If you are the federal government, you need to sell your bullshit.

To sell bullshit you need seemingly credible people.

Thus academia.

Nothing sells like a professor with a bunch of fancy titles.

The media loves these guys.  They get instant access.

You’ve heard them be introduced.  So and so is Associate Professor of Government Studies at the Porky Pig School of Government at Pepperoni University.

They might even throw in a few awards he has won.

The guy can get on TV and say the most inane things.

I read in the newspaper years ago a comment by Professor Singer from Princeton University.  He suggested that people who eat bacon and sausage have no right to criticize Michael Vick for torturing dogs.

We sit there and watch.  We either agree or disagree.  

What  few of us do is ask ourselves why this so called expert should have any more credibility than a regular Joe who has worked in that area of endeavor.

We have been subtly programmed to accept the authority of the academic.


These academics did not grace our presence by  descending in from Krypton. These academics came from Earth.

These academics trained at the same schools other Americans trained.  And in many many cases these academics were hardly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

You grew up with them.  You heard them say the stupidest things.  You saw them passed out drunk  in college.  You may have even kicked their ass academically.

They only got their academic degrees and their titles because they chose to enter academia.  That’s part of being in academia.  The titles they have and the papers they publish don’t make them smarter.

The titles they have and the papers they publish only promote the illusion of credibility.

Is truth coming from the regular Joe less so because it has not been formally agreed upon by a mutual admiration society called academia.


What the elites have done is co-opt academia to further their own ends.  

Academics now exist to control you.

It’s another brick in the wall.



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