We Believe in Santa Claus

Young children believe in Santa Claus. That’s a good thing.

After the age of seven children stop believing in Santa Claus, or so we think.

At that age the Santa Claus story is replaced with a new one: the legitimacy of our democracy.

Yep, it’s about that age – six or seven – when children go to school and are made fun of if they still believe in Santa Claus.

Not to worry, though, a new Santa Claus story exists for them to learn.

And this Santa Claus story, the legitimacy of our democracy, is the Santa Claus story that rarely gets demolished.

This is when children are indoctrinated into the purity of America, its leaders and its “pristine” democracy.

Hagiography runs supreme in first grade.

This is when your first grade teacher tells you the basic lies of America.

George Washington threw a silver dollar over the Potomac river. He didn’t. The Potomac River is 1100 feet at its narrowest. That is more than three football fields.

It is safe to say that Drew Brees himself couldn’t throw a silver dollar across the Potomac.

George Washington never told a lie. He did.

America is always the good guy. She isn’t.

The rest of the world are barbarians. They’re not.

Nevertheless, most people harbor and cherish these lies throughout their entire lives.

They don’t want to know the truth.

And every day, especially on Sunday morning, these lies are hammered home upon the American psych on the daily news shows.

Is it any wonder that Americans will sign up in droves when a national calamity occurs?

It isn’t.

Just a few minutes ago I was watching Whitney Webb talk to Glenn Beck about the corruption in our United States government.

I respect what she says, but she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of convincing my friend Johnny.

Johnny is college educated.

You would expect Johnny to see through the veneer of lies that propagandize the American people daily.

He doesn’t.

Not only does Johnny not see through the bullshit, he doesn’t want to see through the bullshit.

Johnny still believes in Santa Claus.

Johnny wants to believe in Santa Claus, so when Whitney Webb comes around and tells a story contrary to that, Johnny gets angry.

Hey, Whitney Webb is the bad guy.

Johnny doesn’t want his fantasy world disturbed.

He wants to believe in the honesty and integrity of American government.

He watches those old Jimmy Stewart movies, like Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington, and he believes it.

He believes that anyone can be President of the United States.

He doesn’t want to know that we are ruled by a Harvard-dominated oligarchy.

He will bury his head in the sand against all evidence, and say: I think I think our country is still pretty good.

Forget about the runaway homelessness.

Forget about teen suicides out of control.

Forget about rampant drug abuse.

Forget about mass shootings on a weekly basis.

Forgot about inflation out the ass.

Forget about our out of control empire that killed 4,000,000 in Vietnam, another 2,000,000 in the Middle East.

It doesn’t matter that Johnny is getting hammered economically by our corrupt leaders.

He’s fully committed to the Santa Claus story.

Why shouldn’t he be committed?

He’s been propagandized on a daily basis for his entire life starting in first grade when he was told the lies about George Washington.

That’s right, Johnny. You keep believing in those stories.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Trump, Bragg and TikTok

What do Alvin Bragg and the current TikTok scandal have in common?

Alvin Bragg is the district attorney in New York City. He is a Harvard loser who is working to bring charges against Donald Trump.

Trump, the five yellow-stripe coward, in response has asked his protesters to get out in the streets to, I don’t know, block what Alvin Bragg is thinking of doing?

That’s Alvin Bragg.

The current TikTok scandal is what’s going on in Washington, DD (District of Destruction).

Hearings are being held to ascertain whether TikTok should be shut down.

Many parents have spoken out vocally against TikTok because TikTok targets their teens. In one such family, a young boy committed suicide after being targeted with disturbing videos.

That’s the TikTok affair.

So what do they have in common?

What they have in common is that nothing will come of these affairs.

They are both shams.

They are both instigated by the elites in the Harvard cartel, our would be masters of the universe, to disrupt society.

Sure, there will be a lot of smoke and mirrors.

There will be a lot of bluster.

But in the end, nothing will come of these affairs.

Donald Trump is not going to jail, and TikTok is not going to be shut down.

The Donald Trump affair is contrived.

The goal of this affair was to try and goad Trump supporters to get out in the streets and create havoc.

In this manner, the authorities can crack down on Trump supporters again.

In this manner any legitimate conservative movement can be delegitimized.

The elites are trying very hard to sucker Trump supporters into the streets (as they did on January 6). When Coward Trump’s plea for massive protest fell on deaf ears, Trump promptly picked up a baseball bat near a picture of Alvin Bragg.

What a disgrace. Do we really want Al Capone as leader of the conservative movement?

The TikTok affair is contrived also.

The Harvard elites, the real powers that be, the money – they want TikTok.

They love TikTok.

They love TikTok because TikTok animalizes American society.

The powers that be, the money, want America to be animalized because animals do not represent a threat to their rule, or so they think.

