Urban Meyer

Dear Urban Meyer,

I’m going to pretend that I am your boss.

Listen up, bitch.

You are a coward and a pussycat.

You are a wimp and a sellout.

You are such, not because you engaged in what appears to be lap dancing at a bar, but because you apologized for doing so when there was no reason to do so.

Why are you apologizing?

What did you do wrong other than get stress relief for an extremely stressful job?

Are head coaches never permitted to take a break from reality?

Are human beings permitted no short escape into fantasy?

I don’t give a good good damn if your hands were all over the girl.

If they were, it was clearly done with mutual consent in order to divert the mind.

Secondly it’s none of my business anyway.

Nor is it the business of anyone else.

For my part, you did nothing to harm the integrity of the NFL.

If anyone has harmed the integrity of the NFL, it is the NFL itself for becoming the politically correct kneeler it has become.

The NFL now takes its orders from Joy Behar.

What Joy believes, the NFL believes.

What Joy disapproves of, the NFL disapproves of.

If Joy is happy, the NFL is happy

If Joy is unhappy, the NFL is unhappy.

The NFL no longer has a spine of its own.

It is a quivering bowl of Jell-O in an electric field of emotions.

Joy Behar only needs to snap her fingers, and the NFL, the little poodle that it is, comes to a heeling position.

Well, I don’t want that.

What I want is a man who stands on his own two feet and takes a stand for what he feels is right.

As Emiliano Zapata once said: It’s better to die on your feet like a man than to live the rest of your life on your knees like a dog.

Can you be a man, Urban Meyer?

Women have no problem going to ladies clubs where barely naked male dancers with a six pack and a cucumber-laden jockstrap gyrate their hips to screams of full-throated lust.

So why on earth are you apologizing?

If you want your job, stop apologizing.

Better yet retract the apology you did make.

Under no circumstances bend the knee to the apology police.

They couldn’t care less about women or fidelity.

What they care about is power, power over you, power over us.

Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

I need a coach who understands that.

If your wife doesn’t understand that that’s not our problem; that’s her problem. Divorce her.

I need a coach who can set an example for his players.

I need a coach who can stand up and act like a man.

Pussycats and wimps need not apply.

Man up or ship out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Tom Hanks, Nice Guy? Veto!

Tom Hanks, America’s Jimmy Stewart, veto, has a lot of guts and a lot of nerve for talking down to us with his narration of the new Cleveland Guardians video.

Tom Hanks is a shill for the Empire.

What Tom Hanks doesn’t understand is that he works for the guy who was appointed by the guy, who was appointed by the guy, who was appointed by the guy, who was appointed by the guy, who was appointed by the guy, who was appointed by the guy who humiliated, degraded, debased, and killed many of the native American Indians.

It was the powers that be who made and broke all those treaties with the Indians well over a century ago.

It was their successors who are running things today.

Is their successors who hired Tom Hanks to be their shill.

How dare he talk down to us.

His duties to the Empire seem endless.

When they want him to sell the name change for the Cleveland Indians which is a subtle way of calling the rest of us racist, genocidal maniacs, Tom Hanks is there.

When it comes time to sell the idea of stay at home, socially distance, and flatten the curve with regard to COVID-19, Tom Hanks is there.

When it came time to sell the EV1 automobile, Tom Hanks was there.

Oh yes, these are not the first times that Tom Hanks has been a shill for the Empire.

It seems that Tom Hanks will do anything for the Empire.

And why not?

The Empire made him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

This is the price you pay for joining the Empire.

When the Empire asks you to do something, you do it.

Do you remember the scene in the Godfather where Michael Corleone asks Johnny Fontaine if he can recruit some of his friends to entertain in Las Vegas?

Did you see that slight hesitation on Johnny Fontaine‘s face before he said yes.

What was he thinking in that tiny moment?

You know what he was thinking. He was thinking if I don’t do this, my ass is grass.

That’s why Johnny Fontaine obeyed Michael Corleone.

And that’s why Tom Hanks obeys the Empire.

Tom Hanks is not stupid. He knows what will happen to him if he doesn’t follow through with one of their requests.

His ass will be grass.

What happened to Tony Montana when he didn’t follow through with the killing that his friend Sosa had ordered in Scarface.

His ass was grass.

Although these are fictional movies, they were written by writers who had a lot of experience in the real world and who knew how life was and is.

They put their philosophies and beliefs into those movies.

Another fictional movie that had much truth to it was The Brotherhood of the Bell starring Glenn Ford. You don’t see that movie much anymore on television because the elites don’t want you to see it. They don’t want you to see how the real world works.

