The New Khmer Rouge

The clothing that we wear and the music that we listen to are not chosen by us.

They are chosen for us by the opinion makers.

This is the way that humanity works.

I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

As a society becomes more authoritarian, less freedom is permitted by the elites.

In Nazi Germany, a certain type of music, like that of Richard Wagner, was chosen for the people by Joseph Goebbels.

The clothes of the Nazi party were chosen for the people by the ruling class.

In North Korea, there are approved haircuts which all North Koreans must abide by.

In Mao’s China, the communist party chose the Mao suit for its people.

Choosing clothes and music is a method of enforcing conformity of thought upon the people.

Our country is no different.

Countries have reasons for doing this.

Back in the early 1980s a classmate of mine noted that children were being dressed as if they were going off to war. It was in those days that you saw the introduction of cargo pants and military style clothing.

At the same time, the music became more violent. Black musicians prior to 1980 sung of love; after 1980 they sung of bitches, drugs, and negroes.

Games like Mortal Kombat came into being.

We had no idea that in 20 years the United States was about to embark upon nonstop war.

In fact, we were of the opinion that the days of the United States running around the world and kicking ass were over.

We were wrong.

Our elites had other plans.

If it’s one thing our elites are good at it is devious planning.

They know what they are doing, and they know what they want to accomplish.

Back in the 1980s, with the introduction of military style clothing and violent music, our elites were programming young children for the wars that they would soon fight when they grew up.

Things are no different today.

Currently our elites are hell-bent on enforcing this face mask upon the children of our society.

Why do they want the facemask?

While I can only guess, I can guarantee you that our elites know exactly what they are doing. And we are going to find out exactly what that is in the next 10 to 20 years.

Don’t kid yourself. Our elites have spent billions of dollars in studying psychology, and how people think.

In time, we will come to realize this.

Are they preparing our children to become de-socialized, obedient killing machines?

If so, against who?


That would seem a safe bet.

It seems logical that our utopian elites, seeking to gain even more control of society, in their sick quest to become living gods, are programming young children to become compliant and socially distanced from the people the elites command them to control.

The elites will need this new Khmer Rouge to put down the rebellions that will most certainly arise.

Controlling the clothing that people wear, the music they listen to, the games they play is essential to achieving that end.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Play of Lies

I want you to think of everything you hear in the media as a series of conversations in a long standing play.

When I say that the media lies I’m not talking about a one time lie but a carefully crafted play of prevarications that lasts decades if not a century or more.

When the establishment and its lackeys in the media lie, it’s necessary for them in the modern era to build around those lies to give them a sturdier foundation, to make the edifice of lies more robust.

They certainly don’t want that tower of lies to collapse like the WTC or Champlain Towers.

Let me explain.

If you remember, last year Donald Trump supposedly contracted COVID-19. The media made it sound as if there were a real possibility that he might die.

I can tell you with high confidence that this is a lie. I know this because I understand the human body and the amount of time it takes for it to heal.

Any practicing physician can tell you what I’m going to tell you.

People do not recover from severe respiratory failure within a week. This is how long it took for Trump to be back in his office talking normally with nary a cough.

It just isn’t possible.

The body doesn’t heal that rapidly. In addition to that, Trump is an older man. He is going to recover slower than your average bear.

Nevertheless, the media presented you with a lie about Donald Trump’s medical condition. The purpose of that lie was, I assume, to make him look courageous, to make his policies look better, to generate sympathy for himself.

Once the lie is out there though, the media in our modern era must build upon that lie to give it stability.

This is why you see reports in the media in the last few days that support that lie.

Here in one story is a General expressing his sentiments at the time that Trump having COVID-19 might make him appreciate the disease more. There in another story are former aides stating that they were fearful that the president might die.

That last one’s a laugher. Trump was nowhere near death.

These are stories designed to support the principal lie. They are a supporting cast of sorts. They make the play more believable.

This is a long-standing play. Our elites are still telling supporting lies about the Kennedy assassination to this day.