The powers that be, they desire to create a nation of low-class gutter animals.

TikTok serves that end.

TikTok is a place where animals revel supreme.

TikTok is a place where classless, uncivil behavior rules the day.

TikTok is a place where young preteen children become sexualized.

TikTok is a place where violence rules the day.

Why would our modern-day Caligulas give that up?

Like Caligula, the emperor of old, they revel in disease, violence, and disorder.

The stupider you are, the less threat you are to them.

The more you watch TikTok, the dumber you become.

The more you watch TikTok, the less time you spend reading.

Reading is knowledge.

Reading is the enemy of the elites.

What the elites want is for you to be a dumb ass and get out on the streets and violently fight Yellowbelly Trump’s battles for him.

That’s what these two events have in common.

Alvin Bragg is a fuck puppet who fronts for the powers that be.

The powers that be have no intention of putting Trump in jail because Trump is one of them.

Trump is part of the scam, and he has been for many decades now.

Fuck Trump and fuck TikTok.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Punch Him In The Guts

Why do you talk about Aldous Huxley?

Why do you talk about Julian Huxley?

Because you’ve been programmed to do so.

You’ve been programmed by the powers that be that these men are important people to be talked about.

I reject Aldous Huxley.

I reject Julian Huxley.

I reject the entire Huxley family.

Who died and made them boss?

I reject Oxford.

I reject Great Britain.

I reject the UK’s peerage.

I reject the royal family. I reject the elites and their supposed authority to tell us who is important and who is not important.

I reject the blubbering fat slob, Winston Churchill.

I reject Harvard University, the new King Louis, the new cocksucker in chief.

You are just as important as they are.

They are not to be talked about.

I reject William Shakespeare.

I reject all British blowhard poets and writers.

I reject John Keats.

I reject – and resent – them being slammed down our throats without our permission.

Most of all, and let me emphasize again: I reject William Shakespeare.

How long will Shakespeare keep abusing us?

How long must people grit their teeth as professors who are controlled by the powers that be cram 16th century Elizabethan English down their throats.

I reject all this authority.

These people have only been talked about because the elites cram it into our brains.

These so-called great men are a lie.

They are a lie that exists to cement the power of the elites over our minds.

This person is important. That person is not important.

Say the elites: We are the guardians of truth. We are the elites. You are not one of us. You are nothing. You will obey us.

Fuck you, New Yorker magazine.

Fuck you, New York Times.

Fuck you, Newsweek Magazine.

Fuck you, Anna Wintour.

Fuck Vogue.

You have zero authority to foist your silly opinions upon us as to who and what is important.

Aldous Huxley is a fraud.

No, he’s a commodity.

No, he’s an instrument, a tool of the elites.

He’s just a name that is dropped in there to intimidate you, to make you think that they, the elites, the guardians of fake truth, are important and you are not.

Quit speaking about Aldous Huxley.

Your poverty is directly correlated to the power of the blunt instrument known as Aldous Huxley that is wielded against your head, day, after day, month, after month, year after year.

“Ah, yes,” speaks the professor, “as Huxley noted in Brave New World, blah blah blah blah … blah blah blah blah, blah blah … and furthermore … blah blah blah blah blah blah … when I visited England and spoke to Huxley’s historian … and now, if you excuse me, I have to prepare for my meeting with the President … thank you, thank you … we should all get behind the President’s plan to support Ukraine against Russian aggression … and don’t forget to wear your mask outside especially when speeding along on a bicycle at 20 miles an hour … blah blah blah blah blah blah … superspreader event …. blah blah blah …”

Announce Aldous Huxley to the world as a fraud.

Punch him in the guts.

Again, and again, and again.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Celebrity Puppets

Why are celebrities puppets?

They didn’t used to be.

Some always were, but many weren’t.

With the advent of television and radio in the past century, the United States increasingly became centralized.

Schools like Harvard began to “nationalize” themselves.

Harvard and the Harvard cabal grew stronger.

So did the mainstream media itself.

It didn’t start off that way.

Television, radio stations and newspapers were largely local operations that increasingly became consolidated as the decades rolled by.

Local operators were principally focused on making money, not an engineering society.

It was possible for a individual from nowhere named Elvis Presley to grow organically.

Plus, Elvis never felt the “need” to tell us what we should think about abortion or gay marriage.

He was too busy singing songs for the sake of our enjoyment

That’s less possible now.

As television grew up, so did the realization that television could be a powerful tool in manipulating people.

The celebrity became an instrumental tool in that manipulation.

Fifty to seventy-five years ago you saw celebrities who went their own way in voicing their own opinions.

Lots of celebrities spoke out against the Vietnam war even though Corporate America was in favor of the Vietnam war.

Nowadays, you almost never see a celebrity who goes against what Corporate America desires.

The Vietnam war was an important watershed moment in producing this shift.

