Bazalel Smotrich and Reality

Read this.

In this article, Bezalel Smotrich states that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people..

Smotrich says there’s no Palestinian people, declares his family ‘real Palestinians’

This article merits commentary because it is wrong in so many ways.

The man, speaking up at the podium, Bezalel Smotrich, is an example of what happens when you propagandize a nation of people against an existing minority.

Of course, you know, this hatred of Palestinians is all backed up by the pigs in the United States of America and Great Britain, who created the state of Israel in order to control the Suez Canal, the eastern Mediterranean, and the oil and gas assets in the Middle East.

Regardless of what our leaders say, our phony leaders in the US are firmly behind the Jews in this conflict in this Middle East.

They always have been.

Mr. Smotrich is one of their propagandizers.

He is currently Israel’s Minister of Finance.

He reinforces the false beliefs to which many Jewish people in Israel are victim.

Here are some of the things that he says:

Who was the first Palestinian king? What language do the Palestinians have? Was there ever a Palestinian currency? Is there a Palestinian history or culture? Nothing. There is no such thing as a Palestinian people.” 

He said these things in a speech in Paris.

To begin with, Palestine has been continuously occupied by other empire states over the past 2500 years.

It’s a popular spot.

It has been occupied because it is a crossroads between Africa, Asia and Europe.

At various times Palestine has been occupied by the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans.  

Hey, even the Crusaders got in on the act.

Let’s not forget about Great Britain and the United States.

Nor the French. Napoleon beat us all to the holy land in 1797.

Yes, he was there.

Palestine has almost never been left to its own devices over the past 2500 years.

What language do the Palestinians have? Arabic.  That makes sense, right? What does language have to do with the price of eggs?

Who was the first Palestinian king?  Probably one the different occupiers who was living in the area.  Who is the King of South Texas? Probably the President of the United States.   Does that mean that there is not a distinct type of culture and people in South Texas?  Not at all.  Before the various Presidents of the United States, the King of South Texas was the leader of Mexico.  So what?

Kings are generally forced upon people.

Let’s not also forget that many of these Palestinians were probably Jews at one time if we go back far enough. The choice was between converting or dying.

Was there ever a Palestinian currency?  Sure, the currency that was imposed upon the people, or whatever currency they chose to adopt.

Gold?  Silver? 

El Salvador recently chose to employ Bitcoin as an alternative currency. Currently they use the dollar bill; does that mean that El Salvador does not have a distinctive culture? Not at all.

Is there a Palestinian history or culture?  Apparently there is;  if there wasn’t, why is Israel trying to wipe them out?  Obviously, right wing nut jobs like Mr. Smotrich view Palestinians as different.   And that is because they are.  They have their own culture and their own ways of doing things. This can be experienced by listening to Edward Said talk about his experience in Palestine when he was a boy.

With that stated, this article that I am writing here should not be interpreted as an attack on the Jewish state, for if the Jewish state is to survive over centuries if not millennia, people like Mr. Smotrich must be marginalized.

You’ll go much further in life with a lump of sugar than a switch.

To begin with, the Palestinian people did not rush into Palestine as the Philadelphia 76ers would do in meeting the Los Angeles Lakers at the Forum.

Ha ha.

The Palestinian people had been living in that area of the world for thousands of years.

The author, Edward Said, now deceased, can describe for you on YouTube how his family was dispossessed from Palestine.

He can illustrate for you the vibrant life that Palestinians enjoyed there.

So to say that the Palestinian people were never there, that they rushed in at the last moment when the state of Israel was contemplated, is a flat out lie.

It isn’t true.

The state of Israel was created so that the US and Great Britain could control the oil and gas assets in that region.

Israel is a beachhead.  The Jews were used to colonize the area.

How do we know this? We know this because nobody did anything for the Jews for 1900 years.  It was only after the discovery of oil in the area, and the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, that the powers that be started looking out for the welfare of Jews.  Hmm, do you think there might be a connection?

It is most important for real Jews to understand that because when the day comes that oil and gas are not as necessary, when the day comes that the Suez Canal is not as necessary, the money people will abandon the Jews.

Yes, they will do it, both fake Jews and fake Christians alike.

The money people have no allegiance to anything at all except money. And they were the ones who created Israel.

The modern state of Israel would not exist without “the money” – the bigs.

To move hundreds of thousands of people into Israel requires organization and materiel. And that costs money.

Yes, the pennies and nickels that Jews gave in their congregations helped, but that only came about because “the money” made the decision to develop a beachhead in the Middle East.

That’s reality.

Regular people are too disorganized and too opposed to each other in order to marshal a mass movement like that.

As long as oil and gas are necessary, Israel’s security is assured. Nothing is going to happen to them. And they’re absolutely, unequivocally will never be a Palestinian state.

I don’t care what kind of noble BS comes out of our leaders.

There will be no Palestinian state as long as oil and gas and the Suez Canal are necessary.

In that respect Mr. Smotrich need not worry.


And as far as Iran is concerned – they don’t want the Palestinian state either.

The current enmity between Iran and Israel is BS.

It’s a gentleman’s agreement amongst the corrupt leaders of both countries.

As I have stated before you as a Jew have more in common with a regular person from Iran than either of you have with your respective leaders.

Iran’s leaders have no interest in seeing an independent Palestinian state. Why would they want that? If they have that their main  issue would go away.  They need an occupied Palestinian people to justify their military buildup to their people.

Israel and the United States are the Great Satans. The leaders of Iran need them.

And our leaders need Iran as an enemy.

You see, leaders all over the world are a fucked up type of people.

They are sick pups – all of them.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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