In this particular movie, Glenn Ford plays Andy Patterson, a businessman and a professor, who bucks the system.

Andy Patterson has been the beneficiary of a secret society called the Brotherhood of the Bell which unknowingly to him has made him who he is.

One day, his mentor, played by Dean Jagger, asks him to do a favor for the brotherhood.

Andy Patterson finds the request morally reprehensible. He does not follow through. In many respects he is like Tony Montana In Scarface.

When Andy Patterson does not follow through, all hell comes down on him. He is frozen out of society. His clients disappear. His credit cards are cancelled.

He desperately tries to convince people of the existence of this brotherhood. He goes on television but he humiliated by a television talk show host played brilliantly by William Conrad.

Destroyed, Andy Patterson has only one hope. If he can only find a fellow member of the brotherhood and get him to confirm his story, he will win.

The movie ends with a glimmer of hope that this might just happened.

Of course, this is Hollywood. They have to have a happy ending.

All too often though in the real world there is no happy ending.

In the real world, people do not buck the system. There are very few Andy Pattersons in this world. And if there are any, you don’t hear about them because the main stream media shuts them out.

All too often, the Tom Hanks’s of the world skate through unscathed.

Does Tom Hanks know that Corporate America with an agenda is using him and his nice guy status to sell unwanted and harmful ideas to the country?

I believe he does.

You see, it’s not the name change in the Cleveland Indian’s that’s important. It’s the idea behind the name change. It’s the idea of the elites putting their boot on our face so as to dominate our lives.

Tom Hanks understands this.

Does this make Tom Hanks a bad guy?

Yes it does.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

MMA and Corporate America: A Match Made in Hell

I remember when MMA began in the early 80s.

I remember Royce Gracie breaking people’s arms.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I wanted to pick up a machine gun and kill someone.

But I didn’t know who to kill.

Do I kill the fighters? Or do I kill the cheering audience?

I still feel that way about MMA today.

I was shocked and disappointed when Corporate America jumped in to sponsor MMA.

I’m not shocked now given what has transpired in American culture over the past 40 years.

No one should be surprised nowadays that Corporate America sponsors MMA.

Corporate America couldn’t care less about people, humanity, morals, or what is right in society.

Corporate America only cares about a buck.

That’s it.

The reason why Corporate America only cares about a buck is because Corporate America is not a person.

This would actually be news to our Supreme Court justices who fervently believe that corporations are people.

Yes, it’s true. The Supreme Court has granted them personhood.

The Founding Fathers however felt differently.

They knew that corporations were not people. They also knew that corporations were dangerous. They were afraid of the power of corporations.

That’s why they limited their power.

Yep, corporations in the old days had to have a specific purpose and a specific length of time during which they could operate. Also, the leaders of those corporations could be held responsible for the actions of that corporation.

Not so today.

The wealthy elite, who run our corporations, have needled away at our legal system in order to grant their cash cows personhood.

This is why corporations are so powerful today.

This is why they’re eating America alive.

Slowly, gradually, brick by brick, the decent Republic our Founding Fathers desired is being dismantled.

Part of that dismantlement is MMA.

There is money in poverty and violence.

MMA is a vicious, uncivilized sport where we indoctrinate young people that it’s okay, possibly even normal, to be violent. We tell them that it’s okay to smash in the head of your opponent until he taps out.

And, yes, MMA is different than boxing.

It is different in that boxing has rules and a sense of moderation that MMA does not.

In boxing, it’s not okay to pummel a nearly unconscious, defenseless opponent into the canvas.

In boxing it’s not okay to kick a person in the head. Any fool knows that you can generate much more power with a kick than a punch.

A knee to the head is bordering on criminality.

In MMA there are no serious gloves. The gloves in boxing exist to limit the damage of the violence to the puncher and the boxer being punched.

I’ve been to an MMA match and seen little children mimic the fighters.

That is not what we need for a decent republic. We don’t need more violence; we need less violence.

Less violence, more thought.

MMA contributes to that violent culture, and not in an innocent way.

It’s not just the fight itself, but the culture around MMA that’s wrong. The audience itself seems to be invested in the blood sport in a way that you do not see with boxing.

Yes, the boxing audience is rooting for their particular guy in the match. And if there is a knockout, or a severe punch to the head, yes, the audience does cheer, but it seems reactionary to what has occurred. In MMA the audience is proactively invested in the complete bone-crushing annihilation of the opponent.

And then there are the fighters themselves.

The MMA fighters are tattooed and adorned as nihilistic, Orwellian gladiators – uncivilized brutes, cannibals thirsting for a blood meal.