It was the people of the United States who shut down the Vietnam war.

The celebrities were extremely important in moving the people.

Corporate America took notice.

They said to themselves at the higher levels where the owners of these corporations meet: This is never gonna happen again. We are going to not only own the media, but the social influencers as well. And we are going to own them lock stock and barrel.

Soon after the Vietnam war, Corporate America led by the Harvard cabal launched into high gear into consolidating the media on all levels.

You saw the rise of Clear Channel.

You saw the invasion of Corporate America into media organizations that were traditionally standalone operations.

General Electric became the owner of NBC.

This was a dangerous trend.

It’s still is.

We are now in a state of America where Corporate America and the media are the same.

The media is not just the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the major networks.

The media involves film, radio, television, sports, music, music venues, internet, books, magazines and newspapers at all levels.

Corporate America controls it all. They also control these so-called avant-garde media publications that pose as revolutionary, countercultural voices.

These would be these so-called hip publications with hip names like Daily Beast, Vox, and Buzzfeed.

With this vast control Corporate America has immense power to influence the American people.

It also has the power to make and break people who aspire to be celebrities.

You’ve heard of the saying that was spoken in Hollywood years ago: You’ll never work in this town again?

Well, this statement is more true than it ever was.

If you don’t go along with what Corporate America wants, you’re out.

If you do go along, you can make hundreds of millions of dollars.

Which celebrity is going to jeopardize an income like that?

Which celebrity given jets and fabulous houses is going to jeopardize that standing?

Not too many.

The Dixie Chicks spoke up against George Bush’s war in Iraq many years ago, and they were excommunicated.

Cornel West spoke up in defense of the Palestinians, and he was denied tenure at Harvard.

James Woods spoke out for conservative issues, and he was marginalized.

Jeffrey Sachs speaks out against the American empire, and he will be marginalized.

This is where we are.

Celebrity control by Corporate America was on display during the recent pandemic.

I don’t remember one major celebrity speaking out against the measures of Dr. Fauci.

Not one.

To a man they all parroted the government propaganda to shelter at home, socially distance, and flatten the curve.

And that is what happened.

The wealthy elite own the minds of the poor, and these wealthy elite are growing in strength.

You can thank your celebrity puppet for that.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Bad Brand of Political Discussion

The other day Tucker Carlson told us that Greg Gutfeld had surpassed Stephen Colbert in the ratings.

Apparently this is the first time that a cable show has defeated a network show in the ratings.

We are supposed to celebrate.

Are you worried?

You should be.

As a conservative let me say this, Gutfeld is one of the most inane shows I have ever seen in my life.

If this is the future, count me out.

Through his show, Gutfeld dumbs down the American public.

His sarcastic comedy is a cheap substitute for serious discussion.

Moreover, Gutfeld recruits people into the political process who should never be there in the first place.

Politics should be boring, boring, boring.

We want it boring so that people who don’t know what they’re talking about, people who don’t read books, will go away and focus their time on the Kardashians.

By making politics exciting and funny, Gutfeld recruits clueless boobs into the voting booths.

These people will be enticed into thinking that they know the issues.

These people will then actually vote.

Gutfeld is not giving us an intelligent alternative to Stephen Colbert, he is replicating Stephen Colbert for a different group of people – conservatives.

This is bad news for us.

We don’t need any more Stephen Colberts, John Stewarts, Bill Mahers, or people of this ilk.

Nor do we need more Greg Gutfelds.

We actually need none of them.

When you watch these shows, you don’t learn anything new. All you learn are jokes.

These shows don’t cater to the truth; they cater to the cheapest quick gimmick that will gain laughs and applause.

Instead of experts or people who know what they’re talking about, you get pseudo experts in the form of Gutfeld’s friends.

You also get SNL type skits, lots of chuckling, jokes, and sexual innuendo.

It’s a morning zoo type atmosphere producing a wall of sound designed to entertain, not inform.

The Important point about all this is that legitimate criticism of establishment ideas is not even permitted. For example, both sides in the political debate nonchalantly accept without pause that Putin is the bad guy when it comes to Ukraine. Gutfeld isn’t challenging Colbert about Putin’s nature; he is opposed to sending billions to Ukraine.

Well, hold on a minute, shouldn’t Gutfeld be talking about why Putin is invading in the first place? Shouldn’t he be talking about NATO’s encroachment into Russia’s sphere of influence? Shouldn’t he talk about Ukraine’s violation of the Minsk Accords? Of course he should, but he doesn’t.

Maybe Putin isn’t the bad guy.

Uh oh, danger, Will Robinson, that’s an unapproved thought!

Both Gutfeld and Colbert both turn politics into a sporting match.

What you are watching is the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Las Vegas Raiders.

Both shows will oppose each other on every issue.

There will never be any common ground.