With regard to the Kennedy assassination, our elites are heavily invested in the lie that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin. They’re invested in this lie because the truth, that they killed John Kennedy through their thug CIA, would lead you to ask why. And the why would lead you to the inevitable conclusion that John Kennedy was killed because he interfered with the profits of Corporate America. You see John Kennedy stood for a world where Corporate America’s greed was tempered. After his death, Corporate America prevailed, and you now live in that dysphoric world.

This is the world we live in. And the lies are not confined to JFK, COVID-19 or Donald Trump. As you grow older you will discover that you have been lied to by the politicians about nearly everything.

There’s a reason why they lie.

The lies exist to divert your attention away from the real reason why they’re making their policies – money.

Our sick elites are motivated only by profits and money, nothing else.

They are totally corrupt.

They do understand however that you must never find out the truth.

Thus the lie.

Thus the orchestrated lie.

Thus the long-standing play of lies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

I was a Fool

I was a fool.

I was deluded into believing that I could publish my own book and make it into a bestseller.

I was wrong.

When personal computers came into being in the early 1980s, many of us, including myself, were introduced to the world of self-publishing.

It was going to be a bold new world.

No longer would we be have to rely on a publisher in New York New York City to sell our books.

We could do it ourselves.

The personal computer was going to open up that new world.

We were wrong.

I was wrong.

Here’s the reality. You can be the second coming of F Scott Fitzgerald, and you can write a beautiful book that’s beautifully packaged, and if you publish that book yourself and try to sell it, you are going to be holding your breath for a long time to make substantial sales.

You might get 1000 people max to read that book.

I’m not saying it’s not possible to do a best seller on your own; it certainly is possible; and it has been done. But your odds of doing so are equivalent to winning the lottery.

Why is that?

Because printing a book is easy; selling a book takes great effort, money, and time.

If you want to publish a best seller in your lifetime, you are better off going to the major publishing houses.

Who are the major publishing houses?

Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster are a few of the major publishing houses.

They belong to King Louis, and it is King Louis who controls people’s minds.

Now, of course, we don’t have a King Louis in the United States as we would know King Louis.

What we have is Harvard University and the Ivy League cabal who are firmly in charge of the United States. They are our King Louis, and they control the major publishing houses, television, radio, internet, newspapers and magazines.

Selling a book isn’t easy. It isn’t even easy for the major publishing houses.

It takes a lot of effort to sell a book and make it into a best seller.

For you to do this on your own is an extraordinary uphill climb. It is so because you do not control the vast media that is required in order to position your book in people’s minds.

King Louis has that power, But even for King Louis the task is daunting.

Years ago, Noam Chomsky would speak about the opinion makers in our society. I didn’t fully comprehend the gravity of what he was talking about until the COVID-19 crisis came about.

When Noam Chomsky referred to opinion makers, I viewed this phrase more innocently. I was of the opinion that these elites were simply offering an opinion, and that their opinion carried no more weight than your opinion, or my opinion.


I now think a better term for opinion maker is mind controller. The elites aren’t so much opinion makers as they are mind controllers.

Let me explain.

I as a pediatrician had quite definite opinions on COVID-19. I was firm, and I am firm, in my belief that Dr. Fauci and the elites were lying to you about COVID-19.

So what?

I felt confident that if I only stated my opinion, that people would listen to reason and go along with what I said.

I can assure you that there was a doctor like me in every community stating the same thing that I was stating.

Some of these doctors were able to make it onto national television when the pandemic was in full force.

Where did it get us?


In many respects, we were like the self-publishing author trying to make a best seller out of our self-published book.

We were engaging in a futile exercise.

Our efforts were futile because we are not King Louis. We do not control the media. We do not control the breadth of the media.

We were destined to fail.

Even the elites have had a difficult time selling Dr. Fauci’s message to the American public, but they have been more successful than we the rebels who oppose Dr. Fauci.

The elites have been more successful in selling Dr. Fauci‘s message for the same reason that they are more successful in selling books and best sellers.

They control the minds of people.

How do they do it?