In fact blood, and plenty of it, seems to heighten the fervent, mystical excitement of the audience and their unslakable thirst for an impaling.

Welcome to the Coliseum.

The apotheosis of this barbarity would be Conor McGregor who saunters lewdly around the octagon like a character in A Clockwork Orange.

If we have mass shootings, if we have increased incidents of road rage, if we have more uncivil discourse, MMA is a contributing factor to that.

MMA reduces us to the status of an unclean animal.

This seems in line with what our ruling elite desire.

You might say MMA is a reflection of them.

Animals beget animals.

Our leaders of Corporate America are wild animals who believe in social Darwinism.

The people they sponsor are the same.

Both institutions need to go.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rob Manfred, Puppet

Well, I knew Rob Manfred, being a Harvard graduate, would ruin baseball. I just thought it would take him longer than this.

There’s no place for politics in sports.


Apparently Rob Manfred, the dopey commissioner of MLB, doesn’t think so.

Rob Manfred, as you may know, recently made the decision to move the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta because he and his elites don’t approve of the Georgia voting law.

Well, who gives a fuck what Rob Manfred thinks of the Georgia voting law?

And why is the Georgia voting law any of Rob Manfred’s business?

Indeed why does Major League Baseball care about the Georgia voting law?

Does Major League Baseball care about any of the other various policies in various states across the nation?

Should they?

It’s not Major League Baseball‘s job to care about how any state conducts its business or its voting practice.

It’s not Rob Manfred’s job either.

We have elected leaders to do that. Do you remember that quaint concept known as representative democracy?

Are we to replace that now with the whims of corporate titans who are now either controlled or heavily influenced by a politically correct Harvard University?

Make no mistake about it, Harvard is behind this.

Harvard leads the way.

Do you know what Major League Baseball‘s job is?

Ticket on the clue train: it’s not to follow Harvard..

Its job is to entertain us.

Its job is to relieve us from the pressures of daily life for three short hours.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to cause us more pain.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to raise our consciousness.

Our consciousness is raised enough already.

We already live in a world of shit.

We already know how the real world works.

We don’t need a motherfucker like Rob Manfred to tell us how horrible the world is.

We already know.

But, what else could you expect from a Harvard graduate?

If you ever needed any proof that Harvard University is controlling the strings, that Harvard University is the master puppet master in re-engineering our society, you just got a lesson in it yesterday, when Rob “Motherfucker” Manfred, Harvard graduate, decided to enter the world of politics.

Baseball is finished.

Thank you Harvard University.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Tiger Woods

Hey, did you hear about Tiger Woods?

This is the new national obsession.

How about this one? I don’t care more about Tiger Woods than I would anyone else, and neither should you.

As a matter of fact, you should go out of your way to not care about Tiger Woods.

Why is that?

Because when we care more about Tiger Woods than Joe Chickenfeed, then we are in real trouble in this nation.

Who is Joe Chickenfeed? Well, Joe Chickenfeed could be anyone. He could be you.

Joe Chickenfeed could be any of the other thousands of people who were in a car accident yesterday.

Do we care about them?

Oh, I can hear you say, but Tiger has contributed so much to society.

Sorry, my friend, I don’t buy into that.

That’s part of the problem we have in this country – this idiotic movers and shakers type society.

Tiger Woods doesn’t contribute any more to society than the man who runs the corner convenience store.

That’s the way our country was set up. Our founding fathers did this intentionally. They set it up this way because they knew that societies run by elites die off pretty quickly.

The life blood of American society comes from regular people who don’t look like much and unfortunately don’t count for much in our ridiculous superstar world.

You caring about Tiger Woods any more than anyone else is dangerous to the affairs of the country.

When you care more about Tiger Woods, you are contributing to the idiotic superstar culture which contributes to this massive polarization of wealth in our country.

There is no justification for it. Indeed, it violates the social covenant that we have with each other in which we agree to not rip each other off too badly. How would you feel if I as a pediatrician was paid $5 million for diagnosing your son’s appendicitis? How would you feel if we paid a fireman $10 million for running into a burning building?

I’m pretty sure that you would say that’s a little unfair.

You would be right. It is unfair. It violates the social covenant we have with each other.

The only reason we permit these celebrities to make these fabulous salaries is because we’ve been conned into believing that they are not human, that they are above us.

They are not.

Moreover, when these individuals are elevated into demigod status, the corporate elites will then use these fake superstars to herd the masses into the cattle pens of opinion that the elites desire.

This is exactly how the elites are controlling people to get their way in the United States of America.

This is why your senators and representatives do not listen to you.