But what if both sides are wrong?

Perhaps the right move for Gutfeld is not to oppose Stephen Colbert on a particular issue with the cheapest of arguments, but to jettison the battle altogether.

Or better yet, to agree with the other side.

Let’s look at a particular example.

Why is it necessary for Gutfeld’s guests to reflexively oppose student loan relief?

Why not bring on educators, university presidents, and experts on education who can explain why tuition costs escalated so rapidly, and what schools did with the money.

Why why not just ask questions?

Young people on the right should not be herded into the cattle pen of mindless reflexive opposition to everything a Democrat says.

Nor should young people on the left be herded into the cattle pen of mindless reflexive opposition to everything a Republican says.

Both should be encouraged to ask questions and to gravitate toward the truth that the answers to those questions reveal.

A Republican party is not made stronger by opposing everything that the Democratic Party stands for.

Nor is a Democratic Party made stronger by opposing everything that the Republican party stands for.

Both Gutfeld and Colbert weaken the electorate by inviting you to mindlessly oppose the opposition.

They do it through jokes and stunts.

You don’t win a contest by relying on tricks.

You win a game by consistently hitting solid shots.

Democracy only works with an informed electorate.

Gutfeld and Colbert do not substantively inform the electorate.

Let me illustrate exactly how their shows do damage.

To begin with, both Gutfeld and Colbert are owned by Corporate America.

Essentially then Corporate America is foisting mob rule on the American electorate through Greg Gutfeld and Stephen Colbert.

Let’s say that in a world without comedians controlling politics there is an issue in which ten million people care enough to educate themselves. Let us suppose that those ten million people are divided evenly according to their political persuasion. There are five million people on the right, and there are five million people on the left.

Suppose on this particular issue though, eight million people believe that we should choose X as a solution whereas two million people believe we should choose Y as a solution.

Enter Gutfeld and Colbert who mob up fifty million people on each side to mindlessly oppose each other.

Suddenly the disparity dissipates. There are now 58 million people who believe that we should choose A as a solution whereas 52 million people people believe that we should choose Y as a solution.

The politicians will now look at the polling data and say that it’s pretty close to a tossup as to which solution should be chosen.

America is deeply divided, the politicians will now say as they do nothing.

Corporate America has now once again controlled the politician’s mind. Of course, Corporate America already owns the politician, but now Corporate America has made it much easier for the politician to do whatever Corporate America wants them to do given that opinion is pretty much divided.

Moreover, since Corporate America controls both shows, Corporate America can shift opinion by controlling the show’s availability, content and focus. For example, Corporate America may decide to tell Colbert to back off an issue while allowing Gutfeld to go crazy. Thus an 8 million to 2 million disparity in favor of Colbert might be converted to a 8 million to 32 million disparity in favor of Gutfeld!

This is the danger of Gutfeld and Colbert and the brand of political discussion they offer.

It doesn’t work for you; it works for the people who control the media.

The people who take the time to read books and keep informed about the issues whether right or left are rubbed out and tossed to the side of the road by the ignorant, raging mob – all in the name of democracy.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Speaking Truth to Power

A nation is only as strong as the truth that is presented to its people.

The media claims to understand this.

Ali Velshi is one particular media member who claims that in order to speak truth to power all sides of an argument must be heard.

This is part of his commercial which promotes his show Velshi.

The problem in the United States is that all sides are not heard.

The vast majority of the media believes in and promotes the official narrative that is written by King Louis.

King Louis is alive and still in power in the United States of America.

This particular Sun King is much more dangerous than the actual Sun King who ruled France hundreds of years ago.

This King Louie is in reality a nefarious cabal spread out over hundreds of thousands of people who are principally educated at the Ivy League.

They are not only spread out geographically in our time but through the past and the future as well.

One of the rules of the cabal is that you should speak no evil of members who have lived in the past.

This cabal has official historians – lie weavers really – who live in all time frames. These official historians must be respected at all costs.

So if you listen to any of the talk show hosts on any particular morning, they will talk about political figures in the past who are members of the cabal.

They will generally talk about them in glowing terms. They will often reference them by quoting them.

Just today I was listening to a program on CNBC entitled Squawk Box. Today a guest began speaking about political affairs.

One of the commentators in response began talking about Winston Churchill. He then quoted Winston Churchill and his wise views on a particular subject.

Winston Churchill is one of the members of the cabal even though he lived in England, and even though he is dead.

If you live long enough you will realize that members of the cabal never die. Their words live on for centuries in order to perpetuate the power of the cabal.

I thought the dead had no rights.

As I was listening to this commentator speak about Winston Churchill it occurred to me again as it does frequently in my life that this commentator was thoroughly trapped within a narrow view of thinking that will not permit him to think of Winston Churchill in any negative light.

