Fixing the Homeless with Ukrainian Dollars

I want to throw some numbers at you.

The United States government in the past nine months has appropriated approximately $100 billion for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, homelessness abounds in cities like Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Have you seen what homelessness looks like in these cities?

One YouTuber has chronicled Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia.

When I saw the video, I thought I was looking at a Hollywood movie.

I’m not kidding.

In one scene in this video there are open trash piles burning in the streets. Just a half a block away is a police station.

It looks like something from the aftermath of a nuclear war.

There are drug addicts and other mentally compromised people walking around doing strange things.

This is the actual state of affairs in America today.

And yet, we are sending $100 billion to Ukraine.

Let me run through the numbers, and hopefully you understand exponents.

1 billion is equal to 10 to the ninth power. 100 billion is equal to ten to the 11th power.

Now, suppose that we built a pod for people to live in that costs $10,000. It would be a bare bones pod, simply intended to get people out of the elements. It need not contain furniture, a kitchen, a media room or any creature comforts.

We could build special pods with chemical toilets, sinks and showers for the same price. We’ve seen these portable units set up at special events.

10,000 is 10 to the fourth power.

If we appropriate $100 billion to building these pods for the homeless, we could construct 10 million of these pods.

10 to the eleventh power divided by 10 to the fourth power is equal to 10 to the seventh power.

10 to the seventh power is equal to 10 million.

10 million!

That’s enough money to build pods for 10 times the number of homeless we have in the United States.

And that could be done with only the money that we’ve appropriated to Ukraine in nine months.

Do you want to know what’s wrong with our government? That’s what’s wrong with our government.

We have a government that’s been hijacked by this greedy, moneygrubbing Harvard cabal that puts profits for corporations above helping our fellow citizens, that believes that war is the best way to run an economy.

Congress wildly cheered the Ukrainian president as he stood before Congress.

He’s another Juan Guaidó.

Our co-opted media compared him to Winston Churchill.

Well, in that respect they were correct. Winston Churchill didn’t give a damn about regular people, and neither does the president of Ukraine.

If he had cared, he would’ve surrendered Ukraine on day one. As it stands now, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have died. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

He and his backers don’t care.

For that matter, neither does our corrupt and misguided Congress.

Poor leadership, baby.

Everybody wants to know why Rome collapsed.

Poor leadership.

Our poor leaders are Harvard motherfuckers who stare at themselves in the mirror, who count the ill-gotten dollar bills in their overstuffed bank accounts, and who partake of pheasant and Pouilly-Fuissé at State Dinners – all while homelessness abounds right outside the doors of their emerald-laden palaces.

These are the enemies of America.

These are the courtesans in the court of our new King Louis: the Harvard Cabal.

These are the true Quislings.

Forget about the Russians. Forgot about the Chinese.

Compared to our leaders, the Russians and Chinese are no threat to us at all.


Archer Crosley

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