Supermarket Doctors

Why are supermarkets giving vaccines?

Well of course these aren’t just any old supermarket; these are supermarkets with pharmacies.

Oh, I see. It all makes sense now. Nothing to see here, keep moving. It’s all legit.

Hey honey, can you pick me up some COVID-19 vaccine on your way home? I also need some broccoli.

The last time I checked, a vaccine was a foreign substance injected into the human body.

Shouldn’t the administration of that vaccine require a physician’s judgment, especially if it’s a substance that has not been subjected to rigorous scrutiny?

It makes sense to me.

Of course, pharmacies have been giving vaccines for years.

But should they?

In the long run, it probably doesn’t matter because most physicians are on board the government’s program when it comes to vaccine administration.

But what if they weren’t?

What if many doctors gave a particular vaccine because they were obligated to do so, but when asked by their patients whether they should take the vaccine they expressed reservations?

Is that something that would be helpful to their patient’s health?

It might be.

Would we be likely to have those reservations expressed at a supermarket pharmacy?

Generally, the pharmacist at these supermarket pharmacies is an employee of a corporation. Consequently I would expect the pharmacist to reflect the opinion of the corporation.

Is that what we want?

There was a time in the state of Texas when the corporate practice of medicine was banned.

It was banned because our wise antecedents desired doctors and other healthcare providers to offer impartial, independent device.

Wise leaders of old didn’t want giant corporations telling healthcare providers how to practice medicine.

This was done in order to put the patient’s interest first, not the corporation’s bottom line.

The problem we have in our society today is that our pharmacies are largely controlled by giant corporations.

The same people who control the giant corporations also control the government.

For the most part they are college chums who frequently meet together in think tanks and corporate boardrooms in Washington, New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

So what we have in the United States is an oligarchy recommending a vaccine to be delivered via a compliant administrative machinery that is also controlled by that oligarchy.

In other words a few people are recommending and delivering a vaccine to you.

This same oligarchy also controls the media who will sell the benefits of the vaccine alongside the risks for not vaccinating.

Fear and hope are powerful motivators.

Used car salesman use this technique all the time. If you don’t buy by Friday, the price goes up.

We humans are the consummate suckers.

I wonder if dogs are this dumb.

A survey I conducted in my office tells me that almost 2/3 of the people will vaccinate with the as yet undelivered and not fully scrutinized COVID-19 vaccine.

Big surprise.

I suspect that the vast majority of these people will get their vaccines at an H-E-B pharmacy in the state of Texas.

My gut tells me that the government will bypass regular physicians – who may express reservations.

I suspect this because I have not been contacted with regard to issuing this new COVID-19 vaccine. I did sign up to deliver the vaccine, but no one has contacted me in a month.

My experience with the influenza vaccine tells me that large corporate pharmacies like Walgreens and H-E-B receive as many flu vaccines as their heart desires while private offices like mine get one chance prior to the flu season to order the vaccine.

What do I think of all this?

I think we are skating on thin ice.

I think that humanity is dumb. We can never seem to learn lessons permanently.

We forget lessons from the past.

Independent doctors serve as an important independent check on big government, big corporations, media hysteria and irrational exuberance.

We are going to learn that lesson the hard way.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

How to Fix America in 10 Easy Steps

1. Restore order. Maintaining order is the number one function of government. This is something that Donald Trump has failed to do. It’s embarrassing for me to say that as a conservative. When we have massive, systemic riots in the nation, the President must take command. To do that boots are needed on the ground, and plenty of them. Where will we get those boots? That leads me to point number two.

2. Shut down the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in their entirety. As long as we are over there, we will never be able over here to fix our problems over here. We don’t belong over there in the first place. Defending democracy begins here at home in the United States of America. The troops can be put to good use here. Of course, discipline and order is only part of the equation. Those are the sticks. To be successful, you need carrots. And that leads me to point number three.

3. Bring the manufacturing back jobs back to the inner city so that poor folk here have real jobs that pay real money. That can’t happen as long as exploitation is our national economic policy. Shut down the sweat shops in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Poor folk can be making good money making shoes and apparel and all sorts of textiles here in the United States of America. How do we do that? Remember those troops that we brought back from Afghanistan and Iraq. Some are going down to the docks to make sure that not one Nike shoe enters the United States of America from overseas. Too bad, Nike shoes. Too bad, Lebron “Shameless” James. Your golden cash cow is cooked. And that leads me to point four.

4. It’s time to shut down the power of Corporate America and their well-paid celebrity shills. We do that by taking these large corporations and busting them up with a sledgehammer.. That’s what Ida Tarbell did to John D. Rockefeller, and it’s high time we took a page out of her book. We must tolerate no more of these international corporations that only serve to polarize wealth and emaciate the American people. Globalism and the global stars can take a hike. So can the CIA, the thug agency of the wealthy elite. It’s nothing more than a secret police force that engages in dirty tricks against ordinary citizens foreign and domestic.