Winston Churchill was of course a bigot who helped perpetuate the British empire, an empire that brutally subjugated the peoples of India, China, Kenya, and the United States. Of course there were and are many other nations.

Winston Churchill’s attitude toward the people of Bengal who were dying of famine was that these people had brought their famine upon themselves by populating like rabbits.

Winston Churchill was a member of the British ruling class that was responsible for setting up the treaty of Versailles which made World War II inevitable.

Winston Churchill was a member of the ruling cabal that subjugated the people of India for centuries. His ruling cabal not only mismanaged the food supply in India which led to millions of people dying of famine, his ruling cabal tricked the people of India into becoming indentured servants around the world to work the British slave plantations. And his ruling cabal worked them to death.

That’s why you can find people of India in Guyana and in Fiji and other parts of the world. You probably never knew how they got there. Well, Winston Churchill’s ruling cabal sent them there.

But you wouldn’t suspect any of this by listening to these morning talk show hosts.

You won’t hear any of this from these people because they are thoroughly immersed into and enslaved by official establishment thought. They cannot escape.

These morning talk show hosts are paid millions of dollars to not think in any other way except what the establishment promotes.

And the establishment is all about profits and money for giant corporations, and of course their wealthy owners and shareholders.

These morning talk show hosts are part of the ruling cabal.

Two of the hosts on CNBC are from Harvard University. Another one graduated from MIT. Another has a degree from Cornell. Yet another has a degree from Columbia.

They are signed, sealed and delivered puppets of King Louis.

They are unequivocally unable to accept a different view of history.

We cannot speak truth to power unless we discuss that dark side of history.

On the particular program that I was watching, they spoke of Winston Churchill in glowing terms simply by referencing him as a wise man.

You see, Winston Churchill lives.

Given the crimes of Winston Churchill, why should he be spoken of at all?

Now, of course, here I have only spoken of one particular individual who lived in London.

The problem is much greater.

The media, populated by members of the cabal, has developed an official pantheon of great men who must always be spoken of in glowing terms.

Consequently the media never challenges the greatness of these men.

The media never challenges the greatness of Roosevelt, Wilson, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower.

Because the media does not, principally because these men were important architects and builders of America the Empire, truth to power is never spoken.

Moreover these hosts never speak of the crimes of the American empire. They rarely talk about the millions of people that America the Empire killed in Southeast Asia and in the Middle East.

They rarely talk about the subjugation of the people in Haiti, Indonesia and Central America.

Did you know that America has propped up scores of dictators around the world in various countries to suit America’s interests?

Does this bother you?

Did you know that America propped up dictators in nearly every Central American government in order to provide cheap bananas and coffee for you?

Did you know that America propped up a dictator in Iran for thirty years plus in order to provide cheap oil?

When you think about all the American lives lost and the money squandered on the military to enforce these dictatorships, your bananas and coffee weren’t really cheap at all.

The cost was shifted into your tax bill.

The people who won in building this American empire were the wealthy elite who run the corporations that import cheep bananas, coffee and oil.

Let’s not forget about defense contractors who supply the military. They won also.

The people who lost were you the American people.

Now you have to suffer the ramifications of the American empire. You now have immigrants flooding across the border from Central America. We spend vast amounts of money protecting that border.

You also have to worry about what Iran is going to do in the Middle East. You now spend much of your money to support a military that can counter Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

Let’s not forget about your job being lost to the sweat shops and slave joints that America has set up in Indonesia and Haiti.

Your cheap Levi jeans are not made in America anymore. They are made by slaves in Haiti who work for five dollars a day.

The people of Indonesia have it slightly better at about eight to ten dollars a day. Is this embarrassing to you? Are you bothered that you are a de facto slave owner?

It was under Dwight Eisenhower that the CIA overthrew the governments of Guatemala and Iran.

Do any of our morning talk show hosts criticize Dwight Eisenhower in any way?

No, because Dwight Eisenhower is a member of the cabal even though he is dead.

That member of the cabal must be respected throughout time.

Dwight Eisenhower therefore lives today even though he is dead.

Not only is Dwight Eisenhower not criticized, he is lauded as the man who won World War II.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Our media is hopelessly enslaved to the official thoughts of King Louis. They cannot escape.

Truth to power is never spoken by the national media.

Just as Winston Churchill was and is a criminal and betrayer to the British people, Dwight Eisenhower was and is a criminal and betrayer to the American people.

Many of our problems today can be laid at the feet of Dwight Eisenhower.

Dwight Eisenhower overthrew the government of Guatemala. Dwight Eisenhower overthrew the government of Iran. Dwight Eisenhower set the table for the Vietnam war. Dwight Eisenhower created the conflict in Vietnam. We lost 58,000 American lives in Vietnam. The Vietnamese lost two to four million people. This was an entirely avoidable war.

