Getting the Truth Out

One of the problems we have in our society is getting information from people who know to people who don’t have the time to know.

Whether we were talking about medical issues or political issues, there exists vital information to be transferred from one group of people to another.

What makes this transfer difficult is that the wrong people are often in charge of transferring the information.

Governments have long been interested in controlling information in all areas of endeavor.

A salient example of this is information regarding the assassination of President Kennedy.

How is it possible to transfer accurate information when the government has demonstrated a vested interest in promoting a fairy tale?

The government promoted a fairy tale in 1964 by means of the Warren Commission; they promote the same fairy tale today through various experts on the Kennedy assassination.

The government through its operatives  in the Central Intelligence Agency has infiltrated the JFK assassination community to provide official alternative explanations to the principal fairy tale.

The simplistic choice then presented to the public is between chocolate and vanilla.

Oswald is either innocent or guilty, a patsy or a Superman.

The unknowing are led into the gladiator’s arena to do battle to the death with the crude instruments of ignorance and self righteousness.  

The finer instruments of critical analysis are in short supply.

The usual suspects are rounded up:  Lyndon Johnson, the Mob, Johnny Roselli.

Or, if you believe Oswald did it, some figure from Lee Oswald’s childhood is brought forward to speak of the time that Lee threw rocks when he was a child.  Now, there’s proof positive he killed JFK.

Rarely presented is the notion that Lee Oswald was a collaborator.   Collaboration equals conspiracy, a big taboo to the media elite.

Yet answer me this:  If you believe that Lee Oswald conducted this assassination alone, aren’t you stating that it’s possible for one man to do it? And if that is the case, is it not possible for another man to do the same thing and use Lee Oswald as a collaborator and then patsy?

If such a man existed, who would have the clout and money to conduct such a mission?

Do you think an agency calling itself the Central Intelligence Agency would prefer that Americans not ask those questions?



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