Why the New World Order Won’t Win

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If the NWO Is so smart, and if they control everything, why haven’t they taken over the world by now?  They’ve had plenty of time.

And if they control the media, why do we keep finding out about them?  Aren’t they smart enough to cover that up?

Why don’t they buy up YouTube and shut down all the conspiracists?

Shouldn’t that be a snap?

These are good questions.

First, why don’t the elites control everything by now if they are so smart?  Yes, the elites are totally smart. Unfortunately for them, they are totally immoral.  It is their total immorality that keeps them from gaining full control.  That is because we live in a moral universe.  

The basic fabric of the universe, the threads that bind us, is moral behavior.  As they gain in power through immoral means, the fabric expands thus pushing moral pressure away from them and into the surrounding areas where they are not.  This increase in moral pressure then creates new walls and obstacles that the elites must now overcome. 

In other words they shoot themselves in the foot.

Addiionally, the world changes.  Physically the earth hurtles through the heavens creating new problems and new boundaries.  We are constantly being exposed to new gravitational forces and cosmic radiation which affects the geography and climate.  This in turn affects us.

As we change the elites must change.

As for buying up YouTube or other social media and shutting us down, the same argument above applies.  Plus, one of the driving forces for creating social media is to keep track of people, to monitor their subversive activities, to see what people are thinking. The elites can not have their cake and eat it too.  This helps explain why the elites do not take down the craziest of the craziest web sites. 

There is overwhelming anti-Semitic discussion on YouTube, far worse than anything Alex Jones ever produced. So why is this material still there? It’s there for the elites to know who is producing it, and who is WATCHING it.  

They want it there.

But if they do shut down a web site – if it gets too close to the truth – the web site or data therein will ultimately find its way to other means of expression provided it is moral.

We live in a moral universe. That’s the short answer.

Now, why are the elites immoral?  Because they set themselves up as elites.  It’s a definitional thing. If they behaved morally they wouldn’t be elite.  Their eliteness comes about through immoral behavior.

These elites are social Darwinists.  They are so because they’re smart yet not insightful. Their superior intelligence allows them to accumulate vast sums of money. Their accumulation of vast sums of money compels them to ask why this must be so.  Rejecting God’s grace – a silly concept to them –  or their own inherent immorality as an answer, they come to see themselves as superior beings and thus God himself. Thus they continue their growth and domination until the inevitable death of their cancerous empire centuries into the future.

Why are they blind to their future destruction?

One, as human beings they have limited life spans; as such they know they will not be alive, and so they don’t care. 

Two, they care as little for their future generations as they do for the people around them.  

Three, they live for the here and now.  An after life does not exist for them; therefore, an accountability before God does not exist.

So the elites push on mindlessly, like an animal forever chasing its tail,  causing havoc, living in the present, trying to control a world that keeps eluding them, the world forever one step ahead.


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