Violence in Mexico

Is the violence in Mexico planned? And does it suit the agenda of the powers that be? Regardless of what you think, the continuing violence in Mexico is an indictment of our leaders in both countries. They are either too devious or too dumb to fix it.

Too devious? Now that’s a thought. Maybe the leaders, corporatists all, don’t care about fixing it. Maybe they like the idea of rampant violence, beheadings and body chopping. After all, violence gets them the following:

  1. Unease amongst the population resulting in a greater reliance upon the elites “to do something.”
  2. Greater expenditure of federal spending on law enforcement to “fix things.”
  3. Greater drug use mandating expensive drug programs to “help” people. Such programs will be managed, of course, by major corporations.
  4. Increased need for federal prisons which will be built, managed and supplied by, again, major corporations.
  5. Increased immigration of people from Mexico to the United States resulting in a situation where some day the elites can say, “Well, we may as well just combine the two countries.”
  6. Increased role of the corporate state in providing welfare for poor immigrants and their kids.
  7. Rubbing out of competing small businessmen (who have the audacity to offer a better service) who are more affected by violence than larger corporations. Larger corporations have the dough to hire their own private police force on their own sequestered campus.
  8. A weakening of the pesky middle class in America who are always barking about “The Bill of Rights.”

With all that money coming in, why would our bought-off leaders fix anything?

They won’t. It’s not a matter of ability but desire.

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