1954 AD

1954 AD.

That’s the year I was born.

I reject the term CE.

It’s a small point, I suppose, but small points often yield big results.

I’m speaking about the use of BCE and CE  which “enlightened” elites are now promoting instead of the traditional BC and AD.

Why are our leaders, raised and educated in a Christian environment, not speaking out against this historical revisionism?

Did Christ really desire us to be so tolerant that we would abandon acknowledgment of his existence?

What a bunch of suckers.

I’ve got to hand it to the Muslims; do you think the leaders in Iran will give up their Islamic calendar?  

Not in a million years.  Only fake Christian leaders would do that.  “Yep, come right in.  We’re the Christian suckers. We’ll abandon Jesus if you let us fly on Air Force One.”

I can see them now pushing their chips into the center of the pot.  “All in,” as they say in Vegas. “We’re all in on the narrative of Christian oppression.”

It’s a good thing they weren’t in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Hell, they would have picked up Jesus in a limo and given him a first class ride to the police station.

How can these fools be so shortsighted and negligent?

Are you surprised?

I’m not.

The elites prefer that Jesus Christ be an inconvenience, a speed bump in history.

They prefer it so because Jesus was an emancipator of the people from all elites who always claim to be the spokesman for God no matter how they view God.

Jesus stands as your friend, standing right beside you, with no opening, no gap into which an elite can wedge his way in to control you, to rob from you.

Of course, the elites try anyway, by convincing your pastor to support war.  The problem, though, is that Jesus spoke; and when Jesus spoke, he didn’t ask anyone to go out and kick ass.

This is the principal reason why Jesus Christ has been despised by the elites since the day his doctrine was articulated.

Oh, they’ve tried every trick in the book to get rid of him.

They’ve taken the Bible out of the school; they’ve taken down Nativity scenes in front of government buildings; they’ve even tried renaming cities.

This latest nonsense – changing AD to CE – is just another way to minimize his importance.

To them, Jesus is the problem.  So what they want you to do is forget hm.

Jesus never happened, you see.

He was never here.

Is that how you view Jesus?

Was Jesus just some guy who happened to walk along and say a few wise things?

Was Jesus Christ a flash in the pan?

Can we now just get over “this Christ thing” and get on to business?

Actually, no, we can’t do that.

We can’t do that because Jesus Christ was not just some guy who came along and said a few wise things.

Jesus Christ articulated an entirely new way of looking at the world and so transformed it.

That’s why BC and AD came into being. People didn’t just use it for the hell of it. They started using it because there was a dramatic change in how people began to view each other.

People’s lives improved. Their lives improved not just because Jesus was a philosopher and articulator of a better way of living.  Jesus was also an economist. By speaking directly to you, he pushed out the Machiavellian elite who have always used God to justify their plundering of you.

To honor Jesus, people accepted the terms BC and AD.  They felt his contribution was important to everyone, not just Christians.

The significance of these terms is even more glaring by how the world regresses when people walk away from the principles of Jesus Christ.

And it matters not whether you are a Jew or a Muslim.  The philosophy exists whether you deny it or not.  Indeed, many people of many faiths are Christians without knowing so.

Walking away from terms such as BC and AD, and what they stand for, will only further cement the necessity of using them.

A few years ago the communists in the Soviet Union changed the name of St. Petersburg to Leningrad.

Leningrad is now call St. Petersburg again.  The name has reverted because people do still recognize the importance of Christianity in their lives.

They may not always practice Christianity, but they see it as a necessity.

Jesus did change the world.

He was here.




Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

Our Phony Media

Why is the media liberal?

The oligarchs who control the media are greedy capitalists who are consumed with making money.  So why do they support a socialist agenda?

They do so because they’re not true capitalists but socialists posing as capitalists.

True capitalists take risks with their own money.

These oligarchs do nothing of the sort.

They are phonies.

These oligarchs don’t take risks at all. They play with government money – your money.

They are better termed crony capitalists.

They support a liberal media to keep their true enemy at bay.

The true enemy of the oligarch is the middle class below them.

It is the middle class who are the true capitalists in American society.

These true capitalists in the middle class are fundamentally conservative.  They have to be; they gamble with their own money.

The middle class is the driving force behind the conservative movement in the United States of America. The so-called wealthy leaders are interlopers, parasites, deceivers. They suck the life blood out of the conservative movement.

This conservative movement, the  drive towards true capitalism is a threat to the oligarch.  He has no desire to compete with anyone. What he wants is a free ride in life. He feels he is entitled to that free ride having gone to an elite school.

