Awards, God and Life

If you are young, I would like to disabuse you of any penchant you may have for winning awards.

They are are useless, worthless, and even dangerous – especially those coming from an authority.

Avoid them.

You are far more valuable than an award.

Don’t let King Louis value your life for you.

Don’t accept his dog biscuits.

King Louis has an agenda.

You must find solace and peace of mind in the work that you do, in the value that you feel you add to the community, and how you feel God feels about your work.

That is what will sustain you.

If you wait for the approval of others to validate your life, you will become ever more frustrated and miserable.

There are many great actors in Hollywood who have never won an Academy Award.

One such actor who could have easily won an award for just about any role he played is Nick Nolte.

He has been nominated several times, but he has never won.

He could have easily won for the Prince of Tides. He also could have won for The Thin Red Line. He was astonishing in the latter film.

So why didn’t he win?

The high road states that there are many deserving people and that someone must prevail.

The real answer is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has its head up its ass.

It really does.

Years ago, Will Smith was upset that he did not win an Academy Award.

I was in his corner.

Still, he shouldn’t have been upset.

He shouldn’t have been upset because the Academy has failed to honor so many great actors.

If I had been standing beside him I would have told him: Will, you are too important to win.

This was the advice given to a famous scientist who was disconsolate because he has not won a Nobel Prize.

The same advice could be easily given to many Hollywood actors.

The Academy really doesn’t know who the good actors are.

And there’s a good reason for this.

Many of the people who vote haven’t seen all the movies and all the performances.

Many of those same people aren’t movie fans.

Still others vote for political purposes or because they think they are supposed to vote a certain way.

The run with the pack.

Years ago I hired a publicist to help me promote a book that I had written.

We got to talking about the movies that were currently up for Academy Awards.

She informed me that she had a piece of a vote. Yes, you heard me right. A vote can be divided amongst several people.

After a few minutes, it became increasingly clear to me that while I had seen nearly all the movies, she had only seen one or two.

In those days I was seeing approximately 100 to 150 movies per year.

That was the state of affairs in the early 90s. It’s that way today.

Many of the people who are voting for the awards are woefully unaware of what they are voting for, in any industry, which is why waiting for an award and approval from others can be a lifetime of frustration.

Indeed, I’m not sure that you want to win an award at all.

Receiving that award might change your attitude toward your work and the confidence you have in yourself.

It’s always better to be a little hungry in life.

So forget the awards.

Focus on the job itself. Place one foot in front of the other, and focus on giving value to the people who you are serving.

Let that be your award.

In the end you will be the winner.

You will be your own man as well.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

America’s Atrocities

The latest story in the news, which I am sure will enrage Sean Hannity and many on the right, are the latest comments by Ilhan Omar, their favorite punching bag.

Here is what she said:

“We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. I asked @SecBlinken where people are supposed to go for justice.”

Tom “The Jackass” Cotton, a Harvard graduate, responded by saying that Ilhan Omar is welcome to leave the country if she doesn’t like it. Many others on the right have equally denounced her.

To begin with, you can love your country and criticize it at the same time.

Pointing out the mistakes of your country does not make you an enemy of the country.

On the contrary, doing so often strengthens the country.

A person, a company, a country needs to be big enough to admit such when it has made a mistake. And America is no different than any other country or individual in that it makes mistakes.

America has made many mistakes, and we are not doing our selves any favors by sweeping them under the rug.

When we criticize America for the 2,000,000 Vietnamese that were killed during the Vietnam war, the 500,000 in Iraq, the 500,000 in Syria, the 200,000 between Libya and Afghanistan, plus the 1,000,000 (that’s right, six zeros) in Indonesia that our CIA facilitated, we are not being un-American.

It is not un-American to dissent. Our Founding Fathers were dissenters.

Suppose Tom Jefferson’s fellow colonists had said to him: Great Britain’s colonies! Love them or leave them!

Well, as a matter of fact, he did. So be careful what you ask for.

We are not demeaning the American soldier or the average American by pointing out American atrocities.

What we are doing is criticizing the criminal leadership of the United States of America that has put us in a position to commit these crimes.

Never confuse yourself with your leadership.

The American people are decent people; their leaders are criminals.

Perhaps this is why Tom Cotton denounced Ilhan Omar.