Ho Chi Minh was not so much a communist as he was a nationalist.

Nobody in our media says a word about this.

Truth to power is not spoken.

Nobody says a word about Indonesia. Our CIA helped one of our dictators, Suharto, kill one million people in Indonesia.

It was all done under the guise of wiping out communism. In reality it was done because Indonesia has the largest gold and copper mines in the world, and America wanted those mines. Indonesia would also serve as a giant sweatshop to which American corporations would export your jobs.

Is this mentioned by the national media?

Did Barack Obama speak anything about this when he was president? He grew up in Indonesia. Why didn’t he say anything? He didn’t say anything because he sold his soul to the American empire.

Are school children in America taught the crimes of the American empire?

No. Just as British school children are never taught the crimes of the British empire, our children are never taught America’s crimes except in a way that will never hurt American icons.

Yes, slavery is taught to American children, but it is all blamed on the South. The North was just as racist. Moreover, the North couldn’t have cared less about the slaves. What the North cared about was that the South could, after secession, trade cotton directly with Great Britain for British imports. Those British imports would cut into the action of American manufacturers which were based primarily in the north.

Are young American school children taught this? Will Lester Holt and NBC News speak these truths.

Will they ever speak the truth of just how racist and bigoted New Englanders in Boston can be?

No, they will be regaled with the nobility of Robert Gould Shaw. New Englanders must never be presented as Bull Connor is presented.

Does anybody remember the Boston school busing riots?

Truth to power is not spoken.

By the way, how did all those slaves get to America? Did they fly in on a jet? Did they get here on a Princess cruise line? No, they were transported by northern shipping companies.

How about Jim Crow laws? Did you know that Jim Crow existed in the North as well? And after Jim Crow and discrimination ruled the day for over eighty years after the Civil War why did the North do nothing about it? If the North was so pure and so outraged by Jim Crow in the South, why didn’t they invade the South again? They didn’t do it because there was no profit for them to do it. The British imports were not a threat anymore.

So you come to realize that wars are not fought for social justice; they are fought for economics.

Are young children in America taught this?

No, they are taught that Robert E. Lee owned slaves.

Truth to power is not spoken in the American national media.

Not only are these truths not spoken to American school children, NBC with Lester Holt now plans to program young children through history lessons.

They will dumb them down of course. They will talk down to them. They will lie to them.

Soon, young children, who were once permitted to play happily outside, will now be fed the propaganda of the American empire.

In one of NBC’s commercials, a young child asks about Ukraine.

Are you frightened? You should be.

Soon millions of young children in America will be taught the lie that Russia attacked Ukraine in an unprovoked manner. They won’t tell these young minds anything about NATO expanding into the Russian sphere of influence. They won’t dare mention the Minsk accords. They won’t tell them anything about the United States backing up fascists who overthrew a democratically elected government in the Ukraine. They will say nary a word about Burisma Holdings and the oil and gas grab by Americans in Ukraine.

No, they will demonize Russia as an evil rogue state that willingly invades weak neighbors.

Yes, but didn’t we do precisely that in multiple countries in the Middle East?

Alas, these young children will never be told this.

Thus, truth to power will never be spoken. And it will soon come to pass that these young children will grow up believing a lie.

It is those lies and the indoctrination of those lies into the minds of millions of people that will crush the American people.

A country is only as strong as the truth presented to its people.

Will Ali Velshi speak about these crimes in his show Velshi? You would think he would. He is of Indian descent, and he was born in Kenya, two countries that were brutalized by the British empire.

Plus, he has told us that you can’t speak truth to power unless you include all sides of an argument.

Don’t hold your breath.

Barack Obama didn’t speak out about the evil doings of our CIA in Indonesia.

Like many others before him, Ali Velshi has most likely sold his soul to the empire.

It’s a good bet that they own him.

And yet, Ali Velshi is correct: in order to speak truth to power all sides of an argument must be heard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

First Step

As Americans, many of you may be asking yourselves: What can I do to help my country?

How can I make a difference?

Well, as it so happens, there are many things that you can do that will make a big difference in our country.

It involves making personal choices that the government cannot control.

The first choice that I want you to make is to defumigate your house of the opioid haze that is transfixing your children courtesy of the Walt Disney Company.

It may be tough going as the smoke is pretty thick.

Be the first person on your block to create a Disney free zone.

Yes, your kids will cry. They will tell you that you don’t love them.

But you will know better.

You will understand that in the long run, it is better that your children not be intoxicated any longer by the feel good nonsense of the Walt Disney Company.

When you de-fumigate your house, you will no longer be a slave of the Walt Disney Company and the expensive souvenirs that they sell.

You are going to save a lot of money.

You can use that money to buy a good set of books for your kids.

I would recommend a traditional encyclopedia if you can find it.

