving at anywhere from 2 to 5 mph.. There’s no way on earth respiratory droplet transmission caused that so-called superspreader event. If there was a superspreader event, it occurred because the people were eating hors d’oeuvres and didn’t wash their hands. Got it?

In summary, there is no reason to cancel jet travel because of the Omicron variant. It’s just part of the bullshit.

Some clown who the elites hired borrowed this term Omicron from the Greek letter “O” because it sounded ominous and cool.

It’s all designed to scare the shit out of you for one reason or another.

The elites want this pandemic badly.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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