They do it by hitting your mind relentlessly from all directions. They can attack your mind from newspapers, television, radio, movies, music, sports talk, Internet, and billboards.

They have the ability to make 2+2 = 5 a fait accompli in your mind.

That’s right! They can make you believe that 2+2 = 5.

That is the power of King Louis.

That is the power of Harvard University.

And that is why I was a fool.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Lipstick and Immortality

A few weeks ago a friend of mine on Facebook was lamenting the fact that people would gladly throw down a hundred bucks to Kylie Jenner, someone they hardly knew, for cosmetics, but wouldn’t pay out twenty bucks to support a friend, that they did know well, in their local business.

Of course.

It makes total sense. I wrote to this friend of mine, who has a local business, and I explained why I thought this would be.

When people buy off Kylie Jenner, they’re not just buying lipstick or a piece of clothing.

They are buying a piece of immortality.

Every human being by the time they reach adulthood has more or less figured out that they are going to die.

Yet they don’t want to die.

They want their life to count for something.

They want to achieve some permanence in this world.

Clever people in the media and marketing departments have figured this out.

They figured it out along time ago.

So what they decided to do was link what they were selling to people’s desire to achieve immortality.

They figured that if they could create these demigods who were bigger than life, people who were immortal, they could sell anything.

And they were right.

Celebrity demigods can sell anything.

They can sell products.

They can sell political messages.

People are even willing to watch them walk around the house and do chores.

This is why people buy sports memorabilia.

This is why people buy autographed pictures.

I myself purchased an autographed baseball of Pete Rose from Pete Rose.

He signed it in front of me and shook my hand. I even have a picture.

It cost me $100.

For a hundred bucks, you can too can become immortal.

This is why people buy from celebrities.

And it is also why they don’t buy from you.

Unless you are selling essentials to keep them alive, which is contributing to their immortality, you are not selling immortality to them.

On the contrary, by virtue of the fact that they know you, and they know you as a mortal human being who will die, your product represents death to them.

You are no different than the purchaser.

You are just an ordinary person who will die.

Congratulations, you are the kiss of death!

To shift a little bit, this is why it was so difficult for regular doctors to sell Americans on the truth with regard to COVID-19.

A television physician, someone who has national stature, a demigod, Sanjay Gupta, or Anthony Fauci, could get on television and say things that made no sense, and people would believe them.

Even celebrities who had no experience in healthcare, people like Danny Devito and Robert De Niro, could tell people to stay at home, to socially distance, and that pitch carried more weight than the advice from a regular physician.

Why would this be?

Because when a celebrity like Tom Hanks tells you to flatten the curve, a demigod is selling you advice.

A representative from an immortal God is handing you the keys to immortality

If I, Archer Crosley, as a pediatrician of thirty-eight years, tells you what to do, a mortal is selling you advice, and that mortal’s advice is tantamount to death.

Only with experience and the foreknowledge of why you buy the things you buy will you accept my advice while rejecting the “sage wisdom” of the celebrity.

This is one of the problems with celebrity culture.

And it highlights precisely why celebrity culture was created by our elites.

Celebrity culture was created specifically for the purpose of controlling you.

Your elites are pretty smart people in that respect.

What they did was create a race, a master race of sages, who will now control you.

They will control you because they know that as a mortal person desire immortality.

You will therefore reach out and accept what the master race of demigods has told you.

This is why you buy Kylie Jenner’s lipstick.

This is why you wore a face mask.

This is why you will now comply with what the elites desire.

It’s not an accident.

If celebrity culture had been created without the elites approval, and the celebrities had then spoken out against the elites, the elites would have shut it down.

Occasionally, you see this happen. The Dixie Chicks spoke out against Corporate America’s war in Iraq.

And you saw what happened to the Dixie Chicks.

They vanished.

So the messages is clear to the celebrities.

Stick to the program. Stick to lipstick. Stick to the political message that we the elites want to put out, or else.

Celebrities, demigods, who do not stick to the script don’t get to sell clothes and lipstick.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Ivy League Wisdom

Does anybody remember Professor Singer of Princeton?

