Is Trump a Fake

Is Trump for real, or is he a fraud?

I voted for the guy, but what has he really done?

Has he fixed healthcare?

My premiums are still going up; how about yours?

Has he locked Hillary up?

Remember the refrain, “Lock her up!”

Has he gone after Hillary?

If Jeff Sessions won’t, why doesn’t he fire Jeff Sessions?

Is the economy really better?

Is it possible to make an economy better this quickly?

Is it possible to bring all these jobs back to America this quickly?

Or are we the victims of a slick media campaign complete with bogus statistics?

Doesn’t it take time to rebuild factories and train people?

Can you do that and see a bump in the economy in 18 months?

What about the wars?

We’re still at war, aren’t we?

Aren’t we still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq?

If Trump is so against war, why is he ginning up the case for war with Iran?

Is Iran really our enemy?

If so, why?

I haven’t seen any Iranian warships off the coast of San Diego, have you?

Are there Iranian troops amassing on our southern border?

No, I haven’t seen any of them either.

So, maybe this President is all BS.

Maybe his Presidency is just a dog and pony show designed to placate the raging masses.

Maybe the elites are throwing us a dog bone for a few years.

Then, after a little while, when we settle down and are pacified, they’ll bring Hillary back.

What do you think?

Are we being had?

If Trump were such a right-winger and was renaking America, why isn’t Obama outraged and outspoken?

Do you remember how placid Bush was when Obama “reversed” all his polices.

You heard nary a peep from Bush, just as you hear nary a peep from Obama today.

Maybe they secretly agree with Trump.

Maybe all three are in on the giant shamocracy that has become America.

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