Phony Awards, Phony Titles

One of the things that you as an American must comprehend if we are to ever get our country back from the elites who hijacked it away from us is that your elites are no more important than you.

Let me put it this way: The man who runs the corner convenience store is no less important than the President of the United States. And I don’t mean that to make a speech; I mean it, and so did the Founding Fathers.

In fact the success of the country is predicated on that belief which is embodied in the words: We the People.

Those Founding Fathers must have been pretty smart; you know, they could have begun the Constitution by choosing any other words, but they felt it was important to use THOSE words to illustrate to you who they felt was most important.

Now, your elites have been indoctrinating you fairly heavily since birth to believe the opposite. They bestow upon themselves phony awards, phony scholarships and phony titles. They give themselves Oscars, Peabody awards, Pulitzer prizes, Nobel prizes and such. They award themselves Rhodes Scholarships, Fulbright scholarships and many other so-called plums. Let’s not forget the ambassadorships and other government titles.

You as one of the non-recipients of such a title or award are expected to kneel down into a co-dependent relationship with this false nobility. You are expected to be one of the little people while they will be your lord who will tell you how to think. They may even beat you which you will be programmed to expect.

After all they are the big shots, and you are a nothing.

Now, this indoctrination has been taking place in your mind since you were born, so it will take much effort to deprogram yourself.

What will save this country is you first heaving off the shackles of this indoctrination. By you doing so, you feel strong enough to stand on your own. You feel less need to allow a committee or organization to speak for you. This is important for all your national committees and associations have been hijacked by the elites.

All of them.

This is why they no longer speak for you. This is why they have sold you down the river into slavery.

These elites are clever; they know how to speak with the right buzzwords and the right body language. They specialize in manipulating a meeting to achieve their goal which is heads they win and tails you lose.

But it is your country, and you count too.

You are just as important as the President of the United States.

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