Yep, We Protected Him


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I am excepting this following passage from the book, The Brilliant Disaster, by Jim Rasenberger.


Castro was still of the zoo when the crowds began to gather in Central Park. By four-thirty, the area in front of the bandshell was thronged. At six, police began to muster. The NYPD brought in nearly a thousand officers, including dozens on horseback. Lookouts were posted on Central Park West rooftops to watch for snipers. Powerful searchlights scanned the trees and “flickered over the scene like heat lightning,” according to the New York Times, “turning the leaves pale violet and brilliant green and the trunks of the trees a luminous white.”


I just began reading this book; and as many of you may know by now, I am fascinated by the JFK Assassination.

This book concerns Castro, JFK and the history of that era between Cuba and the US.

One of the things I enjoy reading about are the interesting tidbits that you find along the way.  On this page, Mr. Rasenberger talks about Castro’s visit to New York.

Now, as you read this, imagine how history would have turned out had JFK received even one-tenth the protection in Dealey Plaza that Castro received in New York.  No, forget about one-tenth; how about one-hundredth?

Yep, we protected him all right.

We did our best.

What do you think?


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