Ten years ago he was in the news all the time. The last time I remember him speaking publicly within the media was when I was visiting my mother for Thanksgiving many years ago.

On the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, I prayed to the Lord.

I said to the Lord: Please Lord protect me from my evil ways. Help me to be fair to the Ivy League graduate. Surely I must be too vehement. Forgive me for being unfair to them and for criticizing them for the stupid things that they say and do. Please don’t send me to hell.

I felt pretty good when I went to bed that night. I felt as if I had absolved myself of my sins through prayer.

I woke up the next morning and walked outside my mother’s front door to pick up the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I turned to the sports page for relaxation.

At the time if you will recall, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick, was having a dog issue.

Apparently, he and some friends had mistreated dogs which were to be trained for fighting. Michael Vick had to go to jail.

There were many people criticizing Michael Vick.

Professor Singer decided to weigh in.

Professor Singer was (and still is) a “sage” from the Ivy League who gets in the press simply because he is a professor from the Ivy League.

Princeton seems to occupy a special place in the media’s mind.

Our minds also.

When people thank of Princeton, immediately the image of Woodrow Wilson in academic garb comes to mind. Or perhaps Booth Tarkington writing a novel. Or maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Princeton conjures up the image of an intellectual school where great minds think great thoughts.

Didn’t Albert Einstein teach at Princeton? Wasn’t he spotted walking through the leafy lawns of this Elysium on earth?

Even the name Princeton sounds noble.

No brutes come from Princeton.

Why, Plato and Aristotle attended Princeton.

As with many other Ivy League graduates and professors it doesn’t matter to the media what drivel comes out of Professor Singer’s mouth. The only thing that counts for the main stream media is that he comes from Princeton. Therefore anything he says is of note.

I thumbed down to the article on Michael Vick and here’s what Professor Singer had to say. And I will paraphrase.

He said that people who eat bacon, sausage, and scrapple in the morning for breakfast had no right to denounce or speak harshly about Michael Vick, because they were no better than he.

In other words, because they were eating meat from animals that had been slaughtered by humans, they were on the same shaky moral ground as Michael Vick.

When I read that my hands began trembling. I started to shake much as John Cassavetes begin to shake at the end of the movie, The Fury.

Do you remember that movie?

At the end of the movie, Brian De Palma, the director, blew up John Cassavetes. His body exploded and his head was seen tumbling into the camera lens.

That’s what happened to me after I read Professor Singer’s comments.

Do you see what I’m talking about here? Do you see what I mean about the Ivy League professor, the media, the ridiculous access that these Ivy League graduates and professors have to the media?

In this case Professor Singer’s access to the media applied to a relatively inconsequential matter as far as world affairs are concerned.

Yet it’s the same mentality, to immediately reach out to someone who supposedly has credentials, that expresses itself in essential affairs also.

Until this cycle is broken, until we stop reaching out to people because they come from a certain school, we will always be mired in ignorance.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Evil Empire

When I was young I believed Ronald Reagan when he called Russia the Evil Empire.

I was pretty certain that he was right and that I was right.

I would let anybody who either wanted to know or didn’t want to know what I thought about the Soviet Union.

People still talk about Russia being evil today.

Nothing’s changed.

Of course it had officially collapsed in 1989, and the year was 1991, but who cares?

Then one day I got my comeuppance so to speak.

I was working in a clinic in Killeen, and I was talking to this elderly African-American doctor who was working alongside me.

I guess you could say he was African-American. He was actually from Trinidad.

So after I got telling him my spiel about the evils of the Soviet Union, he took me aside in the doctors lounge, and he patiently explained to me the following:

Look, Russia isn’t some back water. Russian people aren’t ogres or Neanderthals. This is a people and a culture that has contributed widely to the arts, music, ballet, physics.

I listened to him, then went home and thought about what he said.

It didn’t take too much thinking to realize that he was correct.

