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I am running for Internet President of the United States.

The issue of abortion, while important. is a secondary issue that distracts Americans from the real issue which is the size of the federal government. 

Yes, the Feds are more than happy to have you fight over abortion out as they rob the American people through the waging of useless wars.

It is clever sleight of hand.

As we battle over abortion and other social issues, the federal government grows by leaps and bounds.

As the federal government grows, polarization of wealth increases, poverty increases and the desire for abortion becomes rampant.

What is my position on abortion?

My public position on abortion is irrelevant.  

Your public position on abortion is irrelevant.

Abortion is an issue that does not belong in the political arena, but the personal one.

There can never be any agreement on the issue of abortion.

There can be no agreement because the issue of abortion deals with you, your value system, and when you believe life begins.

Your experience in this world is unique. As such your view of abortion will be quite different from anyone else’s.

We will never come to any agreement on abortion, nor will the Supreme Court.

No one will ever invent a test that says:  Aha, meaningful life has begun!

As such the Supreme Court must necessarily sit on this fence post when it comes to abortion.

The Supreme Court must neither encourage nor discourage abortion.

The battle for abortion belongs in the personal arena.

As such, anyone’s public position on abortion is irrelevant.

All government can do is ensure that if an abortion is to be done, it be done in a safe, effective and controlled manner by responsible healthcare professionals entrusted to  ensure that the person who is having the abortion has been provided with all available options prior to the abortion.

The people who are pro and anti-abortion can continue their fight to win the minds of the people in the personal arena.

As such legislation and court rulings that either encourage or discourage abortion must be nullified.

Failure to do so will result in one generation leapfrogging over another with no satisfactory results.  And as the federal government grows, no one will be satisfied as the federal government will mandate what our position on abortion must be.

Accepting abortion as a legal option is not necessarily a capitulation by the pro-life constituency but rather a decision to focus on creating a viable decentralized economic society wherein abortion is not sought.

This will not be possible with a stronger federal government.


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