The EU Will Fail

Ultimately this EU will fail.

Brexit may not be the precipitating cause, but ultimately this EU will fail.  It will do so for the same reason that all governments fail:  failure to respond to the needs of the people.

Whether a government be monarchy, democracy or theocracy, the leadership must respond to the needs of the people.  Failure to do so will lead to overthrow of that government.

That power resides in the people is not a fanciful ideal but a factual reality.

Thus far the EU does not seem to recognize this.

We can see evidence of this in the heavy-handed way in which the Greeks were subjected to austerity measures.

We see further evidence in the brusque way in which Donald Tusk dealt with Theresa May.

Apparently, in the mind of the EU, Brussels is not to be fucked with.

And it’s not in the mood for listening.

This is a pity, for a great leader must listen.

What the British are saying to the EU is that something about the EU is not working.  And what is not working is the structure of the EU itself.

The current methodology in the way that law is passed is fatally flawed.

Law emanates in the EU from the top down, from the Council of the European Union (and the European Commission) to the European Parliament instead of the reverse.

For workable law that suits the needs of the people, the representatives closest to the people need to fashion the law.

Local knowledge must be taken advantage of.

The Council of the European Union and the European Commission are too far removed from the daily grind of the people.

And so these more centralized bodies implement policy that make people’s heads shake.

What results is bad law, bad economics and bad outcomes.

If the structure of the EU were sound, the issues of Grexit and Brexit never would have arisen.

A wise leader listens.

A workable EU is a great idea, and Britain should join one.

This EU is a bad idea.


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