Russians had contributed through sports, gymnastics, ice-skating, ballet, and all sorts of fields. We had figures like Rudolph Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov in ballet, Andre Sakharov in physics, Chekhov and Solzhenitsyn in literature. In fact, our periodic table was invented by a Russian, Mendeleev.

I think that’s when I first began to realize that I’d been had politically.

This is what the old do to the young. This is what America’s propaganda machine does to young minds.

It takes about 20 years to walk around the political block. Assuming that you begin walking around at the age of 18 to 20, it takes until you are about 40 years old before you start to wise up.

Now, some people wise up earlier than others, but it took me about 20 years to realize that the older people, the people running the propaganda machine, were having their way with me.

In other words, I was their bitch.

So, gradually I started to evaluate politicians and the media pundits more critically.

I have since come to believe that everything in our main stream media is a nonstop lie all geared to maximizing profits for Corporate America. After all it’s Corporate America that owns the media

Well, I’m just telling you this so that you can know where I’m coming from and how I started to become the kind of person I am.

Maybe you think I’m crazy. I don’t think I’m crazy.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Pack of Lies

I was walking through the airport just a few moments ago when I spotted a book Tom Brokaw had written about the downfall of Richard Nixon

I did not pick it up.

I thought about it, then said to myself:  “Why bother.  It’s just a pack of lies.”

How can I possibly know that?

Because these days our MSM lies about everything.  

And I mean everything.

It’s called the official narrative of the United States of America.

There’s a little guy in Kansas somewhere, stooped over a high desk, like Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, and he is writing our official history on a long scroll of paper.

These are the lies agreed upon.

Who appointed this guy?

The opinion makers appointed him. He works for them.

Ah, yes, but who appointed the opinion makers?

Well, if you have been reading this column, you know damn well who appointed them.  

They are appointed by King Louis.

And King Louis is a thug who rules by force.

If you fuck with King Louis, he fucks with you.

Try it sometime.  Try not paying your taxes.  Try starting an open rebellion.

See how far you get.

Now, of course, in our country King Louis is Harvard and the people Harvard controls.

But a thug still rules us, no question about it.

To keep himself in power in France, King Louis wrote the official history of France.  

Well, his court stenographer did it.

He wrote down all sorts of lies about King Louis. He told the people that King Louis was God’s representative on Earth.

We’re a little more advanced today though.

We don’t have a court stenographer anymore.  Nor do we have a little old man stooped over a desk in Kansas.  Now we  have papers of record like the NYT and the WSJ.

We also have official book writers like  Tom Brokaw.

Of course anyone can write a book. But people who don’t write what King Louis, excuse me, Harvard, desires get to sell their books in a flea market in Nome.

Or maybe not at all.

The widely read books, the widely read newspapers are the official truth, and they are the lies that keep King Louis in power.

Those kind of books get sold everywhere.  Gas stations, airports, casinos. I’ll bet you Brokaw’s books are sold in lube shops.

I’m sure it will sell well.

Just not to me. Maybe.

After giving a pass on his book, I walked a little further and spotted a WSJ.  

I purchased it, and read it.

I flipped to Peggy Noonan, one of King Louis’s stenographers, on page A13, where she writes about the clean election we had in 2020.  

Here is what she says:  

“What happened on 1/6 was an attempted assault on the constitutional order.    It was instigated by a lie, the one Donald Trump told his supporters starting the day after the election: that it had been stolen and was fraudulent.”

So, this is the official narrative:  the election was clean; the election was not stolen.

This is the lie that will now be written down in America’s history book.  And this lie will be repeated religiously by all of King Louis’s court stenographers.

This is how it works.

This is how lies get perpetuated.

The lies must be perpetuated to keep King Louis and his henchmen in power.

Nothing would be more damaging to them than to be found out to have rigged the election.

This they can not have.

So they lie.

Just as King Louis though Peggy Noonan lies about what happened in our recent election, Tom Brokaw lies about Richard Nixon.

I don’t even need to read the book.  The fact that it is sold in an airport tells me already that King Louis approves of it.