5. When we get rid of the big corporations, we can jettison these international superstars like LeBron James also. Shameless James works against the black man. He incites riots in the inner cities that destroy black lives’ neighborhoods.

And why is that? Because the name of the game is race and race hustling in America today. Promoting class warfare serves the government and its bedfellow, Corporate America, well. It keeps the black man focused on rage which keeps him from beating his sword into a plowshare. It also ensures chaos in the black community that will ensure the production of black inmates necessary to justify the other cash cow from which Corporate America profits handsomely – the prison system.

All the while, Shameless James makes a fortune by shilling for Nike shoes. When he’s not pitching for Nike shoes he’s investing in Blaze Pizza shops that sell overpriced pizzas to white people in white neighborhoods. Where are the Blaze Pizza shops in Compton, East St. Louis and Algiers? They don’t exist. But you don’t know that, because the main stream media is controlled by a few corporate pigs. And that leaves me to point six.

6. Break up the oversized media companies. Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter have too much power in the United States. There is no true diversity of opinion. These oversize media companies are really just agents of the federal government. We need diversity of opinion. Moreover we need truth tellers whose principal client is not their ten-million dollar salary. Someone who makes that much money is liable to say anything. Presenters and hosts must not be beholden to a corporation, but to the truth wherever it lies.

7. We must put a premium on honor and process again. We have become a Shark Tank nation focused on making money at any cost as if the size of one’s bank account was the sum total of a man or woman. It is not. A country focused and consumed by money, possessions and toys cannot survive. No system, I repeat, no system can hold up under greed. Healthcare is collapsing because of greed. Rapacious Palo Alto giants are rushing to substitute a human-based care model with a machine-based algorithm. The former relies on intelligence and compassion; the latter relies on AI and money-making efficiency. Which leads me to point eight.

8. We are human beings, and we should remain human beings. We are not machines. Yet we have Elon Musk and Neuralink that have the desire to make us into machines. It’s all part of trans-humanism, don’t you know? If we go down this route, will we be better off? What will we lose? Can our fragile bodies of carbon meet the demands of the mathematicians of the Third Reich of whom our Palo Alto overlords find themselves enamored. Transforming and perfecting humanity is their goal, and that is the vision that they have prosecuted in the United States for many decades now. It must be firmly repulsed.

9. Overthrowing the Fuhrer’s mathematical vision of the future, his dream of a master race begins in our elementary schools where we currently teach children that failure is not an option and that there are no excuses. This is antithetical to Christianity and it must be rejected. Christianity not only preaches that failure is an option, but that it must be an option; for if it is not an option, then there is no need for forgiveness. Never once have I read in the New Testament where Jesus walked up to a sinner and said: No excuses.

No excuses mandates a perfection of humanity that can not be attained.

Other pernicious methodologies must be jettisoned as well. The standardized test and the focus on mathematical scores serve to score and stratify people. People are thus perceived as better because their GPA and SAT scores sit above the 90th percentile. This engenders a sense of entitlement amongst the more intellectually gifted. The so-called best and brightest then set out to fulfill the false prophecy instilled in them that they are destined for great power, wealth and fame.

That people are better and more valuable than others because they were gifted with higher intelligence is antithetical to Christian thought.

10. This does not necessarily mean that Christianity must be the official religion in the United States of America. What it does mean is that Christianity must be a viable participant in the affairs of the United States of America. What we are seeing today are the fruits of a secular world devoid of any religion at all. It does not work.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020. Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Stay In Your Lane

The NRA recently criticized the American College of Physicians for coming out for gun control. Here’s what the NRA said:

Someone should tell self-important  anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control. Most upsetting, however, the medical community seems to have consulted NO ONE but themselves. 

Many doctors replied by saying that this was their lane.

So who is right?

The NRA is right.

The only purpose of a doctors association is to facilitate communication of medical information between doctors and healthcare professionals for educational purposes.

That is enough.

The purpose of a doctors association is not to pass resolutions on Red China, gun control, abortion, immigration or any other issue.

Doctors have enough on their plate just taking care of patients.

Doctors associations have enough on their plate helping doctors become better doctors.

They can barely do that.

If doctors associations stayed in their lane and ceased involving themselves in politics, healthcare would be far better off.

These associations can’t even get good insurance for doctors. They’ve done a singularly  bad job in defending the rights of doctors.

The so-called leaders of these doctors associations have been co-opted by the political elites of the New World Order to prosecute the New World Order’s agenda; hence, the less these doctors associations do, the better.

It must be a heady experience for the president of a doctors association to be invited to fly on Air Force One or to dine in the White House at a State Dinner.  No wonder they act as puppy dogs.  The dog biscuits of empire must be mighty tasty.

With that stated, it is totally appropriate for individual physicians to make their statements as individuals to their representative. I couldn’t care less where they as individuals come down on the issue of gun control.

But a doctors association?

No, they need to stay in their lane.

It’s dangerous for doctors associations to involve themselves in politics.

It risks doctors becoming weaponized as tools of the government thereby demeaning the profession.

A doctor like anyone else must function as an individual and prosecute good medicine tempered by his individual morality not the collectivist groupthink of the government or the New World Order.

If they don’t, there will be hell to pay.

Just ask the Armenian people.

Doctors occupy an important role in society. They are one of the few educated people, along with pastors – who almost everybody sees, who almost everybody needs – who deal with life and death issues and who can stand as independent checks against government abuse.

Let’s keep it that way.

Let’s keep doctors associations out of politics.

If they don’t doctors will be seduced. Doctors will be used to justify taking innocent lives; and people, who view doctors as responsible for waging the war against bacteria and disease, will come to view those innocent people as microbes and pests – justifiably eradicated.

This is how governments work.

It begins innocently when doctors associations start talking about politics instead of medicine.

Let them stay  in their lane.

Going for the Gusto

No healthcare system can hold up against greed.

No innovation can stand up against greed.

No reform can stand up against greed.

Greed kills all.

Greed is the mother of death.

Corporate greed is the biggest  mother of all.

Sensible reforms to healthcare corporations involve the following acknowledgements, epiphanies and measures:

  1. CEO pay must be fixed.
  2. Stock option packages for corporate executives, board members, consultants or anyone else must be banned.  Such packages represent theft.
  3. Corporate profits must be controlled as in a utility. The purpose of the corporation is to add value to society – not rack up profits.
  4. Healthcare is not a place to get rich.   Can’t handle that, Bub?  Go make televisions.
  5. Healthcare corporations may not own other corporations or companies.  We aren’t going to allow a small group of men in Poughkeepsie to control the lives of one hundred million people.
  6. Board member pay must be limited to a pauper’s salary to ensure that the board member is involved for honor not wealth.
  7. No board member may sit on a board of another company of any type.  The era of the professional board member is over.  
  8. Half the board members must come from and be fully educated within that immediate community.  This is done to prevent carpetbaggers from elite universities from hijacking a wide number of corporations so as to institute their politically correct agenda which has nothing to do with helping people and everything to do with feathering their own nests.
  9. Board members may not place their board membership on their resume nor promote themselves to the public as having sat on the board except for the purpose of delivering factual information for the public good when asked This is to prevent guru-ism.
  10. No board member nor his company nor his wife’s company nor any one connected with the board member (or his wife) three generations forward, backward or laterally may do business with the corporation.
  11. Healthcare corporations may not hire professional lobbyists.  Healthcare corporations are not people; as such, they have no sense of shame.  Shame does not necessarily kill greed, but, short of economic collapse, only shame can kill greed.
  12. Healthcare corporations may not be publicly traded in the stock market.  It is the whooping it up by television cheerleaders when stocks go higher that entices CEOs to further maximize profits.

There is little point to making any change in healthcare unless greed is limited.

As long as people continue to “go for the gusto”, we are sunk.

Is Trump a Fake

Is Trump for real, or is he a fraud?

I voted for the guy, but what has he really done?

Has he fixed healthcare?

My premiums are still going up; how about yours?

Has he locked Hillary up?

Remember the refrain, “Lock her up!”

Has he gone after Hillary?

If Jeff Sessions won’t, why doesn’t he fire Jeff Sessions?

Is the economy really better?

Is it possible to make an economy better this quickly?

Is it possible to bring all these jobs back to America this quickly?

Or are we the victims of a slick media campaign complete with bogus statistics?

Doesn’t it take time to rebuild factories and train people?

Can you do that and see a bump in the economy in 18 months?

What about the wars?

We’re still at war, aren’t we?

Aren’t we still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq?

If Trump is so against war, why is he ginning up the case for war with Iran?

Is Iran really our enemy?

If so, why?

I haven’t seen any Iranian warships off the coast of San Diego, have you?

Are there Iranian troops amassing on our southern border?

No, I haven’t seen any of them either.

So, maybe this President is all BS.

Maybe his Presidency is just a dog and pony show designed to placate the raging masses.

Maybe the elites are throwing us a dog bone for a few years.

Then, after a little while, when we settle down and are pacified, they’ll bring Hillary back.

What do you think?

Are we being had?

If Trump were such a right-winger and was renaking America, why isn’t Obama outraged and outspoken?