This is why the state of California is a disaster area.

Currently the state of California runs on plebiscites, known as propositions.

The reason why California runs this way is because there isn’t sufficient representation. Because there isn’t sufficient representation, the senators and representatives listen to plebiscites.

And who controls the outcome of the plebiscites?

Morning talk show host-boobs and the celebrity superstars who appear on their programs.

Valerie Bertinelli will now comment.

She is important. You are not. If you were important, you would be on television. You are not on television hence you’re not important.

You’re stupid senators and representatives listen to these celebrity comments and interpret that as the public’s opinion.

Your representatives do not listen to you; they take their cue from the superstar.

More importantly, there are millions of boobs out there who will go along with what ignorant celebrities have to say.

These are the crowds screaming for Barabbas.

They will vote accordingly.

And so in this manner Corporate America can control public opinion.

They can do this because so many people have been beaten down into serfdom. So many people have been beaten down into thinking that these celebrities are demigods.

Many years ago I was in Las Vegas. I was ascending to my room when this one young man pops into the elevator. He begins to breathlessly tell us that he is staying in another hotel in Las Vegas. Overcome with emotion, he says to us in a giddily euphoric but quiet voice as if he is letting us in on a secret: “Gwyneth Paltrow is staying in our hotel.”

Who gives one solitary fuck?

I don’t know any way to defeat this superstar culture except to defeat it.

You have to stop caring about Tiger Woods anymore than you would any one else.

In summary then do I care about Tiger Woods and his car crash?

I can’t afford to care.

And neither can you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

This Past Weeknd

I don’t think you have to be Edward Bernays to see that there was some serious programming going on with The Weeknd’s performance at the Super Bowl this past weekend.

The masked automatons were enough.

I’m pretty damn sure that the people who choreographed that display want you to conform, obey and submit.

What do you think, soldier?

There was some serious subliminal messaging going on there.

I haven’t put it all together yet, but elements which struck me at first glance were the orchestra arranged like a graveyard, the masks, and the disconnected words.

As the performance progresses The Weeknd, always without mask, leads his automatons out of the graveyard through a maze of blinding lights and confusion, to ultimately break out and do what? Become free, but still masked?

The dance is chaotically free at the performance’s end, yet the masks remain – except for The Weeknd.

What are they selling us?

What they are selling us is that the rabble, you, are different from the elites. You will be free but unfree.

Your leaders will be different from you. Your leaders will be permitted to walk without masks.

You will not be free to walk without a mask.

The mask is not only a symbol of conformity, but subservience and obedience.

Those who wear masks are of a lesser class of people.

This is the message from Corporate America.

The Weeknd, of course, is just another tool of Corporate America to sell Corporate America’s vision to you.

His presence at the Super Bowl is evidence of that.

Reject this vision.

Now as for the words that I can decipher. Feel, Nothing, Gone, Turn, Alone, Hours, Touch, Your Mind, Long, Enough.

Many of these words are in the lyrics to the song that is sung, but some are not.

The words are disjointed and should be carefully considered as individual key words.

I suspect they are not there by accident. Moreover, they’re not connected in a logical way that the lyrics to the song might dictate.

What they’re saying to me is this: I should feel nothing, I should touch nothing. My mind is gone. Enough now. Turn. Change. Be alone.

But let’s be fair.

The Weeknd is an extremely talented performer, and I enjoyed the performance. I have watched it many, many times now.

I like him.

I like the way The Weeknd sings and moves.

And I thought the graphics were bad ass.

Still, am I being programmed here?

I think so.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Avoid the Super Bowl

I’m going to give you ten reasons why you shouldn’t watch the Super Bowl.

1. It’s rigged. It was rigged back in the 1970s; it’s rigged now. We have corruption in every single area of endeavor known to man, but not the NFL. That’s what the NFL wants you to believe. That’s what the NFL’s shills on main stream media want you to believe. In truth, there’s too much money in the NFL for it not to be rigged. Not only does the mob bet on the NFL and therefore have a vested interest in the outcome, so does the NFL. The NFL is terrified of low ratings which may explain why Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees keep getting screwed out of Super Bowl appearances. Green Bay and New Orleans are small market teams.

2. Corporate America uses the NFL to socially engineer society. Quit being a pawn in their game. Whether it’s getting players to kneel for the national anthem, exploiting the children of Sandy Hook so as to promote gun control, or inviting divisive Amanda Gorman to recite poetry at the Super Bowl, it’s obvious that the disciples of Joseph Goebbels at Corporate America thirst to change your mind. Avoid these political hucksters as you would COVID-19.