The book will talk in grave tones about Richard Nixon violating his sacred oath to uphold the Constitution, and it will deify Bernstein, Woodward (Yale), and Bradlee (Harvard);but nowhere to be found will be the CIA connections to the Watergate burglary, the CIA connections within the political class, or Ben Bradlee’s close friendship with high level CIA officers like James Angleton (Yale, Harvard), Cord Meyer (Yale), and Richard Helms (Williams College).

Anything that might suggest that the Watergate burglary was a CIA op to entrap, convict and remove Nixon as payback for ending their cash cow of a Vietnam war will never be discussed.

It was much safer to replace Nixon with one of their own men, Gerald Ford (Yale), a man who would do what the elites desired.  Gerald certainly was trustworthy when he falsified JFKs autopsy evidence, so why not?

Of course, this can’t be discussed because it would reveal who is really in power and what is really driving war:  the quest for profits.

That’s the real story.

Not the pack of lies cloaked in respectability.


Archer Crosley

PS Nixon is still trashed to this day to remind current politicians to never go against Corporate America, or else. In the late 60s, Nixon and Kissinger were between a rock and a hard place. Corporate America wanted the Vietnam war to go on forever in order to make profits; the people were vehemently opposed to the war. Nixon and Kissinger came down on the side of the people.

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

JD Vance

JD Vance seems to be the candidate of the day.

He is running for a Senate seat in Ohio.

Suddenly he is everywhere on the media.

He is there on Tucker Carlson. He is there with Charlie Kirk.

These hosts pre-program you by announcing that JD Vance is one of the most insightful and smartest guys around.

How do they know that? Did they grow up with him? Have they worked side-by-side with him for decades?

Or are these hosts just part of Corporate America’s game?

JD Vance of course is the man who wrote the book Hillbilly Elegy which made him a lot of bucks.

JD Vance grew up in hillbilly country but then proceeded on to Yale University where he socialized with a different set of people.

He is positioned as a common man who made good, a common man who can lead the Republican party out of the wilderness.

What do I think of him?

Run away from him.

Run away from him as fast as you possibly can.

He is no common man.

He is no hillbilly anymore.

Perhaps he once was, but he’s not anymore.

He claims to be against corporate power, but it is corporate power and the people behind corporate power, the major universities, that put him where he is.

It was a major publishing house, HarperCollins, that sold 3 million copies of his book.

You don’t get those sales on the force of your own personality. It takes connections with major media to make those kinds of sales.

It’s a fact of life that people like what they know and that they often have to be given permission by the authorities to buy a book.

Authorities: This is a smart person; buy this book.

Sheep: Okay, authorities; I want to be smart too, so I will. I’ll place it on my shelf but never read it.

It was a major university, Yale, that accepted JD Vance into law school.

His wife, a fellow Yale graduate, clerked for Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts.

Usha Chilukuri, his wife, works for an extremely powerful law firm named Munger, Tolles, and Olson. The Munger in that firm is Charles Munger, a principal in the firm Berkshire Hathaway. Charles Munger is also a connected Harvard graduate and a buddy of Warren Buffett who is a buddy of Bill Gates.

JD Vance has access to major media.

He has the backing of Peter Thiel, another connected individual.

That’s a long way from Butcher Holler.

JD Vance owes his bones to corporate power.

He is corporate power.

This comes straight from Wikipedia:

“In 2017, he joined Revolution LLC, an investment firm founded by AOL cofounder Steve Case, as an investment partner, where he was tasked with expanding the “Rise of the Rest” initiative, which focuses on growing investments in under-served regions outside the Silicon Valley and New York City tech bubbles.

In 2019, he co-founded Narya Capital in Cincinnati, Ohio, with financial backing from Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt, and Marc Andreessen. In 2020, Vance raised $93 million for Narya Capital.”

Does that sound like a hillbilly to you? Can you see the still and the moonshine?

See how far you get without that corporate power.

You won’t get very far at all.

Is it therefore likely that JD Vance will bite the hand that feeds him?


Despite what comes out of his mouth, he will do what Corporate America tells him to do.

Actions speak louder than words.

