Socialism’s Purpose

The only purpose of a socialist government is to wage war. And there is always a war.

If it’s not a physical war, then it’s the war against poverty, the war against crime, the war against drugs, the war against illegal immigration, the war against racism, the war against illiteracy, the war against littering, the war against spousal abuse, the war against child abuse, the war against being mean to people.

There are an infinite number of wars for a socialist government to fight.

There is one war however that a socialist government will never fight, and that is the war against low paying jobs. Because when you have well-paying jobs, all those other wars are less necessary.

When people have well-paying jobs, crime goes away, drug use goes away, racism goes away, illiteracy goes away, child abuse goes away, domestic violence goes away, littering goes away, and physical wars go away.

All of these other problems diminish drastically. Which is why socialist governments will never fight for well-paying meaningful jobs.

Of course, if we provided well-paying jobs here in America, then Phil Knight of Nike shoes could never become a billionaire.

If we provided well-paying jobs here in America, then Carl Icahn could never become a billionaire.

If we provided well-paying jobs here in America, then Mitt Romney could never become a hundred-millionaire.

Now, what’s more important? Decreased crime, decreased drug use, decreased spousal abuse decreased child abuse, better education, greater literacy, less war – or Carl Icahn becoming a billionaire? The choice is simple for our elites. Carl Icahn is more important.

Carl Icahn, like a rising tide, lifts all boats.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

John Birch and You

Many years ago a battle took place for the soul of the Republican Party.  On one side stood the John Birch Society, and on the other stood the Rockefeller Republicans. William F. Buckley, a Yale dandy, spoke for the Rockefeller Republicans. He, according to media elites, who, by the way, were and are controlled by the same people who controlled Buckley, represented the intellectual voice of reason against the media-portrayed evil, radical John Birchers.  The John Birchers were portrayed as horrible people, fringe lunatics, who felt that Communists were infiltrating America’s government at its highest levels.

The John Birch Society was set up after Senator Joe McCarthy’s death to continue the work of Senator McCarthy.  The people who joined felt that Senator McCarthy’s work, while zealous and perhaps overreaching in pointing out communists in our government, was valuable.

I remember a John Bircher coming to my school when I was a boy.  The school every year would hold a special events day where all sorts of people would come and talk.

I remember the John Bircher saying, “Let’s get the U.S. of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.”  He wasn’t crazy.  He spoke very calmly.  He wore a nice suit.  He called for no rebellion.

Can anyone imagine a school allowing someone from the John Birch Society to speak to its students these days?

On that same day, one of my classmates dressed up like Adolf Hitler and delivered  one of Hitler’s speeches so that we could see what Hitler’s philosophy was all about. Can anyone imagine that taking place today?

Of course not. We now live in an age of political correctness where open discussion of ideas in any form is impossible.

Moreover, someone’s sensibilities might be offended. Yet in that day fifty years ago nobody’s sensibilities were offended.

It was accepted that free-speech was more important than offending someone.

So what happened in our society to change things?

What happened was that William F. Buckley won the day against the John Birch Society.

Let’s not be coy.  William F. Buckley was a Rockefeller Republican, a phony conservative and a crony capitalist.  His father was the founder of Pantepec Oil.  William F. Buckley was a former CIA agent posing as a deep thinker.

In reality, he was still a CIA agent, and his mission, whether he was aware or not, was to hijack a political party and its followers.

There was a legitimate conservative movement within the Republican Party.  The John Birch society was part of  that conservative movement. They believed fervently that communists had infiltrated the United States government. And guess what?

They were right.

When the John Birch Society faded away – thanks to pseudo-conservatives like William F. Buckley, and his like-minded friends and Yale dandies, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush – an important counterbalance to centralization of power was lost. What ensued was the easy co-opting of the educational system of the United States of America.

It became a piece of cake for the internationalists to demonize Joe McCarthy, to make up lies about him. There were so many lies told about Joe McCarthy that the regular people of America couldn’t even begin to approach the truth about him.

The internationalists accomplished this through the slur of McCarthyism.  So I guess two wrongs make a right.  Or were two wrongs made?  Did Joe McCarthy slander people?  Time will tell.

Today, many people think that Joe McCarthy had something to do with the Hollywood blacklist. Yet Joe McCarthy had nothing to do with the blacklisting of Hollywood actors and directors. Joe McCarthy was not an actor. Joe McCarthy was not a director.  Joe McCarthy was not a producer.  Joe McCarthy was not a mogul. 

Sorry, Hollywood, you blacklisted your own, all on your own, thank you.

Many others think that Joe McCarthy had something to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee. Do you?

Well, as it turns out, as a U.S. Senator, Joe McCarthy had absolutely nothing to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee. That is a completely separate branch of the legislature.

Yes, but how about all the people that Joe McCarthy accused of being communists?  The mainstream media assured us that such claims were baseless? 

Well, let’s just say that the Venona Project, secret intercepts of Russian cables from Moscow to their operatives in the United States, which are slowly being decoded, are slowly but surely vindicating Joe McCarthy.

There were communists all over our government. They are still there today. They have done their job quite well as you are now living in a socialist stare.  Communism is right around the corner.

With political correctness thriving, I’d say we are living in it.

There is very little difference between communism, crony socialism, crony capitalism and fascism.

What’s the difference between a quasi-governmental AT&T monopoly and the ministry of communication? Nothing.

Too big to fail means of course that you are too big; it also means that you’re part of the government.  

Since too big to fail is now official government policy, we’re in for a long fight. 

That’s what the John Birch Society, those fringe lunatics, tried to warn us about.


Yellow Vests

France’s Yellow Vest riots are an indictment of Socialism, Corporatism and the European Union.

All are one in the same.

None serve the needs of the people.

All three serve to entrap the citizenry within the bottomless barrel of despair known as serfdom.

The protestors call for an increase in minimum wage or a reduction in taxes, yet it is the futile reliance on the government to do something that is the cause of the current crisis.

Government is not the answer here.

Government is the problem.

Government created the problem by creating deficits while spending the money foolishly thus bringing about austerity.

In the old days the French could simply print up money to cover the shortfall.

This is not possible anymore, or so we think, and printing up Euros is most decdedly out of the question.

The cruel German bankers and their puppets in Brussels will never permit such.

Yet this is exactly what is needed – all over the member states of the EU – and in massive amounts.

When one side, the rich, have won the game, and the other side, the poor, have no money to play the game, printing up money and giving it to the poor is a way of continuing the game.

It allows the poor to use that money to buy their own house, apartment or business.

It’s the only way to continue the game.

And the game does need to be reset in France and the world.

The so-called New World Order of lords and vassals is a bust.

Now, of course, to propose that money be printed and given to the poor is risky; the elites will immediately create the bogeyman of inflation.

This is funny, because the bogeyman of inflation was never brought up in the US during QE1, QE2, and QE3 when money was given to failed bankers and the losers in Corporate America.

It wasn’t brought up because QE1, QE2, and QE3 existed to increase Corporate America’s stake in the ownership of America.

Of course, what a responsible leader should do is the opposite of what quantitative easing did do which was to give money to the rich.

What a responsible leader should do is punish the rich for causing the 2007 debacle.  

You punish the rich by decreasing their stake in the game.  

Suppose we have a society of two people, you and I, and there is a wealth in society of $100 where I own $95 and you have $5.  

Now what would happen if we printed $100 and gave $95 to you and $5 to me?

What we would attain is an evening of wealth in society.

Now, of course, the rich would argue that the poor would spend their newly gained money foolishly on beer and cigarettes.

But the money created need not necessarily be doled out in cash.  The money could be used to pay down existing mortgages and buy apartments for people who are currently renters.

In fact no money needs to be created at all.  It’s can be accomplished with a pencil.

A debit is created in the new owner’s home asset account, and a credit is created in the asset account of the rich.


Now, think what that would do for the economy of France.  And the world.

People who now pay money for rents could use that extra money to invest in new businesses or buy goods that will boom the French economy.

To prevent people from immediately selling their house or apartment a moratorium on doing so can be instituted.

The rich, of course, would lose their stake in European society.

Too bad. 

You broke it; you bought it.

The German bankers will of course rebel.  The IMF will cry foul.  

Of course they will. Their goal has never been about enabling people.

Their goal was and still is to enslave people through debt and indentured servitude.

Thus the Yellow Vests.


The Eternal Dance

This is what Pope Francis said:

“A Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community.”

Here’s my question: If a Christian goes to church is that an anti-Semitic act?

Are Christians harming the sensibilities of Jews by attending a Sunday service?

You may laugh, but I guarantee you there are people who believe just that.  In short time, they will express such.

There is a modern trend to homogenize Judaism and Christianity – to link them as brothers in arms.

Supporting this is the phrase Judeo-Christian nation. We hear political leaders use this term all the time.

One would think that Christianity is only a step away from Judaism philosophically.

But it is not.

Christianity represents a radical departure from Judaism.


In essence, Judaism is a hierarchical religion where rules, interpretations and power flow from the top down much like its atheistic sister religion communism.

Christianity in its Protestant form is nothing of the sort.

And that is the brand of Christianity of which I speak here.

