It’s Your Republic

When Ben Franklin exited Independence Hall, he was asked what type of government we would have.

He answered: A republic if you can keep it.

That’s an odd reply.  I guess he must’ve known something.

I guess your Founding Fathers must’ve known something.

Indeed they did.

The Founding Fathers – unusually gifted men who stand as testament to man’s regressing intelligence – distrusted the people.  They distrusted a raging mob – not because they were racist as commie professors would have you believe.

They knew the harm a mob could do.

So they bequeathed to us a republic.

What did they not give us?

A democracy.

Now this goes against everything you thought about the United States.

Don’t we live in a democracy?


We don’t, and thank the Lord we don’t.

The success of the United States is directly related to the fact that we do not live in a democracy, that we do not have “one man, one vote” as the mobs screaming for Barabbas so fervently clamor for.

Why would we want to live in such?

Why would we want to live in a country where people who don’t know what they’re talking about have a say in running the country?

Would you go to a cardiologist who didn’t know anything about the heart?

Would you go to an auto mechanic who knew nothing about cars?

Would you have your house built by someone who didn’t know anything about building a house?

How about a baker who makes crummy cookies?

No, and so it goes with governance.

The very last thing we want is a raging mob running affairs – especially a raging mob directed and financed by wealthy corporations.  Somebody has to pay, house and supply these organizers, right?

Think about that the next time you watch a march in Washington DC.

A democracy is loud, boisterous, fickle and irrational. A democracy calls for a referendum.  A democracy bangs a drum. A democracy asks you to get out there and do your patriotic duty by kicking some ass.

A republic which your Founding Fathers gifted you is none of that.

A republic is quiet, civil, resolute and rational.  A republic elects officials to do the people’s will. A republic plays a flute. A republic asks citizens to stay calm and exercise their patriotism by obeying the law and quietly going to work.

It’s your republic – if you can keep it.

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