COVID-19 and Governor DeSantis and I

What is the goal of CNN?

Read this. Watch this.

This is a very clever story and headline intended to damage Governor DeSantis. However, the video in no way undermines Governor DeSantis. Nor does the doctor in the video in anyway undermine natural immunity as a pathway toward becoming immune to the severe side effects of COVID-19 in subsequent infections. If you listen to the doctor carefully in the beginning, he doesn’t answer the question that is posed to him.

What people want to know is whether natural immunity is as good as the vaccine in preventing subsequent COVID-19 infections and subsequent severe infections with COVID-19. As a physician, and as a person who has studied this pandemic, I would think it would be.

Now, this does not mean that a variant cannot cause disease in either a person with natural immunity or a person who has been vaccinated. Clearly this has been borne out already.

The doctor in the video begins talking about the number of Omicron infections in Floridaas if this is supposed to be an indictment of Governor DeSantisand natural immunity. Why would this be? To begin with, Florida has a healthy percentage of people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. So what is the doctors point?

He has no argument that can be fairly used against Governor DeSantis.

Here are the stats state by state. Read ’em and weep.

Florida’s vaccination rate is 74 and 63 for the first and second vaccine. Needless to say the People’s Republic of Massachusetts leads the way with 90 and 74.

California, another bastion of intolerance has rates barely better than Florida at 82 and 66. Pennsylvania has rates of 78 and 63.

So where is the beef? What in fuck’s name is this doctor talking about?

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