He knows that he and his Harvard kind are criminals, so what he tries to do is equate her criticism of America as a criticism of you the average American.

I don’t see it that way.

I also don’t see where it’s my job as a conservative to stick up for a conservative like Tom Cotton who says stupid things.

The “love it or leave it” philosophy goes back in my lifetime to the Vietnam war. If you criticized your country for its policy in Vietnam, you were told to either love the country or leave it.

Well, I love my country. I think Americans are the greatest.

I don’t want to see that greatness besmirched by a global killing machine engineered by Harvard graduates for the purposes of making money for more Harvard graduates.

And I certainly don’t want US soldiers fighting useless wars so that rich guys from Harvard, the chums and classmates of Tom Cotton, can become billionaires because they’re too useless and too incompetent to make it the honest way.

Ilhan Omar doesn’t need to apologize for her comments at all.

Tom Cotton is the one who needs to apologize. He betrays the Founding Fathers every day of the week

Through her dissent, Ilhan Omar reveals herself as the true American.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Prizes to Control You

Why are prizes a bad idea?

Since they seem like a good idea, why aren’t they?

Prizes in this day and age are given out by the King, and as such the King expects thanks and gratitude for bestowing the prize.

Refusal to do so or out right condemnation of the King’s policy invites reprisal. Just ask the Dixie Chicks.

Prizes are tools the King uses to corral and recruit the citizenry to support his program – usually war, but sometimes a project such as global warming.

Prizes give a veneer of credibility to the recipient. They elevate him or her to superhero status.

With the prize comes fabulous riches and of course a private jet.

Superheroes cannot be expected to live amongst the regular people; if they did, why then people might not listen to them. No, gods come down from the heavens, in our case, in a corporate jet.

The new superheroes will tell you how to act, think and vote. This new master race is seemingly everywhere in all fields and disciplines.

It’s a new form of feudalism where you are the serfs and they are the lords.

Of course their power is illusory – in your mind. To break the cycle, one only need walk away.

One must ask why it is necessary to give someone a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Grammy or a prize that has no basis at all – perhaps an appointment to a board or a bogus Presidential Committee.

Can a prize match a person’s actual performance, or is a person’s performance the prize?

If so, then for whom does the prize exist? The recipient or the King?

Jesus, the forgotten leader of the Christian church, understood this which is why he renounced a crown, which is why he asked his followers to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In other words, give Caesar his crown back.

Prizes have no place in Christianity.

Phony Awards, Phony Titles

One of the things that you as an American must comprehend if we are to ever get our country back from the elites who hijacked it away from us is that your elites are no more important than you.

Let me put it this way: The man who runs the corner convenience store is no less important than the President of the United States. And I don’t mean that to make a speech; I mean it, and so did the Founding Fathers.

In fact the success of the country is predicated on that belief which is embodied in the words: We the People.

Those Founding Fathers must have been pretty smart; you know, they could have begun the Constitution by choosing any other words, but they felt it was important to use THOSE words to illustrate to you who they felt was most important.

Now, your elites have been indoctrinating you fairly heavily since birth to believe the opposite. They bestow upon themselves phony awards, phony scholarships and phony titles. They give themselves Oscars, Peabody awards, Pulitzer prizes, Nobel prizes and such. They award themselves Rhodes Scholarships, Fulbright scholarships and many other so-called plums. Let’s not forget the ambassadorships and other government titles.

You as one of the non-recipients of such a title or award are expected to kneel down into a co-dependent relationship with this false nobility. You are expected to be one of the little people while they will be your lord who will tell you how to think. They may even beat you which you will be programmed to expect.

After all they are the big shots, and you are a nothing.

Now, this indoctrination has been taking place in your mind since you were born, so it will take much effort to deprogram yourself.

What will save this country is you first heaving off the shackles of this indoctrination. By you doing so, you feel strong enough to stand on your own. You feel less need to allow a committee or organization to speak for you. This is important for all your national committees and associations have been hijacked by the elites.

All of them.

This is why they no longer speak for you. This is why they have sold you down the river into slavery.

These elites are clever; they know how to speak with the right buzzwords and the right body language. They specialize in manipulating a meeting to achieve their goal which is heads they win and tails you lose.

But it is your country, and you count too.

You are just as important as the President of the United States.