NFL Purity

Is the NFL rigged?


Can I prove it?  Not with the evidence you would like to see.  

So let’s try another approach.

Does it seem likely that there would be corruption in every area of endeavor in the United States and the world but not in the National Football League?

Not to me.

We have cheaters in government. We have cheaters in healthcare.   We have cheaters on Wall Street.  

We have cheaters everywhere – except for the NFL. 

Everybody there is pure.

Nobody is susceptible to the mob’s influence.

Billions of dollars are spent on gambling, and the mob has never once tried to influence the game?

No one has ever been caught or exposed?  

Okay, maybe a few.

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising, and the NFL has never once tried to influence which teams go to the Super Bowl for fear of losing advertising dollars should a couple of clunkers make it?

 Do you believe that?

I suppose you could make the argument that integrity in the NFL is so important that they make sure it is squeaky clean.


What about the Super Bowl between San Francisco and Baltimore in New Orleans a few years ago.  Baltimore was running away with the game early in the third quarter; and then suddenly the lights went out.

Actually, they didn’t go out. I had a friend who was at the game, and he said you could still see.  

So why wasn’t the game continued?

We have had plenty of games played in the fog and blinding snow where visibility was less.  What gives?

Was it because the NFL saw angry advertisers  asking for a rebate if the game became a blowout early causing many viewers to walk away?

Do you really believe the story of the generator blowing out? 

When have you ever seen that happen?

Do you think it’s possible that the NFL triggered that generator to go down as part of a contingency plan in case one team ran away with the game early on?

Or is it all just some coincidence?

As it turns out, the delay in the game caused a marked reversal in the fortunes of the 49ers who came back to make it a close game.

How convenient for the NFL.

Also convenient for the NFL is the dominance of the Patriots over the past fifteen years.  Leagues tend to get more notice and interest when there is a dominant player or team. You either love them or hate them.

Is the NFL enabling the Patriots?  

Are the Patriots cheaters?

Is the NFL rigged?

Have we reached a point in our society of the New World Order where money is so important that we will corrupt even a sporting event to get it.

I don’t know, and I can’t prove it.

I only know one thing:  I shouldn’t even have to consider it.

Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved


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