To combat the middle class conservative, the elite oligarch must enlist the support of the poor.

To do so the elite oligarch finances  and supports a liberal media that lies to the poor who are not as well read.

Bogus issues such as Russia-gate are regularly advanced.  Buzz words such as trickle down economics are bandied about.  Arguments are continually reframed to skirt the issue.  Long term solutions are routinely dismissed as long term and impractical.  The threat of cutting social security is a given.

The end result is a maintaining of the status quo which means bigger and bigger government  – which is what the oligarch wants because it helps him and kills the middle class.

And so a symbiotic codependent relationship develops between the rich and the poor – the rich who agree to rule; and the poor who agreed to be ruled.

The loser is the conservative middle class.

Ironically, It is the liberal middle class who loses also. They lose because small and regional businesses dissolve.  Well paying jobs now controlled by corporations evaporate

This is the way things are.

The true goal of the oligarch is to destroy the middle class and transform it into a sea of paupers at which point there will be two classes of people – the oligarchs and the poor.

The media controlled by the oligarch fights to the death to ensure that you never realize this.

Why Trump Punches Low

Why is Donald Trump behaving the way he does?

Every day brings a new low for the President as he insults people’s physical features, as he breaks all social taboos.

The media regularly deplores his actions.

Trump’s fans cheer, but it’s doubtful that his cheering fans would behave in the same manner.

They know the President is punching below the belt.  They cringe, but they also know that he must.

So what’s going on? And why must the President behave the way he does?

To media elites such as David Gergen and Anderson Cooper, I would say the following:

You media elites have been riding on a first class ticket in America for the past fifty years. No one has had a greater ride in first class than you, David Gergen.

You talk about Donald Trump demeaning the presidency; what about Gerald Ford, Mr. Gergen?

No one demeaned America more than Gerald Ford when he sat on the Warren Commission and willfully covered up the murder of John F. Kennedy.  Gerald Ford lied to the American people. For that he should have been disbarred and thrown out of public office. He was not. 

You, David Gergen, actively and willfully supported Gerald Ford. How can what Donald Trump has done possibly demean America more than the actions of Gerald Ford?

You media elites talk pretty, but you don’t act pretty.

In his own way, Donald Trump is delivering to the media and the political class what they and the elites have done to the American people for the past fifty years.

He is giving them a taste of their own medicine.

The media elites along with their cronies in the political class – one and the same –  destroyed the American people. They shipped jobs overseas and stripped dignity from  people whose parents built this country.

The elites did this as they feasted on pheasant at the Kennedy Center.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?  The same people who murdered JFK, a man who tried to prosecute a vision antithetical to their New World Order that destroyed America, partake of niceties, cakes and caviar at a center named for him.

These elites not only destroyed America, they destroyed the dignity of people around the world.

NAFTA, a program of the New World Order, did not make Mexicans rich.  It made the oligarchs rich.  It made the corporate pigs rich.  But it made the people far worse off.  How do we know that?  We don’t need a phony study commissioned by the elites.  The people are leaving.

NAFTA destroyed Mexico. Mexico may not have been “rich” when I lived there in the 1970s, but at least it was their own country, and Mexicanos were proud of it. Now Mexico is controlled by drug cartels. Violence is the order of the day.

The elites did the same thing to America.

What Donald Trump is doing is giving the elites and their media cronies a taste of their own medicine.

If media elites like Anderson Cooper and David Gergen don’t like what Donald Trump is doing to them, they should look at themselves in the mirror and ask the following:  Did we fail America?  Do we deserve what we are getting?

They did, and they do.

Princess Eugenie’s Big Day

Define obscenity.

Princess Eugenie’s big day.  That’s what the media called it:  Her big day.

What about the big day for the Yemenese who have nothing but cholera thanks to the greed of the US and GB who support the ruthless Saudi regime’s crackdown on their country?

What about the big day for the Jamaicans who live in poverty today thanks to the bone crushing exploitation of Great Britain for centuries.  Once they gained independence, to rebuild their depleted country they borrowed themselves into slavery to the elites at the IMF.

Oh, yeah, baby; they’ll never get out of debt.

What about the big day for the 400,000 who died in Syria so that the rich in London could live well?

And we’re only talking about this century.  We could easily discuss the Opium Wars, the oppression of India, the enlisting of Hindus to work British slave plantations around the world, the Irish potato famine, the 1876 famine in India and much, much more.

But why be negative?

Let’s celebrate Princess Eugenie’s big day.

