Caesar Was Not a Christian

A fellow came into my office today, and he was very upset.

He is a person I have known for some time now.

He was worried about our government, our leadership and our dollar bill not being worth anything in a few years.

Most of all he was concerned about his kids. What kind of future would they have?

I tried to console him.

I think I consoled him in the wrong way.

At first I told him that our leaders would not allow the dollar bill to be totally devalued.

I’m not sure why I told him that because I knew full well how evil our leaders were.

It may very well be that our leaders’ plan is to create a nation of serfs. That is what I believe.

What better way to accomplish that than to devalue the currency?

The problem with that line of thinking though is that our leaders are using the same currency we are.

I guess what I was trying to convey to my friend was that our leaders would never allow the dollar bill to not be the world’s reserve currency.

There was simply too much money in it for them to have the US dollar be the world’s reserve currency.

Our leaders would rather blow up the Earth than have that happen.

But I didn’t tell him that.

Then I said to him that only thirty years ago, people were thinking that it would be the Japanese who would be ruling over us.

The Yen at that time reigned supreme.

That didn’t happen, of course.

Anyway, my friend thought that our leaders were too preoccupied with the transgender movement rather than what they should be focused on – our economy.

Of course, I couldn’t tell my friend how evil I thought our leaders really were.

I didn’t want to disillusion him.

So I just let it go.

When I got home, I started talking to my mother who is deceased now.

That’s right, I talk to my mother.

I was conveying to her all the latest news of what was going on.

I told her about the inflation that was currently taking place. I told her that she was lucky that she wasn’t here, that the inflation would be eating her up alive.

And then I started thinking about my friend who visited me today.

And I thought about what I would tell him or what I should have told him.

I would say to him what I will say to you now.

Our leaders are totally evil, and totally without Christ.

Take heart though.

Christianity will defeat our evil leaders who have brought this economic calamity upon us.

Christianity will secure our future.

There is no need to anguish over things we cannot control. We must focus on what we can control.

Christianity is something that we can practice.

Christianity defeated the Roman Empire.

Christianity will defeat the American Empire,

You yourself can stop the American Empire dead in its tracks simply by doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.

The practice of Christianity will produce leaders who are firmly opposed to our current methodology of free trade.

The free trade that America practices now is free exploitation.

America is not exporting its democracy to the rest of the world. That is a myth and a lie.

America is exporting crony corporatism and tyranny.

America currently uses the Third World for cheap labor.

America positions its evil corporations like Levi Strauss in Haiti where they exploit the people for wages equaling less than five dollars a day.

Your practice of Christianity can put a stop to that.

The type of trade that the United States engages in now is corporatism – big business corporatism.

And big business corporatism is Caesar.

Christ did not embrace Caesar. Christ walked away from Caesar.

Caesar was a fuckhead.

And Christ knew it.

Similarly, the business of war has nothing to do with Christ.

The business of war also belongs to Caesar.

It is a perversion of Christ’s message to state that Christ stands for running around the world and kicking ass.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Would we want a foreign nation to come into the United States and start a phony war simply to extract our assets?

We did in Vietnam. We killed millions.

We did in the Middle East. We killed millions there too.

What would Christ say about that?

He would be opposed to that.

Christianity is not practiced in our country today.

The people who think they’re practicing Christianity are not practicing Christianity at all.

What they’re practicing is corporatism.

They do this because the CIA, the Sicherheitdienst of the wealthy elite, hijacked the evangelical movement and other Christian congregations.

Christian leaders became seduced by Caesar.

They were given trips on Air Force One, private tours in the White House, invitations to congressional prayer breakfasts.

These leaders then began to equate corporatism with Christ.

This led many Christians to believe that they were doing Christ’s work by supporting a military that runs all over the world and kicks ass.

Well, what are the results?

Christ said in so many words that the proof of the pudding was in the eating.

Well, how is the eating?

Not very good at all.

If you want better, fruit, or better pudding, you have to change your mindset.

We can begin simply by asking ourselves to do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

When we do that, we will collapse the American Empire, which is what it so richly deserves.

We can have America the Republic or we can have America the Empire, but we cannot have both.

If we have America the Empire without America the Republic then what is the point?

Practice Christianity.

That is what you can do to reform this nation.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it will work.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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