Even if it’s an old encyclopedia that you have to purchase at a flea market that would be better than a Disney DVD.

Let your kids read real history.

Turn your kids on to knowledge, not fantasy.

The danger of the Walt Disney Company is that it sells magical thinking.

Its movies ingrain into your children’s minds the idea that their lot in life can be changed by wishful thinking or a magic prince.

Slowly, when you rid your child’s life of the Disney influence, your children will learn that good fortune often comes to those who work for it.

They will learn the values of industry and hard work.

No longer will your children be enslaved into thinking that a modern day prince, in this case, the government, will rush in to fix their lives.

No longer will your children be waiting for their ship to come in.

Nor will they expect it.

They will learn that they must swim out to bring their ship in.

These are lessons that have been lost in America today.

You can be the first to re-instill these values in your neighborhood.

It will seem strange at first.

You may even walk into your house one day and say: “What’s wrong?”

There will be nothing wrong of course. What’s different is that for the first time in decades you will be breathing fresh air.

Other people in the neighborhood will notice it as well.

Of course, the initial shock will wear off and you will begin to like it.

You will notice gradually that your attitude will be better.

No longer will you be grousing about the government’s failure to provide healthcare or a prosperous peacetime economy.

You will also notice that your financial condition will improve.

This is the first step in re-creating America as a vibrant nation.

This is something that you can do.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Hawks

If If it’s one thing our media is good at, it’s riling everybody up for war while not fully explaining what’s going on. The reason why the media does that is because the media is owned by Corporate America, and Corporate America makes a lot of money off war.

The media portrays Vladimir Putin as a killer, and I have no doubt that he is. But our presidents in the United States have been rumored to be killers also. Lyndon Johnson had a hatchet man named Mac Wallace. The Clintons have been implicated as killers by conservatives for decades.

The media also portrays Vladimir Putin as a crook. Well, how about Lyndon Johnson? He practically wrote the book on figuring out ways to get a little extra cash. LBJ was very crafty. You didn’t have to give him a pile of cash; he just asked you to buy advertising on his radio station.

What else does the media do? It doesn’t tell you the truth.

When it comes to the Ukraine, the United States through NATO provoked the Russians to attack by encroaching upon the Russian sphere of influence. We would respond in kind if either China or Russia formed a strategic military alliance with either Mexico or Canada.

The sad thing here is that the United States encouraged Ukrainians to stand up to Russia and Vladimir Putin knowing full well that Russia was going to invade and crush them.

So why did the United States do this? They did it because our country is not the republic that we think it is. Our country has unfortunately been hijacked by Corporate America which is largely controlled by this Harvard Cabal which is greedy beyond comprehension. They need a justification to build up the military even more. They don’t need an actual war to occur; the fear of war is just as profitable.

That’s why you see warmongers like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin going ballistic over what Vladimir Putin is doing. Whether they know it or not, they work for Corporate America. In fact almost everybody in mainstream media works for Corporate America.

Anyone who benefits off the national agenda, right or left, works for Corporate America.

Hannity and Levin are the pit bulls for the military. They yell, they scream. They peddle in emotion.

They love war. They want you to put your brain aside and fight.

They claim that the Ukraine is in America’s best interests. I doubt that. Empires usually don’t benefit anyone except the rich. Empires don’t even benefit the citizens who live within that empire.

Why should we be an enemy of Russia anyway? What did they do in the past 30 years to earn our enmity? We were the ones who went into the Middle East and killed a million people. We were the ones who went into Vietnam and killed two to four million people. We even helped Suharto kill a million Indonesians in the mid-1960s. Why weren’t we sanctioned? Why are the Russians being sanctioned? They’re third rate pikers when it comes to our standards of killing. First, of course, are the British who killed tens of millions of people for the glory of their empire.

I used to believe in the nonsense of Russia the evil empire. Back in the 1990s I would freely expound to anyone who would listen what I thought. Then one day an elderly African-American doctor took me aside and explained to me that Russia was not some backwater filled with ogres. He explained that Russia was an extremely cultured civilization that has given rise to famous artists, authors, musicians, academics and sports figures throughout history. Your periodic table in chemistry was discovered by a Russian. I had to admit that he was right. Gradually I changed my thinking.

Russia is not our enemy. Vladimir Putin is not our enemy. Our enemy is within. Our enemy is the Harvard Cabal which creates this artificial conflict in order to build up the military so that they can steal money from us. As long as we permit this cabal to lead us into war, we make ourselves poorer.

There was absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have worked with Vladimir Putin years ago. None whatsoever. That we didn’t is an indictment of our leaders.

Our leaders cannot be trusted by anyone, not by ourselves, and certainly not by the people of Ukraine. The people of the Ukraine are going to find out the hard way. You the average American will also.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The New Khmer Rouge

The clothing that we wear and the music that we listen to are not chosen by us.