All the smiling celebrity oppressors were there.

The big day.

Fuck Princess Eugenie and her big day.

Princess Eugenie could have had a bigger and more meaningful day by renouncing her silly title and the silly system of peerage that Great Britain clings to.

The gall of these people and their sycophants to dress up in splendor at the taxpayer’s expense is staggering.

The cost must have been enormous.  

Oh, only 3.5 million?  Very well, proceed.

Like the Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, I can’t define obscenity but I know it when I see it.

Yet many people don’t think so.

Like the Roman mob, they like a good show.

They are unable to see the connection between the spectacle of a royal marriage and their own ignorance of world affairs.

This is what the modern media does.  It replaces meat and potatoes with cotton candy.

It impoverishes the soul.

It robs people of their self respect and dignity.

It’s part of the codependency that the elites have with their serfs.

The elites agree to believe that they are superior, that they are entitled to participate in grand spectacles while the poor agree to believe that they are inferior, that they are not entitled to participate in the good life, that they exist to watch and discuss what the elites are doing.

The masters agree to believe that they are supermen while their serfs agree to believe that they are the little people not worthy of questioning matters that pertain to the elites.

The “betters” agree to be ghastly rich; their “lessers” agree to scrounge for pennies and dimes.

The problem with this paradigm is that your Founding Fathers constructed your  government so that you would not think this way.

This is the way of Great Britain. This is the way of the Old World. This is what your Founding Fathers were trying to prevent. 

And this is what the elites have been trying to reestablish since July 4, 1776.

July 4, 1776 is not just a celebration of independence from the country of Great Britain.  

It is a celebration of your independence from elite domination.

July 4, 1776 is not just an American Independence Day; it’s in Independence Day for every human being on the planet who is oppressed by an elite class and the obscenity they commit against their people.

A Fix of Kava

How to not let Brett Kavanaugh ruin your life.

If you are like most Americans who are interested in politics, your life has been taken over in the past three weeks by Brett Kavanaugh.

Who is this man, you ask, who has barged into my mind.

You hardly knew he existed a month ago.

But now you live in Brett Kavanaugh’s universe.

Your entire life existence revolves around his.

You obsess about his college life thirty-five years ago.

What he drank.  What he said.  What he did.  

Who he insulted. Who he fucked. Whose face he threw a cup of ice in.

It’s of paramount importance to you to to dissect through his calendar.  Sleuth that you are, you are positive you will find the clue that will solve the riddle that others can not solve.

Who is Squi, you ask.  Ah, there must be something ominous there.  Only a party-hard frat boy would have a friend name Squi.

Clearly an indictment, you conclude.

But now the saga ends.

Brett Kavanaugh is to be confirmed.

Woe to you!

Brett Kavanaugh will gradually fade into oblivion.

What will you ever do? For the past three weeks you ran to the television to get your fix of Kava.

You drank it up as Anderson Cooper slowly released tidbits of salacious gossip.

It’s all gone now.

You must now retreat to your own shitty life, no less important than that of Brett Kavanaugh.

But there’s still hope.

There is always the notion of impeachment.

Slowly you get an erection.

Unless … 




Cattle Call

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity state that we conservatives must support Judge Kavanaugh.

They herd their followers moronically into a cattle pen.


Why should I as a conservative support Judge Kavanaugh.

Because the left does not like him?

Well, maybe the left is right.

Maybe the left is right for the wrong reasons.

Judge Kavanaugh is a protégé of the Bush family.

What has the Bush family done for conservatives?

War, war, and more war?

The Patriot Act which gives more power to the federal government to snoop on you?

Mergers, mergers, and more mergers?

I’m not interested in greater government power, nor am I interested in greater corporate power. In reality they’re the same thing because big government loves Corporate America.

Judge Kavanaugh will enable Corporate America.

Judge Kavanaugh will enable bigger government.

I want  individuals to have greater power.

I want someone to stick up for the small guy.

I want the Bill of Rights to reign supreme.

Will Judge Kavanaugh give me that?

I don’t think so.

This is the real reason to oppose Judge Kavanaugh.

Whether you are for abortion or against abortion, whether you are for gay rights or against gay rights, whether you are for war or against war, you should oppose Judge Kavanaugh because if Judge Kavanaugh has his way you as an individual will have no say at all regarding matters at hand.  You will not because corporations aided by Judge Kavanaugh will grow so strong that you the individual will be regarded as a threat to national security.

Your life will be decided for you by people who know better – think tanks in Washington DC, politicians, celebrities, and of course, cattle herders like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.