The False Battle

The battle we fight is false.

Our leaders on the right and left led by their respective media cheerleaders ask us, no compel us, to pick a side and fight.

We are modern gladiators standing in the middle of the Coliseum.

It’s a blood sport, my friend.

Every battle is do or die.  Every election is a war. Our country is always at a crossroads.  We must always get out and vote.  We must fight every battle.

Whether it’s a Supreme Court justice, a Confederate statue in Virginia, or a bakery refusing to decorate cakes for a gay couple in a small village in Oregon, we must pick up our swords and thrust it into the belly of our opponent.

We watch on television and get sucked in.

Gut the bitch, we scream.  It’s as if we are there.

But the battle we fight is false.

The true battle is not between right and left but between big and small.  Big is the problem we have today.

Our corporations are too big.  Our government is too big.

The media cheerleading from the right and left are usually in favor of big.  They all benefit off the national agenda.   All of them.  No one sticks up for the small guy.

Their reasoning is inconsistent.

If they are on the left, they are against big war but for big social.

If they’re on the right, they are for big war but against big social.

Either way, Corporate America wins.

You can’t have big social without big war and visa versa.  The same people who  give you big war also give you big social.  The same people who  give you big social also give you big war.

Since neither big war nor big social work for the people as evidenced by the catastrophes that have been created domestically in our inner cities and abroad in the Middle East, it is preferable that Americans seek answers from other voices.

Until Americans do so and refuse to be led into the gladiatorial battle of right versus left, it will be their blood that is spilt.

And plenty of it.

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