If he is really opposed to corporate power, then why did he accept their book deal?

Why did he appear on Tucker Carlson?

Did Jesus go work for the Roman empire?

Did Jesus break bread with Julius Caesar?

Did Jesus work within the system?


JD Vance is another puppet, controlled by Corporate America, to represent the common man for the best interest of Corporate America.

He will do nothing for the common man.

Run away from him.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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Why Can’t America Fix Itself

Why is it increasingly not possible for America to correct itself?

It is less possible because we have increasingly shifted our method of receiving information from the written word to the spoken word.

We read less and watch more.

It’s a slow process that has taken place over the past 100 years.

The spoken word in today’s world involves presentation and camera presence.

When you read, you cannot see me; therefore you have to evaluate what I say based upon my words and how I put those words together.

Writing forces the author and the reader to think more carefully about the words before them. It takes longer to read, which gives both author and reader time to expose flaws in the argument written.

This is often lost to a television camera which embraces the immediacy and glamor of the moment.

In a television camera, my appearance overwhelms what I have to say. Whether I wear a suit or not makes a difference.

It shouldn’t.

But it does.

In a television camera how pretty I am overwhelms the value of what I have to say.

It shouldn’t.

But it does.

In a television camera how bombastic I am overwhelms the value of what I have to say.

It shouldn’t.

But it does.

Concomitant with these forces is that people who appear on television, especially on national television, are immediately sought after.

They command higher salaries and speaking fees.

And they make a shitload of money.

In time, if they last long enough, they ascend to Valhalla and become a so-called superstar.

This phenomenon is not lost on the public.

A competition then ensues to get on television, become famous, and make a lot of money.

This then engenders a drive to do anything at all costs to get on television.

One of the ways to get on television, and to stay there, is to say bombastic things.

The more bombastic you are, the more interesting you are to people.

What is often lost in this bombast is the truth.

Tyrants become even crazier.

The calm, rather boring person who has something worthwhile to say is soon relegated to the background.

People who study an area of endeavor their entire lifetime often don’t have the time to focus on style and presentation.

They also tend not to be bombastic.

They are too busy learning and reading.

Because they’re often rather boring people, their messages is rarely heard.

Let us use Iran as an example.

In the United States today there are thousands of experts on Iran.

Perhaps they have lived in Iran or one of their parents was from Iran. They may even speak Farsi. They probably do.

They are intimately familiar with the people of Iran and what shapes them. They know the economy, the terrain and the history.

Moreover they know how to get into the mind of the average Iranian and their leaders.

These people sit at home and watch ill informed television people bark about our mortal enemy Iran and the Revolutionary Guards.

They see United States policy moving down the wrong pathway, a disastrous pathway.

They sit there in despair and anger in their living room and fume.

They are dying to tell people the truth about Iran and what we need to do.

But their voice is not heard, and it will not be heard.

They may even try writing an article in a blog.

A few people may like what they have to say, but a few people is too few.

How can they compete with the bombastic experts who appear before us on Fox and CNN?

The geniuses who appear there are presumably experts about every political issue.

They are there night after night, and they are never at a loss for words.

How is this possible?

It’s not possible.

These people on CNN and Fox, these fake experts, are listened to because they speak in inflammatory language and dog whistle slogans which their fans drool over. Accordingly ratings rise which network moguls take note of. In response those guests are invited back to blow their dog whistle and speak more inflammatory words.

It’s a reverberating circuit of ignorance that imparts upon the listener a pseudo-expertise.

Think Adolf Hitler.

The fans of the show begin to think that they are experts because they listen to a fake expert speak about an issue.

But the fans are not experts.

Nor are the hosts and guests on these television programs.

The real experts sit at home and are not listened to.

They have no bombast. They are not pretty. They are boring people, but they have something valuable to say.

The truth is then lost, and our leaders who take their cue from these national television shows have no proper foundation upon which to base their decisions.

The results should be obvious.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Lost Advice

Why don’t you the average American know the truth?

Have you ever wondered why?

There are plenty of people who can tell you how to manage any number of affairs in any area of endeavor.

