An American Hero

Is Julian Assange an American hero?

Well, if Tom Paine, an Englishman, can be an American hero, I don’t see why an Australian can’t be also.

Hell, If Australia doesn’t have the guts to stick up for him, we should.

Both Tom Paine and Julian Assange stood up for us.

Since Tom is dead, and Julian will be soon also, if Big Mike and Mother Leon have their way, someone should stand up for him.

I will.

Julian Assange is an American hero and should be pardoned of all fake crimes the US charges him with.

To begin with he didn’t steal any documents.  He only published what was given to him.

He has done nothing more than what a journalist is supposed to do.

Isnt this what other papers such as the Washington Post and New York Times have done in the past?

Oh, but I see. They published information that was approved by the United States government. They published what the United States government wanted you to know.

Julian Assange’s crime was that he didn’t ask permission.

He embarrassed the United States government.

That’s a big no-no in the United States.

Not surprisingly, to me anyway, Rush Puffball and Sheer Insanity, dutiful agents of the New World Order, posing as opponents of the New World Order, denounced Julian Assange for these leaks.

They parrot the government’s bullshit that Julian Assange jeopardized “national security” by releasing these documents.

And why would that be?

Shouldn’t Americans know if their government is breaking the law?  Shouldn’t Americans know if their government violates the constitution and Bill of Rights they are sworn to protect?

The Bill of Rights are the Crown Jewels of the American Experiment.

This is what Tom Paine fought for.

This is what Julian Assange fights for.

They understand what Big Mike and Mother Leon do not, what Rush Puffball and Sheer Insanity do not – that if you have to break the Bill of Rights to protect it, then you’re sinking in quicksand.  

They understand that the true jeopardizing of national security arises in the government’s illegal activity that the government is sworn to abide by.

It’s the same mentality that the government prosecuted in Vietnam when they stated that in order to save a village they must destroy it.

Julian Assange sees the illogic in that.

That is worth something.

That is worth defending.

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