They are chosen for us by the opinion makers.

This is the way that humanity works.

I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

As a society becomes more authoritarian, less freedom is permitted by the elites.

In Nazi Germany, a certain type of music, like that of Richard Wagner, was chosen for the people by Joseph Goebbels.

The clothes of the Nazi party were chosen for the people by the ruling class.

In North Korea, there are approved haircuts which all North Koreans must abide by.

In Mao’s China, the communist party chose the Mao suit for its people.

Choosing clothes and music is a method of enforcing conformity of thought upon the people.

Our country is no different.

Countries have reasons for doing this.

Back in the early 1980s a classmate of mine noted that children were being dressed as if they were going off to war. It was in those days that you saw the introduction of cargo pants and military style clothing.

At the same time, the music became more violent. Black musicians prior to 1980 sung of love; after 1980 they sung of bitches, drugs, and negroes.

Games like Mortal Kombat came into being.

We had no idea that in 20 years the United States was about to embark upon nonstop war.

In fact, we were of the opinion that the days of the United States running around the world and kicking ass were over.

We were wrong.

Our elites had other plans.

If it’s one thing our elites are good at it is devious planning.

They know what they are doing, and they know what they want to accomplish.

Back in the 1980s, with the introduction of military style clothing and violent music, our elites were programming young children for the wars that they would soon fight when they grew up.

Things are no different today.

Currently our elites are hell-bent on enforcing this face mask upon the children of our society.

Why do they want the facemask?

While I can only guess, I can guarantee you that our elites know exactly what they are doing. And we are going to find out exactly what that is in the next 10 to 20 years.

Don’t kid yourself. Our elites have spent billions of dollars in studying psychology, and how people think.

In time, we will come to realize this.

Are they preparing our children to become de-socialized, obedient killing machines?

If so, against who?


That would seem a safe bet.

It seems logical that our utopian elites, seeking to gain even more control of society, in their sick quest to become living gods, are programming young children to become compliant and socially distanced from the people the elites command them to control.

The elites will need this new Khmer Rouge to put down the rebellions that will most certainly arise.

Controlling the clothing that people wear, the music they listen to, the games they play is essential to achieving that end.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Play of Lies

I want you to think of everything you hear in the media as a series of conversations in a long standing play.

When I say that the media lies I’m not talking about a one time lie but a carefully crafted play of prevarications that lasts decades if not a century or more.

When the establishment and its lackeys in the media lie, it’s necessary for them in the modern era to build around those lies to give them a sturdier foundation, to make the edifice of lies more robust.

They certainly don’t want that tower of lies to collapse like the WTC or Champlain Towers.

Let me explain.

If you remember, last year Donald Trump supposedly contracted COVID-19. The media made it sound as if there were a real possibility that he might die.

I can tell you with high confidence that this is a lie. I know this because I understand the human body and the amount of time it takes for it to heal.

Any practicing physician can tell you what I’m going to tell you.

People do not recover from severe respiratory failure within a week. This is how long it took for Trump to be back in his office talking normally with nary a cough.

It just isn’t possible.

The body doesn’t heal that rapidly. In addition to that, Trump is an older man. He is going to recover slower than your average bear.

Nevertheless, the media presented you with a lie about Donald Trump’s medical condition. The purpose of that lie was, I assume, to make him look courageous, to make his policies look better, to generate sympathy for himself.

Once the lie is out there though, the media in our modern era must build upon that lie to give it stability.

This is why you see reports in the media in the last few days that support that lie.

Here in one story is a General expressing his sentiments at the time that Trump having COVID-19 might make him appreciate the disease more. There in another story are former aides stating that they were fearful that the president might die.

That last one’s a laugher. Trump was nowhere near death.

These are stories designed to support the principal lie. They are a supporting cast of sorts. They make the play more believable.

This is a long-standing play. Our elites are still telling supporting lies about the Kennedy assassination to this day.

With regard to the Kennedy assassination, our elites are heavily invested in the lie that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin. They’re invested in this lie because the truth, that they killed John Kennedy through their thug CIA, would lead you to ask why. And the why would lead you to the inevitable conclusion that John Kennedy was killed because he interfered with the profits of Corporate America. You see John Kennedy stood for a world where Corporate America’s greed was tempered. After his death, Corporate America prevailed, and you now live in that dysphoric world.

This is the world we live in. And the lies are not confined to JFK, COVID-19 or Donald Trump. As you grow older you will discover that you have been lied to by the politicians about nearly everything.

There’s a reason why they lie.

The lies exist to divert your attention away from the real reason why they’re making their policies – money.

Our sick elites are motivated only by profits and money, nothing else.

They are totally corrupt.

They do understand however that you must never find out the truth.

Thus the lie.

Thus the orchestrated lie.

Thus the long-standing play of lies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved