Yawn, Who Cares?

Do you follow the Kennedy assassination?

Are you upset that not all the documents have been released?

Are you upset that the government refuses to declassify documents?

I couldn’t give one solitary fuck.

I’m 68 years old and I have been following the Kennedy assassination, since I was a little boy.

I was born nine years and one week before John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

To the day.

The true killers have revealed themselves through their actions over the years as all true killers do.

We already know who killed John Kennedy.

Jim Marrs stated as much in his book, Crossfire, before he died.

We don’t need CIA memos.

The powers that be, the Harvard Cabal, who control the CIA, killed John Kennedy.

They killed him because he fucked with their money.

If it’s one thing, the powers that be don’t like it’s when someone fucks with their money.

There were a lot of people who didn’t like John Kennedy.

The mob didn’t like him. The CIA didn’t like him. The oil men, whose oil depletion allowance was threatened, didn’t like him. The importers of products from Cuba didn’t like him. The Israelis didn’t like him. The people who wanted to make a fortune off the newly discovered gold and copper deposits in Indonesia didn’t like him. The corporate pigs who wanted to stage an ever ending war in Southeast Asia didn’t like him.

In short, there was a shit load of people who didn’t like him.

All these people voiced their opinions to the powers that be in the Harvard Cabal.

It doesn’t matter that John Kennedy went to Harvard. The Harvard Cabal above all cares more about its money.

John Kennedy fucked with that money.

Additionally, nobody likes a traitor.

When Kennedy was elected, the cabal thought that they could control him. They thought that because he went to Harvard he would be on their side.

They were wrong.

They fucked up.

Maybe at first he was.

But as he grew into the office, he changed.

Maybe he was never one of them to begin with. I don’t think he was.

I think his chronic back pain, his Irish heritage, the tragedies that he suffered with his family, and his experience in the South Pacific being marooned on an island with regular Joes changed him and made him more empathetic to the common man.

He definitely wasn’t his father.

What he saw was a different vision for America.

He saw America as a partner with other nations, not a bully.

This stands in stark contrast to the world you are living in today.

The world you are living in today is the New World Order that he sought to avert.

This is the New World Order of George Herbert Walker Motherfucker Bush.

This is the world order that you are living in today.

It is the imperial world of George Herbert Walker Bush rolling around on a golf cart, yet again, before the ignorant cheering slobs at the Astrodome.

This New World Order is dysphoric and non-workable for average Americans – and for people around the world. It is a warmongering and exploitative world.

It is a world that adopted the very worst ideas of the Third Reich. Indeed, the Third Reich never died. It was merely transported over to America.

Standardized tests, a police state in which cameras are everywhere, intolerance, distrust, 800 numbers for you to report your neighbor, nonstop wars, and a ridiculous superstar (master race) culture which exists to socially influence ignorant masses into the cattle pens of approved opinion are all salient features of this rotten culture.

It exists precisely because John Kennedy was assassinated.

He was assassinated by the Harvard Cabal, greedy fascists all, who run corporate America.

These tyrants will never release any documents that would in any way implicate them.

Consequently, these heavily promoted releases of documents are a complete bore.


They are a fucking waste of time.

You shouldn’t give one solitary fuck about them.

The only thing that you should care about is what they truly represent.

The non-release of documents is an indictment of our current New World Order.

On 11/22/63 at 12:30 PM in the afternoon, America became a banana republic.

You are living in a joke.

Fuck you, George Herbert Walker Motherfucker Bush.

Fuck your father, Prescott Bush, and fuck his friend Allen Dulles.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved