John Birch and You

Many years ago a battle took place for the soul of the Republican Party.  On one side stood the John Birch Society, and on the other stood the Rockefeller Republicans. William F. Buckley, a Yale dandy, spoke for the Rockefeller Republicans. He, according to media elites, who, by the way, were and are controlled by the same people who controlled Buckley, represented the intellectual voice of reason against the media-portrayed evil, radical John Birchers.  The John Birchers were portrayed as horrible people, fringe lunatics, who felt that Communists were infiltrating America’s government at its highest levels.

The John Birch Society was set up after Senator Joe McCarthy’s death to continue the work of Senator McCarthy.  The people who joined felt that Senator McCarthy’s work, while zealous and perhaps overreaching in pointing out communists in our government, was valuable.

I remember a John Bircher coming to my school when I was a boy.  The school every year would hold a special events day where all sorts of people would come and talk.

I remember the John Bircher saying, “Let’s get the U.S. of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.”  He wasn’t crazy.  He spoke very calmly.  He wore a nice suit.  He called for no rebellion.

Can anyone imagine a school allowing someone from the John Birch Society to speak to its students these days?

On that same day, one of my classmates dressed up like Adolf Hitler and delivered  one of Hitler’s speeches so that we could see what Hitler’s philosophy was all about. Can anyone imagine that taking place today?

Of course not. We now live in an age of political correctness where open discussion of ideas in any form is impossible.

Moreover, someone’s sensibilities might be offended. Yet in that day fifty years ago nobody’s sensibilities were offended.

It was accepted that free-speech was more important than offending someone.

So what happened in our society to change things?

What happened was that William F. Buckley won the day against the John Birch Society.

Let’s not be coy.  William F. Buckley was a Rockefeller Republican, a phony conservative and a crony capitalist.  His father was the founder of Pantepec Oil.  William F. Buckley was a former CIA agent posing as a deep thinker.

In reality, he was still a CIA agent, and his mission, whether he was aware or not, was to hijack a political party and its followers.

There was a legitimate conservative movement within the Republican Party.  The John Birch society was part of  that conservative movement. They believed fervently that communists had infiltrated the United States government. And guess what?

They were right.

When the John Birch Society faded away – thanks to pseudo-conservatives like William F. Buckley, and his like-minded friends and Yale dandies, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush – an important counterbalance to centralization of power was lost. What ensued was the easy co-opting of the educational system of the United States of America.

It became a piece of cake for the internationalists to demonize Joe McCarthy, to make up lies about him. There were so many lies told about Joe McCarthy that the regular people of America couldn’t even begin to approach the truth about him.

The internationalists accomplished this through the slur of McCarthyism.  So I guess two wrongs make a right.  Or were two wrongs made?  Did Joe McCarthy slander people?  Time will tell.

Today, many people think that Joe McCarthy had something to do with the Hollywood blacklist. Yet Joe McCarthy had nothing to do with the blacklisting of Hollywood actors and directors. Joe McCarthy was not an actor. Joe McCarthy was not a director.  Joe McCarthy was not a producer.  Joe McCarthy was not a mogul. 

Sorry, Hollywood, you blacklisted your own, all on your own, thank you.

Many others think that Joe McCarthy had something to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee. Do you?

Well, as it turns out, as a U.S. Senator, Joe McCarthy had absolutely nothing to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee. That is a completely separate branch of the legislature.

Yes, but how about all the people that Joe McCarthy accused of being communists?  The mainstream media assured us that such claims were baseless? 

Well, let’s just say that the Venona Project, secret intercepts of Russian cables from Moscow to their operatives in the United States, which are slowly being decoded, are slowly but surely vindicating Joe McCarthy.

There were communists all over our government. They are still there today. They have done their job quite well as you are now living in a socialist stare.  Communism is right around the corner.

With political correctness thriving, I’d say we are living in it.

There is very little difference between communism, crony socialism, crony capitalism and fascism.

What’s the difference between a quasi-governmental AT&T monopoly and the ministry of communication? Nothing.

Too big to fail means of course that you are too big; it also means that you’re part of the government.  

Since too big to fail is now official government policy, we’re in for a long fight. 

That’s what the John Birch Society, those fringe lunatics, tried to warn us about.


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