Why Trump Punches Low

Why is Donald Trump behaving the way he does?

Every day brings a new low for the President as he insults people’s physical features, as he breaks all social taboos.

The media regularly deplores his actions.

Trump’s fans cheer, but it’s doubtful that his cheering fans would behave in the same manner.

They know the President is punching below the belt.  They cringe, but they also know that he must.

So what’s going on? And why must the President behave the way he does?

To media elites such as David Gergen and Anderson Cooper, I would say the following:

You media elites have been riding on a first class ticket in America for the past fifty years. No one has had a greater ride in first class than you, David Gergen.

You talk about Donald Trump demeaning the presidency; what about Gerald Ford, Mr. Gergen?

No one demeaned America more than Gerald Ford when he sat on the Warren Commission and willfully covered up the murder of John F. Kennedy.  Gerald Ford lied to the American people. For that he should have been disbarred and thrown out of public office. He was not. 

You, David Gergen, actively and willfully supported Gerald Ford. How can what Donald Trump has done possibly demean America more than the actions of Gerald Ford?

You media elites talk pretty, but you don’t act pretty.

In his own way, Donald Trump is delivering to the media and the political class what they and the elites have done to the American people for the past fifty years.

He is giving them a taste of their own medicine.

The media elites along with their cronies in the political class – one and the same –  destroyed the American people. They shipped jobs overseas and stripped dignity from  people whose parents built this country.

The elites did this as they feasted on pheasant at the Kennedy Center.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?  The same people who murdered JFK, a man who tried to prosecute a vision antithetical to their New World Order that destroyed America, partake of niceties, cakes and caviar at a center named for him.

These elites not only destroyed America, they destroyed the dignity of people around the world.

NAFTA, a program of the New World Order, did not make Mexicans rich.  It made the oligarchs rich.  It made the corporate pigs rich.  But it made the people far worse off.  How do we know that?  We don’t need a phony study commissioned by the elites.  The people are leaving.

NAFTA destroyed Mexico. Mexico may not have been “rich” when I lived there in the 1970s, but at least it was their own country, and Mexicanos were proud of it. Now Mexico is controlled by drug cartels. Violence is the order of the day.

The elites did the same thing to America.

What Donald Trump is doing is giving the elites and their media cronies a taste of their own medicine.

If media elites like Anderson Cooper and David Gergen don’t like what Donald Trump is doing to them, they should look at themselves in the mirror and ask the following:  Did we fail America?  Do we deserve what we are getting?

They did, and they do.

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