Do you remember how placid Bush was when Obama “reversed” all his polices.

You heard nary a peep from Bush, just as you hear nary a peep from Obama today.

Maybe they secretly agree with Trump.

Maybe all three are in on the giant shamocracy that has become America.

NWO Healthcare

What’s going on in healthcare unbeknownst to you unless you work in healthcare is that the NWO (Corporate America) is moving into healthcare and slowly refashioning it to meet their goal which is to make money.

Sorry Charlie, your health will come second.

Of course, the NWO didn’t move in yesterday; they’ve been at it for for over fifty years first taking over hospitals, then pharmacy, then DME, then therapy, home health and finally your local doctor. The doctors have been a little more feisty; after all, why would a doctor, after sacrificing so much in sweat, time and energy, willingly give up so much autonomy to a corporation? Well, as it turns out, plenty will.

The regulations upon a doctor’s office have become overly cumbersome. This is a favorite trick of Corporate America: Lobby politicians to pass regulations that are more easily met by large corporations (because they can charge more). Not that they will meet them, of course. Should they be caught, they will negotiate a fine which they will accept as the cost of doing business. You’ve heard of built-in obsolescence; well, this is built-in malfeasance.

And malfeasance is precisely what you will get as Corporate America takes over. They will gradually replace well-trained doctors with lesser-trained providers who will manage your care with computer algorithms. They will have to use computer algorithms because nothing but a computer could possibly manage the volume of meaningless data that is now collected at your doctor’s office thanks to happy regulating courtesy of pols who are, of course, controlled by Corporate America.

When the Deity came into power in 2008, he encouraged doctors to convert their paper records to a computerized model of record keeping which would have been good if legibility was the principal reason for doing so. The New World Order had other plans though. They saw the computerized medical record as a tool to collect all sorts of data about you, data that is largely useless to the doctor in getting you better. In fact the computerized record hinders your care. The doctor has to spend inordinate time clerking in data that is virtually useless in printed form. The relevant information of his or her visit is buried in a sea of trivia.

I certainly have difficulty finding what I need to know.

The result in years to come will be an increase in morbidity and mortality which you will only know because you will personally feel it. Even as you suffer, your mainstream media will extoll the virtues of this new brand of medicine. They will even give it a catchy name like New Care much like they rebranded Nixon. They called him the “New Nixon.” Of course he was the same old Nixon.

Their statistics, which they will game, will prove that their care is superior. If you should die or become permanently compromised by this brave new healthcare, then so be it. You will be the aberration, the one that fell through the cracks or, in the words of one of their heroes, Robert McNamara, an acceptable loss.

Of course, doctors will still exist as they did twenty years ago; they will have to. You don’t think the political class is going to use the same providers you use, do you?

Will you rebel? No, because if you do, the elites will log into your medical file, discover that you are a diabetic, then click a button which will launch an algorithm that will deny you your insulin at the pharmacy. You’ll be a good little boy, which is what they want, control of you. In fact, just to make sure you know your place, they will launch a preemptive strike upon you by keeping you a little on the sick side. They will do it by delaying a diagnosis, by making it difficult to get an MRI and so forth.

New Care, healthcare for a brave new world.

Yes, I think that’s the slogan they will use.

The Phony Cost of Healthcare

Lets add up the phony cost of healthcare. We’ll begin with the MRI. Let’s assume the highest cost possible.

A new MRI cost 1.5 million. Let’s add in $500,000 in repair costs over 10 years. Now, let’s add in the tech cost for running the MRI. Three techs at 50,000 per annum x 10 years or a cool 1.5 million.

The total cost is 3.5 million over 10 years or $350,000 per year. Let’s assume that the MRI machine runs 350 days per year. That’s $1000 per day. Assuming that 10 studies are done per day we arrive at a cost of $100 per study.

Now let’s double that to arrive at a cost of $200 per study. We can justify that because of any attendant services that might be needed in case of emergency.

Now, take a deep breath and tell me again why an MRI should cost $1000-$2000 per study. Try real hard.

I’ll tell you why – the hospital lobby who has effectively conned Congress and the insurance companies that an MRI costs what they say it does.


The cost of an MRI is artificially inflated to make extra profits for the hospital as if they needed any more.

This artificial high cost makes it tough for cash paying customers to get an MRI. It also makes it tough for insurance patients to get an MRI; they have to endure a lengthy pre-approval process because the cost has been jacked to the ceiling.

So we have an MRI which costs more than it should, and we have a delay in care, none of which works for the benefit of the citizenry.

Who does it work for?

Corporations, overpaid CEOs, silly consultants, the New World Order, hedge fund managers, worthless board members, kickback artists, the usual suspects.