Christianity works from the bottom up beginning with a personal relationship with Jesus who functions as God’s interlocutor on Earth. Christianity has few rules other than doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Whereas Judaism emphasizes works, Christianity most decidedly puts the kibosh on works never better illustrated than by Jesus renouncing a crown.  By doing so, Jesus is saying to us that there is little value in titles, money and awards.  What Jesus preaches is process.   If the process is bad, says Jesus, what’s the point?

When it comes to the afterlife, Jews believe that your presence is manifested through the memories of those who are alive.   I can not disagree with this logic.  What this promotes, though, in this life is a drive to produce as big an impact as possible.  Unfortunately for us, man is stupid, and so what results is a piling up of titles, awards and possessions.  Man is of simple thought, not smart enough to think qualitatively – to equate a kind word with a skyscraper. 

Christians emphasize an afterlife whose entrance can not be gained through works alone.  One must accept Christ and what Christ teaches which is most decidedly not embodied by  owning the biggest house on the block.  What this produces is a flattening of wealth distribution from the bottom up.  We are more financially equal not because a politburo or a government dictates such but because we choose not to be so accumulative in the first place.  Enough is enough.

And so what we have is an impasse. We have two radically different approaches to life.  Yet people are told that the religions are similar, on a continuum, as if one was walking in a mall from Spencer Gifts to Ann Taylor Loft.

But they are not.

Not only are they not similar, they represent existential threats to each other.  They are natural enemies.

In time one must destroy or weaken the other in order to survive.

It’s just the way it is.

It’s not a wish; it’s reality.  And all the hugging, posturing and beautiful language in the world can not change this.

Christianity is a threat to Judaism because it is an easier more open platform to adopt. As such, for Judaism to survive, to stave off death, it must necessarily weaken Christianity. 

Which it does through Hollywood and the government.

Judaism says that it does not desire to convert; oh, but it does. It does so through secular means.

Socialism is secular Judaism.  The politburo replaces the Sanhedrin.  The oppressive bureaucracy of the socialist state replaces Jewish Law.  Abstruse Marxist reasoning replaces the abstruse reasoning of Jewish theologians.  Political correctness replaces Kosher law and thought.

In the past century as the Jews have become more successful, they have  prosecuted their values  through Hollywood and the government.  There is nothing immoral or illegal about this, by the way.  This is the way the system works.  You make the money; you get to spend it how you see fit.

Consequently, millions upon millions of former Christians have been converted into secular Jews (socialists and communists) only they don’t know it.

One can barely recognize America as a Christian nation anymore. People are now focused on getting rich, going to a prestigious school, becoming famous, winning awards, having their own clothing line.

A Wikipedia page would be nice.

Does this sound like Jesus renouncing a crown?

Likewise, our society has become less tolerant of people’s faults.  Routinely we hear the media call for someone’s resignation for the most minor of infractions – usually a violation of liberal orthodoxy.  Slogans like “failure is not an option” are now commonplace in the schools.

This new intolerance is the God of the Old Testament, not the new. This is not the way of Jesus.

Jesus said let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

In the world of Jesus, failure must be an option. People must forgive others as well as themselves.

But they often can not because they have been conned into turning away from the principles that Christ teaches.

And so they struggle vainly for the bucks  and glory; and when they don’t get it because  there are only so many spots at the top, they cannot forgive themselves.  Many kill themselves; many turn to drugs and alcohol.

One girl from an Ivy League school who found herself struggling academically threw herself off a parking garage.

Is this the world we want?

Compounding the stress of trying to be “someone,” is the stress of having to conform to a dizzying array of politically correct behaviors and thoughts.

Politically correct thought and behavior are not Christian in scope, but Jewish.  

It is Judaism (as well as Christianity gone wrong)  that attempts to place a carapace upon human behavior and thought.  It is Judaism that mandates conformity to the dictates of an elite Sanhedrin or the elite musings of Jewish theologians.  

Think about it:  Who is deciding what is acceptable but today’s secular equivalent of the Sanhedrin?

Christianity will have none of this for Christianity works from the inside out.  Christ only asks that you not unreasonably judge others for the silly things that people say and do.

And so we sit at an impasse.

We have two religions vying for supremacy. Only one can win.  And only one will win.

Despite the rhetoric there will never be any “coming together.”  This is a myth prosecuted by the human potential movement.

Peace is only transitory.  

Yet lies persist.  And media people and religious leaders who should know better continue to promote the myth that Judaism and Christianity are brothers holding hands happily skipping through the woods.  

Sorry, Charlie.

Judaism and Christianity are no more alike because they share a common history than a bicycle is like an airplane because Orville and  Wilbur Wright built both of them.

So, let’s return to the initial question: Will Christians going to church be seen as an anti-Semitic act?

In time it will be because it is.