3. Corporate America and the NFL promote graphic sexuality at their half time show. If you really want pornography the adult bookstore in your local town is open for business. I think we can all agree that children should be shielded from the seediness that is the NFL halftime show, unless, of course, you desire your child to grow up to be a gigolo or a slut.

4. Quit paying the sports tax. Whether you know it or not, you pay the sports tax every time you buy a product that is featured during the Super Bowl. It works like this. The companies pay money to the networks to feature their products. The network in turn pays money to the NFL for the privilege of carrying football games. The NFL in turn distributes that money to the teams. The teams use that money to pay outrageous salaries to their players. Who pays the companies? You do. You pay a surcharge on all these products which ultimately pays these football players their outrageous salaries.

5. Quit buying into the superstar culture. When you watch the Super Bowl, you are unwittingly contributing to the survival of the superstar culture. It is that superstar culture through its fake superstars that herds people and politicians into the cattle pens of opinion that Corporate America chooses for them. It is that same superstar culture that invades our corporate boardrooms and prompts CEOs, who think of themselves as superstars, to award themselves fabulous compensation packages.

6. The NFL promotes wrong values and false priorities. At last year‘s Super Bowl we all had a moment of silence for Kobe Bryant, which was fine; but where was the moment of silence for Julian Assange? Julian Assange sat in a jail cell in the United Kingdom courtesy of Corporate America. What was Julian Assange’s crime? He showed a video tape of US soldiers murdering innocent civilians. Corporate America, who makes a shitload of money off war, doesn’t approve of anybody embarrassing them.

7. Corporate America, which now controls the NFL, repeatedly rapes you the regular American when it fights endless foreign wars abroad. Every time we fight a foreign war, the CEOs of the corporations who make a bundle off the war, take their disproportionate share of the money that is printed up to fight that war. When you walk away from the NFL, you send a strong anti-war message to Corporate America.

8. Through the naming of its stadiums after the names of corporations the NFL sends a strong message into your mind that money is what is most important in society. There was a day in the NFL when stadiums were named after people who had done honorable things, or groups of people, such as veterans, who had done honorable things. That’s why you had stadiums called Veterans Stadium. Now you have Lincoln Financial Field.

9. Corporate America discriminates against people of color and women, yet it is Corporate America who deigns to scold us for being racist. The regular people of America are not racist. This preaching by Corporate America is a classic case of projection where the real discriminators and the real racists project their immorality upon us. It’s time to stay away from them.

10. Perhaps most importantly, the NFL feeds into the programming that these people who play before you are more important than you as an individual. No, you are more important than they are; and this is precisely the type of society that your Founding Fathers desired to create. There are no movers and shakers in society; yet when you watch the Super Bowl you buy into that programming. When you stop watching the Super Bowl, you reassert your supremacy over this false ideology.

If you want to do yourself a favor this Sunday, spend time with your family.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Our Stupid Fascist Sports Leagues

One of the more laughable news items is when professional athletes are excluded from participating upon testing positive for COVID-19.

It’s extremely unlikely that a quarterback or receiver is going to contract COVID-19 out in the middle of the playing field from another player, then sit down on the 50 yard line and eat a cheeseburger.

COVID-19, like most of the respiratory illnesses is not spread primarily by air droplets alone.

In order for COVID-19 to spread, a person must cough on their hands, shake hands with (or transmit by fomite to) another person after which that person must pick up food that they plan to put in their mouth without washing their hands first.

That is how COVID-19 is spread.

COVID-19 is extremely unlikely to spread by respiratory droplets alone. The infectious dose is too low when dispersed in the air, and the lower respiratory epithelium has too many defenses.

So is it likely that an NFL player will sit down in the middle of a game and eat a cheeseburger without washing his hands first?

Is this likely to occur on an NFL playing field?


So then why is the NFL excluding players who test positive for COVID-19?

Partly out of ignorance, and partly to institute fascism within the United States.

What do you expect from you listen to a knucklehead like Anthony Fauci?

Your NFL is a giant corrupt corporation that is a puppet of Corporate America.

They do what Corporate America tells them to do.

The NFL’s job is to sell fear so that the elites can usher in their worker’s paradise.

Shameless Roger Goodell leads the way.

It’s bad enough that NFL quarterbacks make $40 million a year; they want more.

And they will help Corporate America get more of your money, power and dignity.

This is why idiotic NFL commentators wear a face mask when they’re standing in the middle of the field all by themselves.

They’re selling fear.

They’re selling stupidity.

They’re selling serfdom.

Smile, enjoy their product, then walk away.

Refuse to buy into their idiocy.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved