Logical Killings

You’ve heard the term senseless killing.

Every time we have a mass murder, like the one in Nashville recently, you hear a tele-boob state that this was a senseless killing.

No, my friend, it wasn’t a senseless killing at all.

It was a totally logical event.

It made total sense.

OK, I get what you mean.

But actually, I don’t get what you mean.

You mean by senseless killing that the act was irrational, that a normal person wouldn’t do that.

In that respect, you are 100% correct.

A normal person like you wouldn’t do that.

Unfortunately, the people who are doing these killings are often not deranged at all.

Yes, it is true, some people are hearing voices.

But all too often, the person is not hearing voices.

But even if they were hearing voices, everything right now that I now say to you would still be true.

What is going on in a mass shooting is that the killer is enraged about their condition in life and simply wants to get some payback on somebody.

Why is this occurring?

It’s important to ask this because these mass shootings didn’t occur when I was a boy.

They just didn’t.

So what has changed in the last seventy years.

What has changed in the last seventy years is the social contract we have with each other.

When I was a boy, you did not have the massive polarization of wealth that you have today.

There was a social covenant that we had with each other in which we agreed not to rip each other off.

Hence, there was a greater equalness in wealth.

Consequently, you did not have so many people financially distressed as you do today. There were unions. There were protections. There were mechanisms in place both legal and social which ensured that people got a more equitable stake in the game.

This is important because a person’s financial health is directly correlated with their mental health.

When the family’s financial health goes down the tubes, all sorts of social ills arise.

You get increased drug use, you get increased sexual abuse, you get increased physical abuse, you get increased homelessness, you get increased crime, and the list goes on.

It’s not a coincidence that we have more teen suicides, more depression, more anxiety.

Add in to this mix the lousy celebrity culture, gambling at your local convenience store, violent video games, degrading music, cheap gossip, mindless pressure inducing standardized testing, creepy pornography a click away, TikTok, dehumanizing social media, and you get a vile sulfurous stew.

Yep, it smells like a rotten egg.

And that’s because it is.

People are hurting.

People are lining up at food banks.

Think of these increased social ills as bubbles in a boiling tea pot.

When you increase the heat in society, and heat is the pain, heat is the financial stress, you get more bubbles or more social disease.

A really big bubble is synonymous with a mass shooting.

Keep increasing the heat and you keep increasing the number of mass shootings.

It’s simple physics.

It makes total sense

It’s totally logical.

It’s not senseless at all.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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