Bill and Brett

Why is Bill Cosby in jail while Brett Kavanaugh is going to the Supreme Court?

Because Corporate America wants it so.

Many years ago, a decade or so ago, Bill Cosby begin speaking to black youth. He wanted them to dress right, speak right and integrate. When he did so, sexual allegations against him were raised in the media. Bill Cosby backed off from speaking out, and these allegations went away.  They vanished as quickly as they arose.

Then about three to four years ago Bill Cosby again spoke to black youth. He wrote an open letter asking black youth to speak right, dress right and integrate.

Again, these sexual allegations arose, but this time Bill Cosby held fast.  He chose not to go away.

When I read the letter that he had penned, I said to my office manager as I read it, “They’re going to go after him for this.”

And boy did they.

This is not a defense of Bill Cosby, because I do believe he committed these acts. In fact if you didn’t believe he committed these acts after the witch hunt he was subjected to, I would doubt your mental ability.

Witch hunts are a subject for another day.

What I am saying is that if he had not spoken to black youth to shape up, you never would have heard these allegations.

The allegations came fast and furious. It was clearly an orchestrated affair.

So who was behind all this?

Corporate America.

Corporate America has profited handsomely from the destruction of the black community.

The black community is now a steady source of inmates for prisons from which corporate America grows rich.

Corporate America also profits handsomely off welfare, drug rehab and other social reengineering programs.

They’re not interested in anyone getting in the way of their cash cow.

Bill Cosby was a threat to that revenue stream.  He had to go.

Amazingly enough the gangsters from the hip-hop culture are feted and celebrated.

It was Corporate America that first hurt the black community by shipping many jobs to Mexico and China.

Corporate America has a vested interest in ensuring that the black community never rehabilitates itself.

Their stranglehold on America is vast. They control virtually all the Senators in the United States Congress.

And now with the selection of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, they’ve got another one of their boys to further tighten their noose.

It’s a lynching of the entire black community.

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