Knowledgeable people are ready and willing to tell you how to get out of any problem that exists.

They’ve been out there all along.

So why don’t you know about them?

You don’t know about these people because of the clown culture we’ve created.

We’ve created a joke superstar culture that produces greedy, media obsessed carnival barkers, hucksters, show boaters and know nothings who muscle everyone out of their way in order to get to the megaphone.

The person who knows what’s going on is spending most of his time learning about his field or craft.

He doesn’t have the time, the skills, or the strength to fight these rude hucksters.

That knowledgeable man is being flattened and stampeded into obscurity.

I’m not sure precisely when this phenomenon began, but I do know that hosts like Sean Hannity enabled it.

Sean Hannity facilitated this joke culture when he hosted his All-American panel on his modestly named show Hannity.

On his All-American panel appeared football stars like Jay Feely and Lou Holtz. Those were Sean’s experts on world affairs.

Forget about professors who may have studied their entire lives about Iran, China or any other number of issues. Why would we want to consult those people when we have Lou Holtz and Jay Feely?

Sean Hannity helped end any type of reasonable, rational discourse on world affairs.

Of course, he wasn’t the only host to help the ignorant culture along.

There were plenty of other broadcasters who were more than willing to allow basketball coaches like Gregg Popovich to pontificate on race relations.

This is what passes for expertise in America today.

It is consistent with the infotainment model that Corporate America desires in order to maximize profits.

Coaches and celebrities get you higher ratings and therefore more advertising revenue.

It is this joke superstar culture that prompted the starstruck mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, to take a busy moment out of his day during the George Floyd riots to consult that noted sociologist and criminologist, Jay-Z.

I’m not joking.

This refusal to highlight true expertise is one of the reasons why America can’t correct itself.

You have a joke superstar culture created by Corporate America, fueled and spearheaded by Harvard University, that highlights joke expertise.

The people who know what to do, the people who have studied a particular area of endeavor their entire lives, simply aren’t listened to. They effectively don’t exist.

And if perchance they do find their way by luck on to main stream media, their advice is so different and startling to the low IQ, ratings-obsessed boob-hosts who exist there, that their advice is pooh-poohed, laughed at and derided.

Why is their advice so different and startling? Because they know what they’re talking about, because they offer solutions that are better than bandaids, and because they rarely get a chance to get on the air.

Let me give an example.

I listen to a lot of sports radio. I grew up in the Philadelphia area.

One day I was listening to sports radio in Philadelphia over the Internet. This was either Andy Reid’s last year or Chip Kelly’s first year.

The boob-host sportscaster was talking about the Eagles upcoming draft.

In Philadelphia there exists an aggressive symbiotic relationship between boob-hosts and boob-callers who reinforce each other’s ignorance.

The boob-hosts agree to spout their ignorant opinions, and the boob-callers agree to praise the boob-hosts when they call in. Anyone who doesn’t toe the line is derided and made fun of by the boob-host.

It is truly a reverberating circuit of ignorance. Every now and then, however, a real caller who knows something gets through.

This guy calls in, and I can tell over the radio that this is a guy who has played football his entire life at all levels. It’s obvious to me that he has played football, coached football, and is one of those guys who watches football to key in on offensive lineman to see if they hit or miss their blocking assignments. Confidence oozes out of his voice when he speaks.

He tells the boob-host that he and the other callers are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to who the Eagles should draft.

The boob-host immediately becomes perturbed and makes fun of the caller.

The caller responds by stating that the Eagles should be looking at this guy named Zach Ertz.

Clearly the boob-host has never heard of Zach Ertz, and so he starts to make fun of the caller.

After deriding the caller and ridiculing him, he boots him off the air while saying: “Yeah, right. Zach Ertz. Sure.”

Well, as it turns out, the caller knew what he was talking about.

So why don’t we get many callers like this?

Because our joke culture encourages and rewards boobs, hustlers, carnival barkers, and know nothings to muscle their way to the megaphone in order to say nothing.

And the crowd cheers.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved